Fate T Harlaown ~ True Sonic Form ~ Alter

Posted by meronpan on December 13, 2009


Finally back!  It’s been a while since I”ve taken a trip that lasted so long.  Was really getting home sick (and then actually sick ;_;) towards the end, especially with such a long anticipated release sitting my room.  Without further ado, alter’s feito-chan!

If you’re interested almost all the pics are 1920×1280 resolution.

It’s been what… 10 months-ish since I saw her at wonhobby?

Was stunned then and just as impressed now ^^

She’s massive, packed in a massive box, though as alter’s own blog has shown, not as large as hayate’s.

Almost as tall as nanoha’s box…

And dwarfs saber lily…

Packaging consists of 3 plastic sandwiches… took me a while to get through all the dang tape and ties ^^;

First thing that jumped out at me was that her zamber form bardiche is pretty much the whole length of the package.  i love it!

Unfortunately I have no room for it! ^^;;

You’ll have to forgive these first pics, they get better (i think ^^;) ^^;  Totally forgot to light up bardiche…

Absolutely love her hair.  These are the twin tails to end all twin tails :P

I should try fitting fate in a detolf to get her out of the dust… though there’s just no way this bardiche will fit.


This version also seems to be bustier than I remember from the anime… ufufufu

All you 変体ども out there will be pleased to know the shots above and below are also 1920 :P

Nice strong metal bars to hold her up.

Seeing these feet for the who knows what’th time, kinda wish they took some artistic license and made it fancier ^^;

Another shot of her oppai for good measure.

As per her character, somewhat simple outfit… pose hair and face are the winners for me.

A better look at fate’s face without bardiche in the way:

Was trying to get some shots of her hair but they didn’t really turn out how I’d like.  Nevertheless, here they are :P

I remember when the first prototype pics came out there were some unsatisfied with the details… then they added the alter touch to it ^_^

Time to switch things up with the riot zamber

Anyone tried getting her in a detolf in this form yet?


Will have to make myself another wallpaper after this review ^^

Sorry saber lily, your wallpaper time is up :P

Love this expression ^^

The metal bars in the zambers feel comically large until they’re in fate’s hands.

Pop the ends off and add the… what the heck is it anyways? energy rope… link… thingy? ^^;

Awesome base is… awesome. -_- *sigh*  /broken record: c’mon alter, something a little fancier would be appreciated!

‘Nother look at her hair with the zamber blades connected

And now, to extend what is already one of my longer reviews… I got a light tent! …cube.   Thing.  Yes I’m insane.  One of the more excessive purchases I’ve made.  But kind of like figures it fell in the cart during a large order ^^;;

The light shed comes with red, white, black and blue backgrounds.  You can see how I didn’t iron them out yet above ^^;

With the right depth of field you can hardly tell thou :P (above.  not below.  Below you can see it all too well ^^;;)

One of the main reasons I got it was for a better white/gray background.

Still getting used to working with it, but these shots turned out fine for my expectations.

Pretty even color all around, which is more what I was going for.

How’d I fit feito-chan inside this thing?  Easily, I got the big one.  ^^;;;;

I believe it’s an 80cm cube ^^;

Backgrounds simply velcro in, easy to change.

Not really sure the blue goes well with feito but I wanted to try out all the different backgrounds.

While I’m at it, quick random pic.  I got a new detolf recently, but a large part of my collection still remains battling the dust.

By the way I have a new appreciation for IS (image stabilization) after shooting so much with my non-IS primes.  The above shot was taken with a shutter speed of 1/3s!  Not the best pic I’ve ever taken but sooo much better than I would ever manage on a non-IS lens (and definitely usable resized).

Alrighty, about time to wrap things up… with group shots!

First the obligatory Alter StrikerS shot:

Wish I could fit them all together in the detolfs but I’d have to waste too much space to keep them segregated…

Next up, feito power!

Forgot my action figure versions ^^;  Ah well.

One last one… can has blonde?

