Some Singapore Pics

Posted by meronpan on January 25, 2010

Thought I’d combine a little site update with the pics I took during my (business) trip to Singapore last year.  For those more interested in figures, I’m anticipating Hobby Search will send out my preordered goodies next week… which means… well crap I may not have time to put up reviews before I leave for Japan.  Did I mention I’m headed back to Japan?  I’m headed back to Japan for vacation ^____^

I’ll be leaving mid-February and will be in Tokyo for the greater part of a week.  Unfortunately I’ll be missing WonFes but on the other hand I’m not too keen on lines anyway :P

I think I may have lucked out on some movie timing though… is the Nanoha movie gonna be in theatres?  And the haruhi movie?!  Considering my lack of hardcore dedication I’d say I’m a casual fan of both series (despite what my figure collection may suggest :P) but will be ecstatic to see both ^__^  ooo and Fate/Stay night should be out too???

So that’s my trip in the works…  That, combined with my hobby renaissance has lead to some pretty slim pickings for my blog posts ^^;  Gaming has been the biggest time sink, though there are others.  Currently trying to balance my time between:

  • bayonetta
  • JLPT lvl 1 prep
  • touhou (pofv at the moment)
  • assassin’s creed
  • braid (just finished)
  • gyromancer
  • this blog
  • keeping current on everyone else’s blog
  • getting caught up on anime (currently struggling through sorakake)
  • getting caught up on manga (only thing i managed to complete recently was yotsuba)

The last two are especially daunting ^^;

…and that list conveniently excludes any self improvement or progress in my career ^^;;;

there's solution for that too...

Guess I’ll continue rambling to make it through the rest of my pics :P

Was a very different experience visiting Singapore.  Very convenient that everyone speaks english ^^;

Really hot and humid, glad I didn’t destroy my camera ^^;;;  Though I think I might’ve slightly damaged my 50mm lens orz

Feels like there’s some increased chromatic aberration… wouldn’t be surprised if I messed up and didn’t properly protect the lens from the environment.  Didn’t really think far enough ahead when I was doing the last minute packing for the trip.

A surreal experience with all the Christmas decorations amidst the warm weather.

Good thing I was on business or I might’ve spent all my money shopping.  So many malls!

Recently got a circular polarizer, which, if I understand correctly, would’ve help a lot with the reflections in the above pic ^^;

Alrighty, think that’s most of the pics I had worth posting ^^;

Any suggestions for Japan?  Though I could easily fill up 5-6 days with more shopping in akiba I always feel a bit guilty doing so and should probably set up some other goals :P  Well, I will be in northern Japan before that for an onsen excursion, but there’s still time for other things when I’m back :P



27 Responses to “Some Singapore Pics”

  1. Persocom said

    Nice pictures of Singapore. I wouldn’t mind visiting there some day. Already going back to Japan? Can’t blame you I’m sure if I ever got a taste of it I’d want to keep going back as often as possible. Going to an onsen sounds like a nice relaxing way to start a vacation. Maybe go somewhere you haven’t been before this time. I would think there’d always be plenty of unexplored places that would be great fun to see.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, heading back again ^^; hopefully i’m not screwing over my finances too bad, but i’m tentatively budgeting in a trip every year ^^; it’s addicting :P

      indeed, stopping by at least one other place i haven’t been before would be nice. although even if i don’t, there’s so much in tokyo i’m sure i’d never run out of new things :P (or at least, city life fatigue would likely set in first)

  2. punynari said

    Nice pics. I’ve been to Singapore twice already but each time I just stayed on base and downloaded stuff that I missed to my computer. I regret that now. It’s not everyday we are in Singapore after all but downloading can be had anytime.

    Got to say though, that it was terribly humid there and I almost fell asleep several times just because of the weather. ^^;

    Good to hear you’ll get to visit Japan as a vacation instead of work. I, of course, recommend the usual visits to anime hotspots (Akihabara and Nakano), but if you want to sightsee a bit as well I can recommend the best places that I have seen so far in Japan.

    Himeji Castle was the most memorable place I have ever visited and it is just a bit west of Osaka. About a 4 hour Shinkansen ride from Tokyo if I remember correctly.

    Nikko was a nice day trip as well. That’s only about 2 hours outside of Tokyo.

