actsta ~ スバル・ナカジマ ~ Subaru Nakajima

Posted by meronpan on December 21, 2009

Well, my posting frequency has gone way down as my gaming has gone way up… but at least I seem to be able to keep up with reviews for incoming lewt ^^;

Today is subaru!  Again!  Except instead of Alter we have actsta behind this release ^^

The first thing that really stands out about these actsta figures is… well, for me it’s the price ^^;;

If you’re looking to obtain your own, hobby search still has her in stock for 8867 yen.  I guess if you justify it with the cost of a top tier 1/8 figure… then a premium for the extra parts and joints… maybe that doesn’t sound insane?  But when you compare it to the figma coming out in March for less a third of the price… pretty painful ^^;

…though I’d say still a better deal than the even more expensive CM’s Corp fate i got ^^;

Well, enough about price, she’s expensive and my spending is illogical.  How’s she look?

Pretty good I’d say.  Very much like a figma, only 1/8 sized.  I’ve always liked figmas for their depictions of characters… somehow they seem to align very well with my expectations.

You’ll have to forgive my clumsy posing… I’m such a clutz with these action figures.  Don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet but nanoha has joined my fleet of broken hand figmas ;_;

Unfortunately actsta subaru seems to share that aspect of figmas – joints are incredibly hard to work with… i had to apply excessive force to get her rollerblades off.  My fingers were raw at the end of the review -_-  And now I’m afraid to change her hands and stuff anymore, given my history with figmas…  Maybe it’s just me?  orz

Not terribly visible in my pics, but she comes with a clear blue base, complete with a belka magic circle… errr triangle?  or whatever you’re supposed to call that thing ^^;;

To pose her there’s a figma-ish plastic arm that has both a straight peg and attachable clamp that fits around her waist.  I couldn’t get the peg to fit in her skirt very well, gave up and resorted to the clamp for the review ^^;

Yeah, I’m sure every other actsta+Alter subaru owner has probably done this same shot but I never said I was original :P  Seems like the actsta body may be based on the figmas… seem to have a similar range of motion.  Couldn’t quite get her to match the alter version ^^;

Let’s see I think with the above pic I’ve covered the three faces she ships with… happy, angry/yelling, and this sort of angry/concentrating expression.  She also has regular/revolver knuckle versions of both arms and a pair of regular shoes.  For hands there are a variety of open and closed versions depending on which arm type you’re using.

saber makes a new friend ^^  Figma owners can get a sense of the scale from the above shot.  Quite a bit larger… she definitely is in that 1/8 range.

Quality definitely feels pretty solid (and a step above cm’s corp ^^;;).

Which kinda brings us back to the price thing…  can you really justify so much more for the increased scale?

If action figures are your thing I guess I haven’t seen anything better (well, take that with a huge grain of salt since I don’t really follow action figures ^^;;;).

3.5 figmas or 1 actsta? ^^;;

In retrospect I mostly got her for the novelty.  I seem to have a penchant for trying out crazy expensive figures ^^;  Somewhat lacking the creativity to appreciate poseability, she’ll probably by my last foray into the action figure sector for a while.

Still though, ignoring the price, very happy with the execution.

…and now a quick omake :P

Having upgraded my setup so much in so many ways over the last year I can’t help but grab random figures off the shelf at the end of a review ^^;

Reinforce was one of the subject of one of my first reviews… one of so many I’ll like to redo at some point ^^;

The depth of kanzaki’s hair makes for a nice effect ^^

And finally, for now i’ve perched fate high above my detolfs, where there’s room for zamber ^^

Alrighty, time to wrap up.  Subaru was it? ^^;;

foo-bar-baz has a great review with more poses and better photos ^^

…aaaand… hmm… are we the only crazy bastards that bought and reviewed her? ^^;  Hmm, well I’m sure there’s more out there, I haven’t been following blogs as judiciously as I would have liked orz



31 Responses to “actsta ~ スバル・ナカジマ ~ Subaru Nakajima”

  1. YuKi-To said

    I have her, but no time to take shots of her yet! >.<
    tend to spend much more time to shoot with action figs cos I have to think of posing… but its more fun!

    • meronpan said

      if i have the motivation it also takes me a much longer time to review due to posing… wasn’t as inspired this time unfortunately ^^;; think i need a more dynamic backdrop to help the creative juices flow…

  2. Shiddo said

    Subaru and her daughter Saber ^^

    Nice fig. Poseability main weapon. For those who don’t mind joints or toy around a lot with figures great choice.

