Hatsune Miku ~ World is Mine ~ 初音ミク ワールドイズマイン

Posted by meronpan on January 3, 2010

Another figure for vocaloid lovers, world is mine miku!  Like BRS, this interpretation of her comes from a well received supercell release.  Well… technically i think i heard that brs wasn’t actually based off miku…?  Anyhow, on with the review~

Yet another release with a non-standard base.  Extremely non-standard ^^;

Huge and fitted with a frame and stand so you can either prop it up or hang it on your wall.

Rose petals for a touch of elegance?

headphones in the corner

Was dissapointed that you can’t remove the frame.  Don’t plan on hanging her on my wall so I woulda preferred something less conspicuous.

miku sticks pretty dang well to the base thanks to some magnets so you should have no fears hanging her.

After reading james’ review I was on the lookout for flaws and unfortunately they certainly turned up.  Above you can see the sort of sloppy looking execution of the black bow.

At this magnification the pattern on her shirt looks a bit unrefined although I think it’s fine at regular viewing distances.

Perhaps the bigger flaws in my copy were on her hair.

Luckily you can’t really see them unless you’re really looking.  Unless you view the view resolution version of the above pic you might not notice:


Kind of looks like her hair got chipped or something ;_;  At least her pantsu look fine :P

macro power!

Personally the only time I really look this closely at my figures is for the review so the flaws won’t bother me so much.

Hmm looks like I didn’t do the lighting properly above to see the things in her hair ^^;;

Paint job aside I love how her hair was done ^^

They did a weird translucent finish with the tips, not quite sure why ^^;

Dress looks alright, nothing special I guess.

Stockings black with reflective finish.

You can kinda see another flaw in her hair below ;_;  In the pic right above her eye.

miku goes into neet mode on chizuru’s pillow

Really love her expression

Didn’t really both much with different backgrounds since her base acted as the bg for the most part ^^;

Overall, despite her flaws I like what they’ve done for this release.  Obviously coulda been cleaner on the quality control but take a look at the source pic…

Click for official wim page (contains this and other wallpaper downloads)

…and I think most will be happy with the final product.  Also available with a lighter colored frame if you prefer.

For your convenience here’s the original vid (niconico):

and my favorite cover, this time by うさ (niconico)

foo-bar-baz took her off the base for a 360 view (forgot to do it myself ^^;), along with having great pics as usual.

james also has very nice pics along with a pair of ’em to view, including the natural colored frame.

Marisa is up next, yoroshiku!



42 Responses to “Hatsune Miku ~ World is Mine ~ 初音ミク ワールドイズマイン”

  1. Leonia said

    Nicely review ! I will take today my WIM shooting ^^ She seems nice and I like her chara design ^^

  2. Too bad for the small defects. We could expect a high level of quality from GSC but anyway, it happen. Fortunately it’s not too visible and it’s doesn’t ruin the global view.

    Her face is really cute. :)

  3. kodomut said

    Didn’t know about the translucent hair finishes until I read your post. Pretty neat, reminds me of flattened gummy bears, probably taste good (:

  4. James said

    You’re lucky, yours is nice !

    the petals are greatly painted ! far from what i have on mine …

    great pics, macro lens with this figure is a must.

    • meronpan said

      sorry again about your copy ;_; such a hassle with figures… usually you can’t just go back to the store and exchange it for a different one very easily.

      macro’s great but you have the danger of exposing otherwise invisible flaws :P

  5. sonic_ver2 said

    Never really like Miku World is mine.

    First, i don’t like “human-ish” face (just like Max Yoko real version). And that’s a turn off.

    And your review answers my doubt. Despite all the epicness, there are just too much flaw for GSC’s work.

    Overall, it’s nice concept art, but it’s just doesn’t reach my expectation.

    Anyway, regardless all my complains about the figure, i still love your photos! Great Job!!

  6. punynari said

    Thanks for the review. I actually wouldn’t mind this figure at all because I love the World is Mine song which I was introduced to in Project DIVA. Speaking of which, thanks for introducing me to うさ. That remix is so much more beautiful with her powerful angelic voice.

    Also, I did a search for her and found she did many other remixes as well. Wish I had bought an IPOD now for the plane ride home. ^^

    Getting side tracked. ^^;
    Love how she turned out and I would buy her before I bought Black Rock Shooter based entirely on how much I love the songs they’re based on.

