Small Update & Preview

Posted by meronpan on December 30, 2009

A belated happy holidays to y’all~  Kind of dashed off without warning… though I guess with my new posting frequency it’s no big deal? ^^;;;

At any rate, I’ve got a bunch of lewt that arrived while I was home for xmas!

First is 姫様 miku!  Looking forward to doing her review ^^

Next is a bunch of goodies I got through Goody Japan at toranoana (i think?).  Oh, except the miku charm thingy – got her at hlj.  The reimu on the right is modeled after daioki’s illustration.  She’s much larger than I expected!  And the little chiruno, also based on daioki’s version, is just a charm since I couldn’t find the full sized one in stock ^^;

Also in that package was touhou 12 (ufo) and darui (daioki touhou doujinshi).  ^___^

This marisa is interesting, also my first scaled touhou figure?  Lights up too, though I doubt I’ll be doing anything with that ^^;;

Last we have brs.  I ordered her through Tenso after getting runner up in a dannychoo contest a while ago.  (which reminds me I need to contact him again, I didn’t get my $20 refund -_-).  Will write up about Tenso probably in the brs review.

She’s very nice.  Happier than I expected with her.  Took photos last nite and hope to have the review up soon!  To whet your appetite:


Nothing like having a second xmas ^__^



17 Responses to “Small Update & Preview”

  1. Leonia said

    Nice haul !! Black Rock Shooter left japan recently ^^ World is mine is really nice ^^ Marisa, I am waiting for your review ^^ Congratz ^^

  2. ELTboy said

    Awesome haul! Looking forward to your World Is Mine and Marisa reviews.

    Happy New Year too!

  3. Retto said

    Oooh looking forward to the World is Mine review! ^^

    As for BRS review, thats just gonna make me want my pre order to hurry up even more hehe.

    Have a good new year!

  4. Smithy said

    Happy holidays to you too. Looking forward to the reviews, didn’t get BRS or Miku myself as I’m not a fan of BRS or Vocaloid.

  5. Tommy said

    Nice. I can sum up Tenso for you. Expensive, and doesn’t do squat for you. They just take your money and run…they’ve pretty much got you by the balls once your order arrives. My Amazon order arrived in two packages, and I asked if they will repack it into one box for extra fee. They told me they can’t do that and went on to ship them in it’s original boxes for 4,000 yen each. “orz I ended up paying customs fee for each box too…

    Oh, and they moved their warehouse without notifying me. Luckily I changed my CC and haven’t updated my info at amazon yet, otherwise my BRS would never arrive.

    Anyways, looks like quite a haul for you. Looks like more touhou for you. =P

    Happy New Year!!

    • meronpan said

      yow, that’s a pretty rough tenso experience -_- yeah with goody japan i think i ordered from 2 or 3 different vendors and they put ’em all in 1 box.

      touhou fever is still going strong, looking forward to getting back to akiba and exploring shops for touhou goodies ^^;

  6. punynari said

    Nice haul. ^_^ You have all of the figures that I was on the fence about.
    I saw Black Rock Shooter in Osaka for $200 so…um no. I might consider her for retail price. Going to check out your review in a few.

    Marisa is tempting as well but I am kind of happy with the Griffon version that I have already. If I see her for a good price in town, I might just buy her but I kind of want to wait for your review.
    Not meaning to rush you though. Take your time. ^^;
    Also, thank you for the reviews you have done. ^_^

    • meronpan said

      yeow, $200?! yeaaah, a bit overpriced ^^;;

      hope to have the time to shoot both marisa and world is mine in one session… then it’s relatively easy to churn the reviews out ^^;

  7. Been rather busy myself, looks like a good haul! I would be looking forward to the BRS review since I canned her long ago lol..

  8. BRS and World is Mine Miku didn’t make my pre-order list. So much to buy, and not enough $$$. There were other figures I couldn’t give up, so I never got these beauties. No regrets, but I still admire them :)

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