Posted by meronpan on December 31, 2009

Like Fate, I was lucky to have the opportunity to see BRS in person at wonhobby 9.  Unfortunately at the time I had no idea who she was or what the big deal was.

Even after getting into miku music and niconico, brs isn’t my favorite or anything, though she did grow on me a little…

But after doing this review, I’m definitely into the figures!  Ended up liking this one a lot more than I expected ^^

As previously mentioned I ordered her through Tenso.  An interesting proxy service that gives you more control over the buying process.  Unlike Goody Japan (who I use frequently), Tenso provides you with a Japanese address so that you can place the order yourself.  You simply use your Tenso (Japanese) address to check out and they’ll ship it to the Tenso warehouse.  Once it arrives it’s like a usual proxy service – they’ll bill you for handling, domestic shipping, and finally shipping to your actual home address.

Their site’s pretty easy to use and available in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean so I’ll leave the detailed price comparison to you :P

As far as I was concerned it was a pretty painless process, even with a warehouse relocation that occurred while I was waiting for BRS to ship ^^;;

Back to the figure under review, shall we?  I was hesitant to do any black shots since she’s got so much black already… but after seeing my first shots I liked the effect ^^;  Kinda like she’s just melting into darkness or something?  Perfect for a nice emo moment, no? :P  ‘Cuz of that i left some of these purposely on the dark side.

One thing about this figure… it definitely has attitude.  Yeah she’s only 1/8 or what not but she has the presence of a 1/7 with a massive, beautiful base and her insane rock cannon.

Beautiful details from head to base.

Zipper is a little rough under macro scrutiny but very nice at normal viewing distances ^^;

Not sure if it’s worth the extra cost, but the base is definitely top tier material.  Looks great!

Based on the price of the next brs figure, the other thing you’re paying for is the rock cannon.  Again, maybe not worth it for everyone, but I think it really gives this figure some flavor.

The details on it are also very nice — it looks like a big heavy chunk of metal, despite its light plastic construction ^^;

Wasn’t quite sure exactly how to rest the cannon in the indented base – there’s not peg or anything to fix it there, it just rests in her hand.

You can kind of see in the above shot – brs’ right hand supports the canon.

One thing I don’t really like about figures is having to futz with them to get them set up… unfortunately brs definitely has this issue with the chain ^^;;;  It comes loose and it’s up to you to wrap it up and around her and her canon… there’s some instructions but I wasn’t really able to follow them very well… ended up just sorta improvising.


Nice detail on the hair, a must in my book ^^

Zipper on her coat.

Pettanko for dfc lovers.

and some very short shorts.

To give some contrast between the black and background, tried out red for some shots…

Just love her coat

and that hair ^^

Don’t have too many photography tricks up my sleeve so I apologize if you’re sick of my subject-off-center shots ^^;  Though I do like using them for wallpaper since it leaves a nice area for desktop icons.

Tried something new with my light tent… put my soft box in back of it and then used my other light as the main…

Took a lot of futzing but I think it ended up nice in the end.

Below, lovely hair, eyes, jacket + a look at the chain… but I’m not sure it makes a good shot ^^;  maybe?

‘nother look at that coat and her shorts

If you’re dexterous enough you’re supposed to hang one part of the chain in her hand, which I somehow managed ^^;

low angle… but i’m focused on her face :P  no pantsu anyway.

I almost finished the review without taking shots of her alternate eye ^^;;

A nice cast-off solution – the eye flame is just part of the hair and sits over her eyes.  As such you just replace her bangs, not the whole face.

Aaaaand that’s about it!

Well, almost.  Here’s her new home in one of my two new detolfs.  Which reminds me, here’s proof you can fit fate inside one!

With room for nanael to boot! :P  Obviously there was no room for her blades but until I get a better dust solution, this will keep her much more protected than out in the open.  And did I say 2 new detolfs?  Yes, that brings my total up to 5:

My entire scaled collection!  Action figures and nendoroids (puchis & normal) didn’t all make it in, but everyone else did!  I think I might actually have room for one more in the very corner, but it hurts every time I buy more furniture.  Not only is it money that could be going towards other things, it’s one more huge pain when I (inevitably) move again ;_;  *sigh*  Ah well, better to enjoy the moment then wait ’till I buy a house :P (specially here in the bay area… who knows when that’ll happen -_-)

Congrats if you read this whole post :P  To sum up, a very nice piece for your collection.  Must buy for BRS fans, and if the rock canon/base aren’t too important to you, you have a second chance with the sword version coming out next year ^^

Stop by foobarbazanimatic figmation and tentacle armada for more review pics!