    Shirakawa-go (Village based off of Hinamizawa in Higurashi). When I went it was summer but I would hope it’s still accessible in the winter as well. If you go here, it is a trip in itself and will take the whole day.

    Lots of other places but I think you’ve been to Kamakura already so I wanted to suggest a few different ones.

    • meronpan said

      hopefully you’ll get another chance for singapore ^^ i wish the humidity made me sleepy. i feel like i have to take a shower all day which makes me exhausted and in need of beer

      dang i’m so clueless. hadn’t even heard of nakano ^^;; will have to check that out this time.

      hmmm hadn’t really planned on heading too far out of tokyo… not sure if himeji castle or shirakawa-go would be doable without changing some hotel plans… well, if not this time i’ll be sure to stay in kyoto/osaka next time ^^

      nikko i’ve actually been to, though the experience was slightly tarnished by the fact that i broke my point and shoot after tripping on a step ^^;;; beautiful place though

      thanks for the recommendations! will have to look into my options…

  3. didtav said

    wow you are so lucky man, you are able to go anywhere you like

  4. Shazzsteel said

    Hope you enjoyed your trip to Singapore. I wouldn’t say everyone speaks English here though, but the majority of people do which is handy. I can see my house in that top photo :D

  5. kodomut said

    You need to call me for epic food tour next time you come!

  6. phossil said

    Nice pics.
    Good your job duties let you visit Singapore ;)

  7. Nopy said

    Lucky, I wish I was going to Japan next week. You should check out the Japan Illustrator’s Festival and tell us about it :)

  8. Smithy said

    Going back to Japan? Nice! JLPT level 1? Wow, that’s impressive!

    Hope you have a nice trip to Japan! ^^

  9. “I’m headed back to Japan for vacation ^____^”

    DARN YOU! I’m actually going in two years. When I go I want to go for two weeks and I won’t have enough vacation time until then. New hires only get 2 weeks off a year for the first 5 years.

    • meronpan said

      dang, only 2 (work?) weeks per year for 5 years? at my company it starts at 15 days/year and increases by 1 day/year over 10 years.

      at least you have lots of time to plan the perfect trip ^^ and also give the dollar a chance to gain some ground on the yen ^^;;;

  10. Optic said

    Back to Japan? Why not come down here and enjoy the beaches while u still can. :P
    Is this like ur ‘force’ time off again?

    Singapore was great. Indeed, easy to get around since many ppl understand english. Not like China. >_>
    I don’t have any recommendations because I should be asking u since u already been there. ;)

    • meronpan said

      but i love winter! :P and japan ^^; that said i’ve been enjoying travel more and more so i’m sure i’ll make it there someday

      thankfully the economy has recovered enough so that i can take vacations on my own schedule once again. so no, not forced this time. hopefully it’ll stay that way ^^;

      hahah, will happy to give my recommendations if ya need ’em ^^

  11. Q said

    Oddly enough I still haven’t felt much about Singapore despite reading a few trip posts from various bloggers who went to AFA several months ago; maybe I just do not know what to expect from there at all.

    On the other hand, your next trip to Japan is for leisure/vacation rather than a business one? That should mean things can be more relaxed for you to roam around. I am not good with giving suggestions, but since I have only been around Tokyo most of the time maybe I can give the following:

    – Ghibli Museum in Mitaka (for my family’s case, we had to book tickets in advance, do check whether this is necessary for you too)
    – Namco Namja Town in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro
    – Tsukiji Fish Market (me and my family go there every year; there’s a rumour that this place will move and the original fish market may become history in a few years time)
    – Nakano Broadway (Wednesday is not a good day to go there – apparently most shops are closed on that day)
    – Fuji TV Station in Odaiba

    Those are just some places I have been and picked for suggestions. Hope it helps.

    • meronpan said

      indeed, a vacation this time, not business ^^

      thanks for the suggestions – those are all places i still haven’t been to ^^;; (despite being in tokyo for the majority of my previous trips)

  12. Blowfish said

    Ah youre lucky! Going back to Japan…. ^^
    Im always curious about singapore since it incorporates the unknown of an asian country with the advantage that everybody speaks english ^^

    • meronpan said

      and if it weren’t for this cold i’d be having a blast! hahah well, luckily i’m pretty much recovered now.

      was a weird feeling to be in an asian country with so many english speakers. highly recommended if you can stand the humidity. ^^;

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