    • meronpan said

      heheh no worries getting sidetracked with usa, i was entranced when i heard her too :P for some of her remixes i’ve noticed her voice isn’t as refined as some of the other niconico’ers but she definitely has a nice set of videos posted ^^

      ooo that reminds me, seeing as how you recently were introduced to luka, here’s another one of my favorites that perhaps you’ll like:
      palette (niconico)
      and (imo) a jaw droppingly awesome cover by hanatan (niconico).

      hmmm world is mine was it? ^^;; yeah, i also had wim in the must buy bin long before brs due to preference of the songs. seems that brs turned out to be my preferred figure thou :P

      • punynari said

        Thanks for sharing that palette song, especially the one by hanatan. Instant save. ^^

        On the subject of the World is Mine song, I found an English translated version that was incredibly cute. I actually like the song much more when I actually know what she is singing. ^^;

        • meronpan said

          my pleasure, glad ya liked it

          ah yes, lyrics definitely add to the enjoyment of the songs ^^; gomen, forgot to link something ^^;;

          nice vid, don’t think i’ve seen that version before. the cutesy one i recall was this one:

  7. Firearky said

    Nice review man! I got my Miku WIM yesterday and I must say that some of the Mikus they had at the shop had serious painting quality problems >_< luckily the shop owner is my friend and let me choose. As you can see Miku's stockings are both glossy painted, right? Well, but there was a Miku that had a glossy left leg and the right one was matte… and another one had a quite big painting flaw on the right knee… maybe it was a matter of luck but imo GSC used to have better quality controls =P

    Quite a hard job to find one with no visual flaws… I'll tell you when I unbox it ^.^U

  8. Blowfish said

    Looks like you were a bit more lucky than James and his Miku`s
    Im not really a Vocaloid Lover so I passed her anyway.Ive gotta say that I absolutely love her “Hey Big Boy wanna Take me for a Ride ” Look on her face ^^;;;

    I still wonder why the quality is this unbalanced with this GSC release

    • meronpan said

      i think i took her expression as more of a, “kiss my foot, dog” sort of attitude ^^; perhaps in the end it’s more or less the same result? :P

      indeed strange about the quality. can’t even remember a gsc release where people were all talking about such issues…

  9. aos said

    Another nice review! Thank you for going so in-depth & exposing the flaws(even though it was quite depressing!). I ordered her from Hobbystock, but she still hasn’t arrived- probably because they are on break.

    I heard she had a lot of painting flaws, but I didn’t know it extended to the level you showed. I think GSC was rushing to get out Saber Lily & BRS that they forgot about Miku ;( I was really expecting a lot out of this figure too!

    • meronpan said

      hopefully you’ll get your copy soon to see how she fared ^^; the flaws I showed may look pretty bad in the pics but honestly it’s pretty hard to see unless you’re up close (though flaws like firearky mentioned with an entire leg missing the glossy finish would be pretty bad -_-;;;).

      you might be right with the rushing theory. prolly forgot to delay poor wim miku to fix up these issues ^^;

      • aos said

        Heheh. I just got my copy in the mail today. It was my first time pre-ordering with HobbySearch, and I guess I did something wrong. I was checking daily every day for the past 2 months… but I never got an email… they canceled my order and I had to find her elsewhere! :(

        Luckily, I did find her. You were right about the paint job… it is quite splotchy. My copy doesn’t have too many errors- but the few errors that exist are in pretty important places. There is a black splotch on her right cheek, and on her inner thighs under her skirt. No sculpting errors I could find… but the petals were messily done too.

        I got pretty lucky though- no errors that I couldn’t live with. The twin tails are extremely delicate though… and those magnets are really very strong… breakable twin tails & strong magnets just don’t mix… gotta be careful.

        Once again, great review with very nice macro shots.

        • meronpan said

          ahhh really sorry about your order trouble. i went through a lot of that with kid nemo but after switching to hobby search i haven’t had issues like that. troubling to hear that you didn’t get a cancellation e-mail. perhaps they fill orders first come first serve so my placed-as-soon-as-they’re-available preorders always make it? ^^;

          well, but ya have her now, so all good… well kinda… a spot on the face is very unfortunate orz

          had the same thoughts about the magnets, she will really snap into place if you’re not careful ^^;

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  11. To be honest, I had little interest in this figure aside from it’s unique display position. The figure itself seems rather boring but I guess it is an accurate representation of the original illustration. I just never cared for that pic ^^;

    • meronpan said

      no wim love? :P i loved the song, well, especially usa’s cover so that gave me enough reason to purchase ^^;

      i guess there’s that more cutesy version of the video, but i prefer this version of the princess :P

  12. Smithy said

    Like the original illustration and love her expression in it, nice to see Miku fans get a figure incarnation of it but as I’m not really interested in Vocaloid, didn’t get the figure and am not planning to.

