Kirisame Marisa ~ 霧雨魔理沙 Rev.TOKIAME + Hakurei no Reimu ~ 博麗の霊夢 イラスト:大沖

Posted by meronpan on January 6, 2010

Two slightly harder to obtain figures today.  First off is Kotobukiya x Ichijinsha’s rendition of TOKIAME sensei’s illustration of Kirisame Marisa (of touhou fame for those of you un-ZUNified out there :P).

Not really sure if she’s a limited release or what, but she wasn’t available through my normal channels.  Ended up getting her at Hobby Stock.

With kotobukiya involved I was a little hesitant but after seeing some preview pics and the fact that I didn’t have any touhou figures pushed me to an acquisition.

Unfortunately the first thing I noticed was…

You can’t get clear shots of her face!! -_-  Here’s a shot from kotobukiya’s site:

…I don’t think they really delivered the same figure ^^;;;  Tried a buncha different angles but I don’t think it’s possible to reproduce that perspective -_- ma, しゃーないな~

For a clear face shot this is as close as any I was able to manage.

Other than the inconveniently hard to photograph pose… details are pretty nice.  Her boot has a little strap that’s loose for you to position…

Nice bamboo broom~

Speaking of the broom I had a hell of a time getting her attached to it… and of course the peg giving me trouble was the one in her butt.  So yeah, I spent like 10 minutes jamming the dang thing up her… … you know what I mean.

If you look at the larger version of the above pic you’ll see I still didn’t get the broom flush ;_;  Also visible in the below pic.

Didn’t wanna break it so gave up after it was stuck in a bit…

No pantsu :P

Her precious hakkero

best attack ever.  MASUTAAAAA SPAAAAAAKU!

Hat can be cast off, stays in place with a magnet.

Oh yes, and how could we forget the LED gimmick?

Perhaps it was that the batteries I put in weren’t exactly fresh, but the light wasn’t very strong, had to turn off my other lights to see it ^^;;;  Takes 2 AAs and there’s a switch on the bottom of the base to toggle it on and off.

All in all a nice solid rendition of marisa, happy to add her to the collection ^^

Oh yes, a random addition to my inventory of expensive photography crap…

Actually still need a gray card to set the white balance, but at least now I can tell exactly how far I’m off ^^;;

So then, on to our next challenger!  Reimu!

A toranoana release, the full listing was actually とらのあな 東方ソフビシリーズ 09 博麗の霊夢 イラスト:大沖 (toranoana touhou sofubi (?) series 09 hakurei no reimu illustration: daioki).  Loved his comics and simple art, couldn’t resist this figure ^^;

Something about the blank expression really resonates with me :P

Turned out to be muuuuch larger than I expected (thought she was gonna be like nendoroid sized).

oi, reimu, come back!

She comes with a large yin-yang base, gives the appearance of a paper weight ^^;

Also acquired, matching cirno ^^

Hmmm, and now for a completely anti-climatic ending, here’s that miku charm semi-recently released.

My phone is getting heavy…

Not as many pics as usual for marisa… was getting kinda frustrated ‘cuz it seemed like I was just getting a frame full of her dress from so many angles -_-  More conservative collectors may want to stick with the griffon release.  On the other hand I like how her face was done and the energy of the pose (though hard to appreciate from all angles).

Though it seems like most figures earn 3-4 stars, foo-bar-baz actually gave marisa 5!  I should read through his comments to see why… ^^;

and with that I think I’m suddenly complete with my backlog of new arrivals.  Maybe it’s finally time for another japanese lesson post… ^^;




26 Responses to “Kirisame Marisa ~ 霧雨魔理沙 Rev.TOKIAME + Hakurei no Reimu ~ 博麗の霊夢 イラスト:大沖”

  1. Persocom said

    Lovely Marisa, I’ve been thinking about getting her but still not too sure about it. Good to know I’m not the only one who fell for the toranoana figures thinking they’d be nendo size and then getting a big surprise :P Cute Cirno keychain, interesting how it’s the same style as Reimu. I need a Cirno. I need more Touhou figures in general. Next up for me is Griffon’s Flandre, depending on how she turns out I might be getting a few more from them.

    • meronpan said

      think i can understand your hesitation… for me marisa feels like she’s just missing some oomph to make her a must buy

      love daioki’s rendition of cirno ^^

      think i have flandre on order too. looking forward to the release ^^

  2. Leonia said

    I like this Marisa, for her dynamic pose. Sadly she is limited and more expensive now. The base (star) is really original, and the light really cute. Thank for this share, I will use maybe this review for Shadonia, if you are ok ^^

  3. Q said

    Apparently Marisa is the 2nd most popular figure for Hobby Stock in 2009. I am still not familiar with Touhou, but getting figures of them is not so much of an easy task!

    • meronpan said

      wow, 2nd most popular? guess there’s a lot of pent up touhou figure fans ^^ i think something about zun’s doujin publisher status/opinions prolly has something to do with the figures not being as readily available… can’t remember if there was anything specific though…

  4. punynari said

    Thanks for this review. Was looking forward to it. ^^

    I’m one of the folks who is happy with Griffon’s Marisa release and I honestly prefer the face on Griffon’s version to this one. Especially since they seemed to have change Kotobukiya’s version from the promotion pics. At least it appears that way, postioning wise.

    I almost got that Reimu as well but they wanted 7,500 yen in the secondary stores. I was saving that for Griffon’s Youmu instead.

    • meronpan said

      my pleasure ^^

      hmmm yeah, taking another look at her i like griffon’s rendition of her face too… in my previous set purchasing frenzy i woulda definitely gotten both ^^;

      7500?!?! that’s nearly 3x her regular price! youmu definitely more for your money :P

  5. phossil said

    Love the shinning star pic! :)

  6. bloomers > pantsu ;)

    As Saber knows…they’re way sexier!

  7. I want the marisa one too :'(. It’s got lights! The novelty was one the major reasons that foobarbaz gave it a 5 though the light is not bright to be a real lamp :(.

    I couldn’t get paypal to work for me, so I was never able to use Goody Japan or any other proxy service to place a preorder.

    Do you know where I can still find the Miku charm?

  8. I stay half convinced by this figure of Marisa. I don’t know tell why. What i like it’s the base made of luminous cloth. I think it’s original.

    On the contrary, i loooooove your Reimu. Her inexpressive face is exactly what made her irresistible :)

  9. Blowfish said

    Hmm…As fun as the Touhou games are I never really felt the urge to go out and purchase a figure…luckily.
    Hmm…I wonder if the changed the angle of her face or if they puffed up her dress so that you cant get the same full face shot as Koto.She looks solid so far bit that lighting up star is surely gimmicky XD

    • meronpan said

      the next step is watch hundreds of niconico fan videos ^^

      something definitely changed or it’s some sort of perspective thing i don’t understand ^^;;

      • nanu said

        Could it be that they used a wider angle lense? The distance between the sensor and the subject being less has the potential of her leg being more off to the side. Just try this with your own eyes, starting close and backing away; if it’s impossible to frame it similarly, then the sculpt is indeed different.

        • meronpan said

          i think after trying the experiment you suggested the sculpting is actually different. in the pic they give her face is pretty much in line with the focal plane. in the figure delivered there’s just no way to get that near parallel angle without her dress getting in the way.

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  11. Rin said

    Want Marisa!!!
    Waiting for mine from Toylet…
    It’s a really nice figure!!!
    Awesome shoot!!!

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