Just figures that the first thing I do after flying back from Taipei is get my fate review out the door ^^;  Got home, passed out about 3pm, then woke up around 10pm and started taking pics ^^

Expected nothing less from Alter.  An epic sword and beautifully crafted hair won me over from the get go.  Pose isn’t bad… nice and dynamic but it doesn’t feel like the pose of the century or anything :P  Details are spot on, but unfortunately that means… nothing special on her outfit since it’s not very detailed to begin with ^^;  With shipping she cost an arm and a leg, but I’ve prolly never put less thought in such a massive purchase.  Was an autobuy all the way.

foo-bar-baz’s review has been up since 11/25, take a look if you haven’t already.  Beautiful pics as always, along with a much more detailed look at the packaging among other things.

James and Smithy recently got their reviews up too, stop by if you’re not over-fated at this point ^^

Alrightythen.  And that’s that.



49 Responses to “Fate T Harlaown ~ True Sonic Form ~ Alter”

  1. yamada25 said

    Both from Volks and Alter Fate looks great to me, I can’t tell which is the best one. Hope I can get her soon.

  2. Leonia said

    She is really impressive and amazing ! So big ! I love her hair design, and in this clothes, she is really sensual. This figure is really massive and… It’s Fate ^^ I had Volks version, but Shad will buy this Alter adaptation. I am waiting for her reception ^^ I believe that I am going to have to buy a bigger backgrand than those whom I usually use ^^’ Nice collection, and Nanoha figure collection. I like your Kanu (Daiki) and your Erika Sendo (Koto’) ^^

    • meronpan said

      quite the footprint with the full size zamber. i just love it ^^

      daiki’s kanu is one of my favorites too. so pricey but totally worth it ^^ erika on the other hand… so pricey but not nearly the same attention to detail ;_; alas, had to pay the premium for a limited figure…

  3. Shiddo said

    Nice. This fate is awesome. Imo only thing that could be a little bit better is face. Still 9/10 – 10/10 figure. All “Nanohas” are amazing. With upcoming Nanoha and Shamal you might start to get troubles fitting them into shot ^^

    No Nanoha owned T-T Buuuuuuuut chibi (Nendo) is reserved ^^ So I’ll submit “1” ^^

    I see you put Detolfs next to each other. Looks rly nice, thru you would use more of them ^^

    Figure numbers owning cabinets ^^; Pain pain ^^ Was fighting with empty boxes last weekend. Got a big closet in hall. Thought ii will fill up like 50%… nah lol… almost full! >< Will need to make those boxes even more compact somehow ^^

    • meronpan said

      i actually like the face a lot ^^; but i wouldn’t turn down a better rendition :P

      already had to use my 50mm lens for these group shots… will definitely need to fall back to my kit lens to take advantage of it’s wider potential…

      i think maybe i should just get 1 or 2 more detolfs and finally get my collection housed… i’ve proved that i can’t keep up with dusting ^^;

  4. Tommy said

    Thanks for the review.

    I still haven’t unpacked my Fate yet…even if I did, I’ve already ran out of space for her. I’ll display her with Zamber, but judging from your photos, that will take up my whole shelve. “orz

    Really lovely figure, despite the signature craptastic base from Alter. I’m not as big a Fate fan as you, so I’m just wondering if she’s suppose to be bigger than Signum. My memory is not too good, and I always have this image of Signum being a giant.

    • meronpan said

      you must unbox and ogle her! :P zamber is ludicrously huge, it’s great ^^

      signum also stands like a giant in my mind… though if wikipedia is to be believed… 168cm for signum and 164 for feito? maybe i should rewatch… :P

  5. Smithy said

    Love Fate! She’s gorgeous! Amazing photos with the light tent, perfect ligthing and colors, nice. ^^

    But indeed she is just huge, even fitting her on top of a Detolf is challenging. Fyi, I tried ot fit her inside a Detolf with just the Riot Zamber but that’s a no-go as well, she’s even too large to fit inside with only Riot Zamber equipped instead of the large Zamber (and by several cm).

