東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night Extravaganza

Posted by meronpan on December 23, 2009

Time for another touhou post!  I’ve 1cc’d my third touhou on normal, Imperishable Night!  I believe this is considered one of the easier (perhaps the easiest?) ones but nevertheless, I consider any 1cc of any touhou on any difficulty an accomplishment :P

IN was actually the one and only touhou I’ve ever 1-shot… kind of.  Back in August I had played a couple times on normal I believe, decided to give easy a try, 1cc’d it on my first attempt.  So technically it wasn’t the first time I had played IN but it was the first time I had played it on easy (and the first time I had ever seen lots of the later stages/cards).  Here’s the replay for that run:

As I continued to pound away at eosd and pcb I would often come back to easy IN to indulge in a low stress 1cc ^^;  Guess I partook in that more than I thought… got enough practice in to do a no-death run ^^;

Back to the normal run – I actually first 1cc’d normal with a ludicrously generous 7 lives… don’t have that run recorded yet though (and I’m sure you’re all dying to watch it start to finish, na? na? :P)

IN is the only touhou to feature spell card practice so I was happy to actually capture at least one of kaguya’s cards ^^;

Sadly I think my performance during the normal parts of the stage and non-card attacks is worse than usual ^^;

I believe a bunch of touhou goodies I ordered are in the mail now so hopefully I’ll have a post ready soon after Christmas.

To recap I’m going through the touhou’s in order (only the integer numbered games atm), 1cc’ing them on normal.  That means pofv is next… not especially looking forward to that one ^^;  On a mission though, hopefully it’ll be over quick.

Barely on topic… anyone planning to pick up that gift reimu?



4 Responses to “東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night Extravaganza”

  1. punynari said

    Congrats on the 1cc of IN. That’s one game that I haven’t played too much because the extra stage unlocked very quickly (even with continues I think). Most of my attention as of late has been on Touhou 11 which is quite Hellish (pun intended). I am now able to get up to the 6th stage on normal without continuing. Baby steps.

    POFV crashes on my computer for some reason and the sound doesn’t work so I can’t comment on its difficulty.

    • meronpan said

      Yeah I thought the game was broken when I unlocked the extra stage ^^; and spell practice has totally spoiled me

      stage 6 on sa? nice! probably gonna be awhile before I get there ^^; I think at my current rate I’m averaging 2 months of practice before I can 1cc on normal so it’ll be May 2010 or so before I start sa ^^;;;

      weird that pofv crashes for you… though the lack of traditional touhou gameplay makes it my least favorite so far ^^;

  2. Blowfish said

    I was so happy when I cleared this one :P

    Still didnt have the guts to try myself at the other Touhou stuff^^;

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