    I saw Teana is coming as well, but somehow GSC seems slow with actsta releases. Yamato came out with Figutto series as well, planning to get any of them? Also there was this action fig COS-MOS from Alter announced ^^

    I find them also quite pricey, but waaay better then CMs as you mentioned ^^

    Gratz on nice add to your collection.

    • meronpan said

      yeah the actsta releases seemed kinda slow to me too… maybe it’s just because alter already has most of the strikers released already (though that’s taken them quite a while as well ^^;)

      assuming i can keep myself disciplined i think i’ll be holding off on both figutto and anything alter might through out there… as mentioned these posable figures just don’t seem to be my thing and the last thing i want is more broken hands ^^;;

    • Q said

      Isn’t Figutto under Griffon??

  3. mikiwank said

    I’d like buy it :(

  4. yamada25 said

    To me ActSta are better than normal figma and for the price are the bomb.

    • meronpan said

      they do seem better than figma but you could have 3.5 figma for every actsta you pick up! i guess since i’m quite satisfied with figma quality (detail wise, breaking hands are a whole other story ^^;), i’d rather take a lot more figmas than fewer, higher quality actsta…

  5. optic said

    I will be sure to link ur post when I get her WHEN she appears in the HS bargain bin off course or maybe when she’s discounted at HLJ. :)

    An interesting review. Basically they look just like figmas but bigger and quality is better. But above that, it just doesn’t justify the price. -_-

    • meronpan said

      ^^ given her status as available at hobby search she’s either super popular and they’ve stocked a ton… or she’s just not selling at all ^^; i’d guess you’ll see some bargains soon :P

      yeah, personally it kinda goes against my reasons for buying action figures in the first place… if i want quality i go for fixed pose… for poseability i expect figma prices and don’t care so much about the details. when a figma hand breaks it sucks but it’s like 2500 yen or what not… actsta hand… … … that’s why i’m afraid to mess around with subaru too much ^^;;;;

  6. Smithy said

    I’m tempted in getting ActSta Subaru, especially now that the next in the ActSta line has been announced, Teana. But the price is exorbitant… nearly what Saber Lily or Yoko Littner cost me.

    Plus GSC/Max Factory just announced the Figma Subaru which is a spitting image of the ActSta only smaller.. and a lot cheaper. What is GSC thinking?

    Tempting, but at this price… no. >_<

    • meronpan said

      i guess they’re really banking on some weird segment of the market that will pay a huge premium for the poseability of a 1/8… just occurred to me that actsta subaru is actually more expensive than the 1/7 alter release!

      had the exact same thought when i saw the figma subaru annoucement. will be interesting to see if somehow actsta makes business sense enough to continue ^^;;

  7. Ah, you bought it >_< I was not happy when this figure was announced. The price is just absurd! Figure manufacturers are getting away with charging way too much lately and I kind of want to boycott them ^^; I will vote with my wallet, as the saying goes. Also, I'm not as keen on the Figma/poseable figures as I once was.

    Definitely will not be getting any Actsta and probably won't be getting any more Figma either. I'll stick with traditional figures and maybe a doll or two here or there xD

    • meronpan said

      hahah, yes the price is absurd, however i would argue that the premium is nothing new – just look at what cm’s corp has been charging for their poseable line (which looks significantly worse imo). i’m just surprised that enough people buy them for them to keep making ’em. i never see many reviews out there and am pretty sure my infrequent business isn’t what’s keeping ’em afloat ^^;

      i’ve also deprioritized my figma aspirations for now… used to enjoy posing them for reviews a lot but lately i don’t have the motivation…

  8. sonic_ver2 said

    So we could conclude that ActSta is a scaled up version of figma and that’s all? I thought there were more than that.

    But i can see that sculpt and painting quality is better than figma. But they aren’t as good as normal PVC sculpt and paint job. I guess I’m still better off with normal static PVC figures.