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      too bad about not being able to fit her inside a detolf… didn’t make a backup plan for keeping her out of the dust… guess i have a good reason to start manually dusting more often ^^;

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  7. James said

    Your pics are great , my favs are with the blue background (and of course the black) , sad that you didn’t take more :(

    Love the group pics too ! I would love to have all the Nanoha’s figures ^^

    What lenses are you using ? The 50 and what’s the other one ?

    I have only 3 Fates :'(

    • meronpan said

      was running out of creative power for angles and such so i didn’t want to drag on too long with each background color ^^;; guess i’ll have to take more some other day ^^

      using the f/1.4 50mm and 100mm macro (the old one, not the new L one)

      3 fates is still good ^_^

  8. As far as PVC makers go, I love alter. In fact, I have Nanoha Exceed mode on preorder, but something about their Feito left me cold. Might be something to do with the pose. I mean, it looks fine in riot zanber form but with twin zanber, it looks awkward. I can’t imagine that being an effective pose for anything!
    I think Volks had a better Idea for the pose, even if the execution wasn’t quite as good.

    Which reminds me, I found a guy who was selling his Volks fate but it was not long after I bought KOSMOS. I wonder if he still has her…

    • meronpan said

      yeah i think i agree volks’ pose “works” better for lack of a better term. they have some really nice stuff… if only they would paint better ^^;

      though i love alter’s stuff i’m all for having more than 1 manufacturer at the top ^^

  9. Wow great collection

  10. BlackSun88 said

    the sword is really huge!! gotta fall in love in fate!!

    • meronpan said

      i got drawn in when i discovered alter’s loli fate release… sweet sword, nicely done cape… watched the anime afterwards and got hooked on all the figures ^^;

  11. Chappy said

    NICE!!! I have one of your review photos as my desktop wallpaper. XD

  12. Nice review, but something about Alter Fate’s mouth unsettled me and I had to can her on the last minute, one could say I even bump Fate down my harem order in favor of my new girl Ogata Rina~

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  14. Tier said

    Maybe I shoulda picked up Fate, I thought her nose looked a bit long but she still looks great. I guess I might’ve picked her up if her butt were a bit larger, it looks a little small. I don’t really have a lot of room on my shelves so maybe it’s just as well that she’s sold out throughout the galaxy. I guess if I want another Fate, I could get GSC’s 1/4 scale one, I see it’s already in the bargain section on Hobby Search. That was pretty fast. This comment is disjointed as hell. It’s what happen when I’m undercaffeinated.

    • meronpan said

      i’d say if you weren’t irrationally fawning over preview pics of her, that’s a nice chunk of change you’ve saved :P ‘course i’m building up my feito army so you know where i stand… ^^;

      alas for her 1/4 release… if only the face were better the sting of her bargain status wouldn’t be so bad ^^;; i think i like wave’s 1/10 version better ^^;;;;

  15. Kodomut said

    Such a huge figure! I’ll probably have no space to keep it anywhere in my room if I had one.

    Love the blondie shot btw. Hope to see it 3x more in the next year =D

  16. Q said

    Got mine on 27th – well my sister helped me picked it up in a local shop since I am currently away from home. The box is already huge enough and dominates my desk space – will REALLY need to think of where to display Fate when I come back next week orz

    The current situation:

    Btw very nice shots there. I was amazed that you have the space to do a proper photoshoot too. Those twin tails sure look great flowing like water, and with the Zamber blade going the other direction, Fate is no doubt a crazy space hogger.

    And this will probably be the killer blow for me too, as thanks to her and my lack of space in the first place I don’t plan on buying anymore scale PVC figures (well I have less than 5 afterall). It’ll probably be just gunpla and possibly some action figures in the future, but no more than that. Well done Fate orz

    • meronpan said

      congrats ^^ where there’s a will there’s a way, you’ll carve out a space for her :P best to go out with a bang i guess? ^^;

      as you may have guessed from previous room pics i’m blessed with quite a large room so it wasn’t too much a problem for the photoshoot ^^; i’m afraid when i (inevitably) move… may have to invest in a wide angle lens ^^;

  17. Alter looks better. I love how you took white BG pics, Fate was shiny with it. About the bustie… hmmm on anime is bigger? Zamber blades are connected.