Update: also reviewed at shadonia!

Oh yes, and for those that haven’t experienced the original work (niconico):

and if you prefer human vocals, i really love this version by ちょうちょ… especially her rendition of the opening ^^ (niconico)

Hope to have the next review up soonish, but we’ll see how that fares with new years coming up ^^;



49 Responses to “BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER”

  1. Shiddo said

    BRS is awesome ^^ So many delays, but it was worth of it ^^ She is one of those near perfect figures and very original on top ^^ The base details are amazing as well ^^

    Your collection sure grows ^^ I think cabinets it’s worthy investment. Keeps your figures safe and protects from dust (or should ^^) And Detolfs are quite cheap for glass cabinet of Ikea

    Hope you had nice Xmass and I wish ya Happy New Year ^^

    Looking fwd to read your blog in 2010 ^^

    • meronpan said

      Indeed definitely worth it ^^ I would guess the only things holding people back are price and lack of attachment to the character ^^;

      Yeah, i suppose the detolfs aren’t a bad investment… i’m just afraid of damaging them during a move ^^;;

      xmas was great and a happy new year to you too!

  2. Ami said

    I didn’t know you were from the Bay Area. That’s “hella” cool. = D

    You have a really impressive collection. Great pictures! I’m surprised you didn’t mention anything about the scars since that’s what post people talk about. It’s actually kind of a relief you didn’t. ^^;

    • meronpan said

      hahah, indeed, hella cool :P

      glad ya liked the pics. guess i’m pretty out of touch with many of the blogs nowadays… had no idea lotsa ppl were talkin about the scars ^^;

  3. phossil said

    The cannon its very big for her!

  4. Ah, a quality figure indeed. I will not be acquiring her but the blade version… very possible ^^; Although the cannon here looks impressive, I like her sword as well and the new, lower price… well, that just tops it all off :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    • meronpan said

      too bad the sword version won’t have a crazy base too. i was actually gonna pass on this one too but then i got $20 from one of danny’s contest if i used tenso ^^;

  5. Tommy said

    Thanks for the review. I’m waiting for mine.

    So Tenso actually emailed you about the warehouse move? They didn’t notify me, so I was quite pissed off when I found out they changed their address. Luckily I had to change some info at amazon so it didn’t get shipped when she was released. I would prefer Goody-Japan over Tenso…they do squat and charge the same to ship the package out.

    I didn’t realize she had a second scar…luckily it’s not too visible in this version. One of the reason why I don’t like the new one that much. Really nice figure indeed. I love the base! The details on her rock cannon are really nice too.

    Thanks for the photos and review! I like the human voice better…I don’t like Miku voice that much.

    Happy New Year!

    • meronpan said

      no, tenso didn’t e-mail me about the warehouse move. i did send them an e-mail about it (since the site seemed to imply that orders shipping after nov. 30 wouldn’t be forwarded and i didn’t check their site until dec), but they assured me everything was ok and would make it to the new warehouse. luckily that was correct and i didn’t have to change anything (well, not that i could’ve since the package had already shipped from amazon japan ^^;;)

      maybe it’s because she’s portrayed as a darker sort of character but the scars don’t really bother me (usually i think they would). as ami mentioned i didn’t even comment about them in my review ^^;;

      think i’m in the same boat regarding miku’s voice… as much as i like vocaloid music, once some niconico vocalist does a cover i usually stick to the human version ^^;

  6. yamada said

    Awesome details, this one is also cost a bomb for me >w<

    • meronpan said

      for some reason i thought this one was over 10,000 yen… guess that was someone else ^^; though the huge box + proxy service did add quite a huge sum to the cost ;_;

  7. sonic_ver2 said

    Despite of its quality and “extravagance”, BRS didn’t interest me at all. I knew that this figure will be great, but i still can’t find any feel from her.

    Anyway, nice photos! I guess this is the first BRS review i’ve ever seen. I’ll see if i can borrow my friend’s BRS after it arrived, and make a photoshoot over it.

    Oh, and not to forget: Happy new year!!!

    • meronpan said

      perhaps she’ll get more traction with you after the animation is released ^^;

      she’s a pleasure to shoot, very nice details all around.

      happy new year to you too~

  8. punynari said

    Happy New Year Meronpan!

    Nice review and she looks really cool. Especially with her rock cannon. If I bought any version of Black Rock Shooter, it would be this version.

    That being said, I still don’t know if I’ll actually buy her. Usually when I buy a figure it’s because I have a love for the character she represents. I don’t have that with Black Rock Shooter, as cool as she is. I know the song and Miku, but it’s just not enough attachment to make her an instant must get figure for me.

