東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View

Posted by meronpan on January 28, 2010

click for gelbooru

1cc on normal! woooooo!  4 touhou’s down, 3 to go ^^  東方花映塚 (tôhô kaêzuka (kunrei-shiki)) is the ninth game in the series and very very different from the previous ones.  In pofv you battle against an opponent split-screen as faeries, spirits, and bullets randomly spawn and attack you.

The white bullets get sent over to your opponents screen if you can destroy them by killing a nearby fairy or activated spirit.  Other features include powering up your spell gauge which lets you unleash more powerful attacks (while also clearing your screen of enemies).

If you charge up your gauge all the way and unleash your level 4 spell, a copy of your character will appear on your opponent’s screen and start attacking.  Not quite the same as a boss battle in the other touhou games, but it still makes things more hectic due to the randomly generated clutter that’s already attacking you.  You can read more about the gameplay here if you’re interested.

click for gelbooru

Chose to unlock and use aya after reading this thread on the character strengths and weaknesses.  Not sure how credible the original thread author is but it worked out for me ^^  Reimu’s 360 field wasn’t working out for me as I’d activate spirits all around me and not destroy them in time (which spawns 3 red bullets aimed at you).

click for gelbooru

Now I’m on to Mountain of Faith.  Ironically aya is kicking my butt in stage 4 orz  Keep trying to capture her last 3 cards and getting caught off guard.  Think I just need to get back in my bombing groove and I’ll churn out that next 1cc fairly easily ^^

quick update on figures, just got an e-mail from hobby search:

“Also, please note that order recombination is not possible any longer,
since the shipment process of the item(s) is already underway.”

3 alter releases in 1 month!  Can’t wait ^__^



15 Responses to “東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View”

  1. Shiddo said

    Ye, finaly Mio is comming ^^ Can’t wait to finaly see her in person ^^
    What else you getting? Yoshika and Nanoha? ^^

    It seems there will be more of Nanoha series from Alter this year. There was a scan report on wcloudxkumo that mentions Fate movie ver. and Vivio Kaiser ver. ^^

  2. punynari said

    Congrats on the 1cc. ^_^

    Mountain of Faith is supposed to be an easy one when you get used to it. It’s pretty much a bomb spam game. I saw someone bomb every boss spellcard and catch nothing and still beat the game. He was really good at the final spell card though where bombs won’t help ya.

    Good luck and even more good luck when you get to the hellish 11th game. ^^;

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      yeah, the bombs from power and abundance of power items really lends itself to abuse ^^;

      i love that final card, even if i’m terrible at it ^^; looks great and when you get in a groove, it’s awesome ^^

      looks like i’ve been averaging about 2-ish months per game… we’ll see if that goes up dramatically for sa ^^;

  3. Wow I haven’t played this game yet. Hope I can try it soon ^^;

    • meronpan said

      personally i like the regular games a lot more. spell cards look cooler and provide a greater sense of accomplishment upon capture for me. but as a fan of the series, i definitely recommend trying all of ’em at least once ^^

  4. Wow, that’s a lot of Touhou xD

    I reluctantly canceled my K-ON! Alter figure pre-orders so I could put the money to other items. I’m guessing Mio (and Nanoha) are part of your order? ;)

  5. Ningyo said

    Mmyea, I wish you glory and victory for TH11 and 12, those two completely wrecked me >.>

    Though I was pretty damn bad at PoFV too. I never got used to the mechanics, and it was pretty much ‘die until you beat the stage by some miracle’ for me.

    Btw, love your site name :D

    • meronpan said

      doumo, gambarimasu ^^

      admittedly i had a lot of dumb luck in my 1cc ^^;; komachi got herself down to half a life shortly after 1 minute of elapsed play, and i had a victory in under 1:30 ^^;; likewise my shiki victory clocked in at about 2:00, another extremely short match ^^;

      glad ya like the name ^^

  6. Firearky said

    Hi~ I would like to play too! ^.^ Where can I get these Touhou games? O.o

    • meronpan said

      if you’re looking to purchase the games, two online stores I know of are himeya and paletweb. If you’re having trouble finding the games on the sites, the touhou wiki has links to them here (personally i’ve ordered from paletweb, toranoana (had to use a proxy for that, prolly too expensive to be worth it), and in person from shops in akiba ^^;)

      if you’d rather try them out first, you’re in luck, the demos are freely available from ZUN’s site:

      in (update)
      mof (custom.exe (if missing))
      sa (directx runtime (if necessary))
      ufo (directx (if necessary))

      the above links were taken directly from zun’s site, so if you need a different mirror or would like to browse yourself, the site is here:

      the demos let you play up to and through stage 3

      oh yes and if you can’t extract lzh’s or whatever, i highly recommend 7-zip:

      hope that helps!

  7. mmm 3 Alter figures? Jackpot. I’m waiting on my Megahouse Luffy, Kotobukiya Kobato, and a bunch of smaller figures. Sometimes I wonder if I should show more restraint when buying smaller figures and just stick to large figures. But man…some of the puchi nendoroids are TOO ADORABLE to resist.

    • meronpan said

      it’s been hard but i’ve been sticking to scaled figures pretty consistently so far (i think? ^^;). definitely hard though. think i read that azunyan’s nendo preorder was so overbooked that they’ve already announced a 2nd run? for now i’ll be sitting out on that one, but terribly tempting ^^;

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