    • meronpan said

      i’ll have to experiment more with white with my new setup… old habits die hard i guess ^^;;

      you think she’s bustier in the anime? i’ll have to watch again… :P

      • Nice. it’s good and can be improved. My friend sometimes do that too but not all good. Hope for your better white-bg-skill :3

        You can choose episode when she fights the doctor in the facility’s underground. Hope I right :p

  18. BlackSun88 said

    such a nice figure but no space for it? so sad

  19. optic said

    Nanoha and Shamal to go and then ur all set in having the complete (and ultimate) Alter StrikerS collection. lol

    Lovely review as always and u never surprise me in going above and beyond in getting the tools u need to deliver the best photos u could possibly can.

    Are u ready for Nanoha because I am but my wallet is not. lol

    • meronpan said

      can’t wait for nanoha, both of ’em! :P hopefully payroll will reimburse me for my business expenses soon and with a christmas cash infusion i think i’ll be ready… maybe ^^;;

      glad ya liked the review ^^ seems like every time i buy more equipment there’s always just one more thing i’d like to get… kinduv like figures i guess ^^;;;

  20. sonic_ver2 said

    Got her and just opened her today. Pretty crazy, especially that huge shit ass blade. Damn, i guess i won’t be displaying her with that blade, pretty disappointing but whatever. That transparent blade base itself is pretty much annoying me.

    Anyway, you got nice photos there. I’d love to see more of her in that red background, and preferably a 1080p wallpaper of red BG Fate for my PS3. XD

    Overall, great review. I’m gonna catch up for Fate’s review as soon as i can.

    • meronpan said

      ooo congrats ^^ don’t like the huge zamber? that’s one of my favorite things ^^;;

      if i remember when i’m doing my next review i’ll try to take a wallpaper worthy shot on red for ya ^^

      glad ya liked the review!

  21. Blowfish said

    Things that Rock about this Figure: That Biiiiiiiiiiiiiig Bardiche .Im a sucker for big weapons

    Things that Suck: Shes from Nanoha XD

    Nah seriously: I can see why people were this excited about this figure but shes coming from a franchise I have absolutely no interest in.Means more moolah left for other stuff.

    Im sooo amazed by all your great equipment.I still didnt save up a buck for a FSLR ^^;;;

    • meronpan said

      big bardiche is so frikkin insane ^^ but yeah, from nanoha so you get to save your money ^^;

      after spending so much on figures it dangerously altered my baseline spending limits and opened the door for other goodies ^^;;

  22. Firearky said

    Whoa! You posted a load of great pics! ^.^ Macro photo can be sometimes a bit annoying though… because you see every and any detail, both good and bad =P

    Btw where did you get that cloth cube thing where you take your photos? I found it quite interesting =3

    My gf bought this figure as well but she’s still waiting for it… >_< I'll see if I can find it as well for a reasonable price.

    Congrats on the photos! Laters~

    • meronpan said

      thanks! indeed, my macro pics are pretty unforgiving, though really helpful in identifying the best of the best when it comes to quality ^^

      the light cube i got from adorama, here’s a link to the two sizes they carry. to be honest i think i went a little overboard getting the big one – it definitely needs some pretty big lights to get it lit up ^^;

      hope you can get your fates, she’s a must have for fate fans ^^

      • Firearky said

        Thanks for the tip! ^.^ I think that I’ll buy it from a local shop here in Spain so that I can save some shipping costs =)

        Nah, imo i’ts always better to have the big one because both big and small figures fit inside, and on top of that, who knows if you’ll buy a Dollfie someday… I did and it’s like 60 cm high (1/3 scale) =P

  23. YurikoRaine said

    Nice Fate, I’d like to buy her too but being only a student sucks, not much money for the expensive ones… >.<

    Anyway, myself I have two Feitos, first the Fate Testarossa from GSC and the Fate T. Haralown Figma.

    • meronpan said

      ahh yes, i can’t imagine trying to get into figures as a student, budgeting student finances is hard enough as it is ^^;;

      nevertheless 2 feitos is already a great start ^_^

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