    Thanks for the review!

    • meronpan said

      happy new year~

      had similar reservations about getting her, but danny’s contest reward helped sway me to a purchase ^^; i think for me now it’s more about gathering miku & miku derivatives rather than brs herself ^^;;;


  9. Smithy said

    Happy New Year! ^^

    Nice photos, BRS isn’t my thing so I skipped on her but she looks like an excellent figure.

    Impressive array of Detolfs! I’ll try and keep to one as I have no space for two. You were able to squeeze Fate inside? Nice! I display Fate on top of my Detolf which is a great look and personally I feel it’s far too much of a shame to display her without any weapons (kind of makes her look ridiculous too).

  10. James said


    I WANT IT, NOW !

    Pretty please ? ^^

    Your pics on black are just great, love them :)

  11. Happy New Year~

    Nice figure though, even though I canned her long ago~

  12. Blowfish said

    Id need some more Detolfs aswell but I have no Idea where to put them.Getting three in a row is already hard enough ^^

    Shes definately a gorgeous figure but in the end i bought her for one single thing: her scar.
    Thats why im kinda unhappy that its to colourful.I wish it would have looked a bit less like a fresh scar wheres still the imflammation going on and would be a bit more darker.Her pale skintone isnt too fitting for the scar as it is right now.

    I am amazed how hairy and dusty your room must be.poor BRS is already covered in it XD

    • meronpan said

      i was thinking about putting some detolfs around the house but then i’m afraid about sunlight destroying the paint -_- so for now they’re constrained to my cave ^^;;

      hmm yeah the scar is a bit light colored… mebbe it will fade over time? … … ^^;;;

      the dust is why i have to keep my figures boxed until i’m ready to do the review -_- guess i need to vacuum more… ^^;;

      • Blowfish said

        Thats the same reason why I cant get more Detolfs. The only possibility to pose more Detolfs would be my kitchen/desk/lunchroom and the sun hits it from morning to afternoon.
        I used up nearly all my space in the living and bedroom >.<

        I bet Im the only weirdo thats kinda concerened about her scar anyway XD

        I cant keep them boxed that long.Need to open them as soon as they come ^^

  13. Because of all the delays I was forced to order her from kid nemo again. As usual, I haven’t gotten her and Kid Nemo probably won’t be sending her to me… sigh.

    Grats on receiving her though. She’s amazing.

    • meronpan said

      …thought i saw somewhere that kid nemo had upgraded their customer service or something? maybe? ^^;;; hopefully they’ll come through for you this time…

      definitely a great figure ^^

  14. Persocom said

    This figure made my holiday season awesome :) Nice pictures, you get right down to the nitty gritty details. She really does look good in dark surroundings. The more I see them the more I think I need a detolf. At the very least I think BRS deserves to be in a case of some sort. Right now I have her right next to me though so I can easily keep the dust at bay.

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^ As far as display cases go detolfs are hard to beat for their value ^^; (‘course I’m all ears if there’s something better out there :P) Since the shelves aren’t adjustable they’re a bit tall for 1/8 but luckily brs stands pretty tall.

  15. Tier said

    She looks great on a white or black or even red background (I’ve still had no luck using a red backdrop). Being that I don’t know anything about the character, I thought about her name just now; does she shoot rocks out of that gun? Black rocks maybe? You did a much better job wrapping the chain around the gat handle. I need more Detolfs but unfortunately space is lacking and I’d need to set up some lights for each of them which would take a lot of work, and these days, I am really work-adverse. Haruhi looks sorta like she wants to eat the human mage in that one picture.

    • meronpan said

      i always assumed her name was just sorta engrish nonsense but who knows, maybe there’s something to black rock ammo? ^^;;

      i could really use some light for my detolfs… looks pretty bad with just my ceiling lights ;_; had some plans to make some led lights with my dad but keep forgetting to work on it with him… (not to mention it’s a 2 hour drive home -_-)

      thanks for the soft focus tip, i’ll have to try that sometime ^^

  16. Another review of BRS who make me regret to not have taken it. I don’t like the new model planned by GSC as much as the first one.
    You’re not the only one that didn’t followed instructions to put the chain on. In the end, it’s not a problem to put it on is own way :)
    Photos with the black background are nice but i prefer the last ones without an hesitation.

    2 new deltof! It’s crazy how much room those plastic pieces can take :)
    You too your heart is in pain when you spend the money that could have been used to another most wanted buying ?

    Would you agree to a banner exchange ?