    • meronpan said

      yeah… i mean the pics kinda speak for themselves ^^; true the quality is better, but as you say it’s not as good as a regular scaled release (to be expected, especially w/the joints)

      I’d say it’s a nice step forward towards an action figure with non-action figure quality… though is that even the goal of most collectors? ^^;

  9. phossil said

    actsta Subaru is 1/8 but is bigger than figmas?
    Anyway, I like her belly, :)

  10. Blowfish said

    Actsta is way too expenisve for my taste and I prolly wont buy any in the near future until they poison me into buying one with a character i like.
    I heard from some Action Figure afficiandos that youll have to heat up the joints of action figures with a hair dryer or something close to prevent breaking.I cant tell if its applicable to ActSta though.

    I still have a big load of figures to review aswell.Dont get around doing them though

    • meronpan said

      yeah, with their initial releases being nanoha characters and having such a high price, i can see why you wouldn’t be jumping on board :P

      thanks for the tip on the joints… actsta really do feel like giant figma so i’m guessing the heat would work with them too.

  11. Q said

    Nice review on actsta Subaru~ I agree that a lot of us would view actsta as enlarged version of figmas. Price-wise, the number is quite a turn-off, and I don’t think I will plan on touching this line, well until Fate is announed which I wouldn’t know what to do…

    Sorry to hear that you have continuous bad luck with hand joints recently. figmas are rather fragile afterall, compared to other action figure lines I know of. Speaking of buying stuff, I think I really am not planning to buy anymore scale figures after Fate, and will simply go back to Gundam models (or a few affordable action figures the most). One is got to do with prices, and second being the space issue. I guess going back to what I started in the beginning is the best thing for me.

    Fate… *sigh* just bought a new shelf from Ikea this week (and no it’s not Detolf) and she wouldn’t fit in because of her HAIR. Big Zamber fits fine but her HAIR takes up so much space that her base goes out of bounds -_- Ended up putting her on top just like you did -_-

    Btw Happy Holidays!

    • meronpan said

      hahah, so an actsta fate might have a chance with you? ^^

      maybe other people just live in more temperate regions, but i don’t see how they avoid the breakage. mine always seem to require excessive force to swap out parts which i’m sure weakens the joints ;_; maybe they’re just more careful and heat up the joints first…

      price and space are definitely important issues… for the latter… i actually just bought 2 more detolfs, bringing my total to 5 ^^;;; and was pleasantly surprised to find that at a certain angle fate does fit! no weapons of course, but this way i can shield her from dust when i need to ^^;

  12. I was rather interested in the actsta line (and still am, due to liquidstone being involved) but Subaru and Teanna don’t interest me in the slightest.

    I’m hopeful for a true sonic form fate and Exceed mode nanoha so I can compare fate to the liquidstone original articulated figures which I bought a while back.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, i was surprised that they were going to start up a whole new line with what are (at least in my mind) such moderately popular characters. ‘course maybe they’re just testing the water and refining their process before coming out with the heavy hitters like fate or saber :P

      i’d also be curious to see a liquidstone comparison. i’ll have to look up your fate post again but the actsta subaru definitely feels like a figma to me… not sure where the supposed liquidstone invovled shows itself…

  13. Tommy said

    Yes, you guys are the only crazy bastards to spend that much for an action figure. Actually, I’ve spent more than that for an action figure before, but not for an oversized figma. XD

    It looks really nice, but I’ve given up on buying action figures, and I don’t like Subaru so she’s a definite pass for me.

    Nice review, and I feel the same about redoing reviews…even if I’m using the same camera.

    • meronpan said

      hahah yeah, prolly the last crazy experimental purchase I make for awhile… unless someone can wow me with another gimmick :P until then it’s just more insanely priced pvc like vn02 ^^;;

  14. nanoha has joined my fleet of broken hand figmas ;_;

    OH NO! Can she be saved! I’m scared of messing with my figmas too much sometimes. I really like them but I don’t want to put them in danger!

    Subaru is the only Nanoha character that I admire the design of. It’s weird…Fate seems more like the type of thing I go for but I don’t care for her for some reason. I liked Subaru enough to pre-order the figma.

    • meronpan said

      under my watch, i thinks he’s a lost cause ^^; or i’d need to probably get a bunch of tools i don’t have to fix it ^^;;

      you’re best consulting other figma afficionados for proper care and handling ‘cuz evidently i am absolutely horrible at it ^^;;;

      for me subaru’s got too much of an 80’s vibe about her ^^; thou obviously i still like her enuf to have acquired a pair of pricey figures ^^;; figma looks pretty good, i’m sure i woulda preordered if i was still getting figmas

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