    Too bad so many seem to have flaws to some degree, failure in qc there…

    • meronpan said

      all the fan enthusiasm on niconico hasn’t swayed you under her command? :P

      but yeah the strange quality problem… definitely not winning any miku fans that way ^^;;

  13. ELTboy said

    I have come to accept minor flaws from even the likes of GSC and Alter. Like you said, they are really fine unless one decides to use a microscope when viewing them. ^^”

    Didn’t get her because of the wooden frame. Just felt it was such a awkward idea. But other than that, she’s a really lovely figure.

    • James said

      Except that for this WIM, it’s not minor: one leg without glossy paint, the petals are doubled by the awful painting, and the worst : no World is Mine written at the base.

      It’s just awful failures that cannot be accepted from a big manufacturer like Good Smile. If we all just say : i can accept flaws, then i believe they’re all just gonna give us badly painted figures and whatever.

      On 8 WIM, only two is fine, Meronpan got lucky with his.

      So yeah, i’m really not happy about the whole qc story this time ^^

    • meronpan said

      yeah the flaws on mine are very easy to live with, but as james says i guess some were pretty bad… though personally it’s hard for me to visualize without some close up pics ^^;;

      too bad they didn’t make the frame optional/removable… think they would’ve made both of us happier ^^;

  14. Tier said

    I think one Miku is enough for me, but I do like how WIM Miku’s face looks (and VN02’s). I’m not a big fan of the picture frame though. I’m less of a fan of the quality problems I keep reading of; it comes to my mind that my Saber Lily figure has an unfortunate and most unladylike wart in her armpit. It’s good that your Miku seems to be in expected shape.

    • meronpan said

      i can’t get enuf miku for some reason ^^; kinda wanted that max factory release too…

      hopefully just isolated incidents for the defects… ‘cuz it’ll take me a few releases to see a trend otherwise ^^;;;

  15. Q said

    I do recall some people saying that BRS isn’t really Miku despite people treating her as a variation of Miku; it was supposed to be an independant character, and a Miku song was created for that character later on, which somehow blended the two to one for a lot of people.

    Was kinda surprised that there are a number of small flaws with this particular figure. Jame’s case sound worse so I will have to check his out later too. Perhaps it’s made from a different factory to the one that produces BRS.

    World is Mine Miku isn’t my kind of figure, but it’s still interesting to see another illustration being materialised to a 3D figure. The idea of having magnet to attach the figure onto the base is a neat idea, and I hope the magnet won’t wear down over time. Didn’t know that they used translucent hair with paint over it like figma Shana.

    • meronpan said

      guess huke shoulda went for a ponytail or something to dispel the confusion :P

      i assume the magnets are permanent magnets so it’d prolly take some pretty adverse conditions to demagnetize them?

      actually the strange thing is that only the tips of her hair are translucent. don’t see anything in the original image that would suggest such a look ^^;

  16. Optic said

    Looking at these flaws, I can’t denied I’m happy I gave her the miss. The overall figure looks superb I agree but these little faults just hurts the overall finish. (I guess this is what u get with mass productions from time to time).
    Still, these faults won’t be seen with a naked eye (unless closely examined) and if hooked up, it won’t be seen from a distance as well.

    The magnets reassures me it won’t fall off from her frame easily when hooked up (thanks for that ^^) so if I do change my mind in the near future, I will consider hooking up her.

    • meronpan said

      yeah… as foobarbaz wrote… perhaps this level of defects can’t be helped… ^^;

      if it weren’t for the dust i’d definitely put her on my wall to save some display space ^^;

  17. The end of her hair tips is a little odd, I wonder why they designed it thath way. I mean it’s not a big deal but it doesn’t seem like it makes much of a difference.

    • meronpan said

      i wonder if it’s just a side effect of the way they made her… cuz yeah it doesn’t seem like it woulda been worth the trouble to do on purpose ^^;

      • Maybe one of the creators thought if someone put a light behind her it would look great to have it streaming through the tips of her hair?

        Ok I’m just guessing I still have no idea.

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