    • meronpan said

      i really lucked out in ordering her since i wasn’t going to at first ^^;;

      i would agree that the next brs figure is lacking a bit of the flavor and intensity of this one. though she does have a sword. overdone though it may be, i love swords :P

      slowly branching out with some variation in my backgrounds. glad you liked the non-black ones ^^

      if it weren’t for the inevitable move i wouldn’t mind the display case purchases so much ^^;; it’s just that who knows what my next room will look like and will i be spoiled enough to have room for everything? ^^;;

      happy to add your banner… hmm didn’t realize i could add images to my blogroll ^^;; (to that end, anyone who’d like an image displayed in the blogroll, let me know)

      let’s see… all i have for banners is this tiny one i made a while ago ^^;; if it’s not the right size, you can just leave it out for now. maybe eventually i’ll make a new one ^^;

      • I love swords too :) But mainly it’s the base who’s less imposing and jacket positioning. Well, if i can’t get this one, i’ll be satisfied with the second version.

        I understand. I you’re not certain to be able to put everything back into your new home, that’s troublesome ^^

        Thanks for the banner, i’ll add yours.

        I’ll come read your reviews more often. My english is a bit better now :)

  17. Q said

    Happy New Year! A BRS review to start things off sure is a nice bang there~

    Despite a large existing fandom, I haven’t got into BRS (and to a smaller extent the vocaloids in general). GSC’s figure this time is sure impressive though. Kinda agreed with Blowfish that the scar looks a bit too red compared to the black and white feel of BRS (i.e. skin feels very pale in contrast to the scar). Was wondering about how the flaming eye is attached but exchanging hair piece sounds like a good idea too.

    Despite lots of delays (like several other highly anticipated figures of 2009), BRS is one of the candidates for collectors’ favourite for the year. I don’t feel much for her so I don’t plan on getting it, and besides it’s getting very expensive too @_@. 2 more Detolfs is a nice get for housing more of your figures. Too bad that is not so suitable for me since most of my stuff are very tiny (hence why I got myself a Billy). :o

    • meronpan said

      indeed, a nice start to 2010 ^^

      perhaps that brs anime will help ya get into her but honestly i’m not really expecting much from that ^^;; taking a picture then crafting everything from it as opposed to the picture being the expression of a great character in a story… feels like there’s a lot of holes to fill ^^; ah well, it’s not like i don’t watch every other generic show anyway… and who knows mebbe they’ll fill those gaps :P

      sadly i’ve already had to exile haruna from the detolfs to make room for the new acquisitions ^^;;; thank goodness i’ve cut down my spending compared to earlier ^^;;;;

  18. Optic said

    Looks like u liked her in the end? Well, I wasn’t sold by the prototype pictures but seeing the actual figure at AFA09 definitely did. I was like ‘ZOMG, I couldn’t believe decided to miss the preorder on her’
    Terrible mistake indeed but I made it up (with a little luck of course) when HS opened up their regular orders on her release date. I was pressing F5 that day. xD

    Great review. I’m looking forward reviewing mine once I know where to put her. -_-

  19. That cannon is so worth the extra cost. Of the two versions this one is far superior in my eyes.

    PS – Was reading Otacool the other day :) was excited to see your room there! I wish I could have attempted to be a part of it all, but was in the middle of a move and all my beauties were packed away. If there is a volume 2 ever :) I’ll give it my best shot!

    • meronpan said

      yeah, as much as i like swords… for me the canon has so much more of a presence. if i had to pick one, canon for me too ^^

      i still haven’t gotten a copy of otacool ^^;;; was at kinokuniya and they were sold out -_- at this rate i may end up buying it in japan ^^; i think otacool 2 submissions are open but the focus is cosplay this time?

      • Oh is it? I don’t frequent DChoo enough these days. Well I certainly don’t qualify for that, I don’t cosplay. If I’m going to cosplay I want it to be REALLY nice. And I don’t have the time or money to make something really nice. I got my copy from Akadot (Otacool).

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  21. Jesterhead said

    Great review and great photos! I got mine today and it couldn’t be any better, nothing beats the smell of a freshly opened PVC figure lol.

    Any one had a chance to take a look at the new anime version of BRS? Looks like it’ll be just as, or more popular than the original. Let’s hope the anime lives up to the hype!!!

    • meronpan said

      thanks! i also love that fresh pvs smell ^^;;

      that new anime version looks pretty hot… i’m debating whether or not to cancel the sword version to get her or to just get both…

      knowing me i’ll prolly just get both though ^^;;;

      • Jesterhead said

        I’ll probably be helpless to order all three as well, GSC has a good hold on my wallet this year haha. I’m still waiting to see an Insane Black Rock Shooter, or a Dead Master figure from them though!

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