Reimu Nendo Test

Posted by meronpan on February 2, 2010

Feeling a bit rusty in the review department so thought I’d take some quick practice shots with reimu.

I hope my copy is legit, seemed to good to be true getting her at toranoana for 3000 yen ^^;  Used goody japan as a proxy so the entire transaction still cost a bit, but given what she’s probably going for on ebay I imagine I didn’t overspend ^^;

Only a fraction of the number of pics that I usually put up for a full review so that along with the extremely late timing… again, more of a test shot post then a review ^^;

One of the things I was testing was my new circular polarizer!  Mostly got it for outdoor shots but was curious to see what sorta uses it might have in figure photography.

One thing to note is that a polarizer won’t magically eliminate all the reflections from your photo.  As you can see above there’s still some angles reflecting the light straight in the lens.

The above pic was taken without the filter.  In the upper right you can see the reflection on the text “CANON LENS”.  Adding the filter back:

Much better right?  Well, that’s sorta cheating since the light is reduced by the filter, changing the exposure.  Trying to get back to a similar exposure:

Still a noticeable improvement.  In general you can use polarizing filters when shooting water (may allow you to see through the water rather than get a reflection), through glass (may allow you to see through the glass), or outdoors (to bring out vegetation, skies).  Wouldn’t really recommend dropping huge bucks on one for figure/product photography ^^;

reimu!  love that face ^^

Did another set of test shots for the polarizing filter with brs:

Here you can see kind of dramatically how certain reflections were completely eliminated.  Nice tool to have but I can’t wait to test it outside ^^;

One final thing I was testing throughout the shoot:

If you’re having white balance trouble and your camera supports custom white balance… totally recommend getting a gray card.  Shoot a pic of the card under the lighting conditions your subject is in (fill the frame with it), then (on canon’s at least) just set the custom white balance to use that pic.  The rest of the pics you take under that lighting will turn out perfect ^^  Been using it at my parent’s house, where there’s a terrible mix of fluorescent and incandescent light… been working out perfectly.

ooo, and i almost forgot, another one of my completely self indulgent announcements, but i’ve 1cc’d mof!!!

this is the quickest i’ve progressed from one touhou to the next, though technically i’ve been playing mof on and off since i started last year ^^;;  i think that pofv insanity really helped with kanako’s last card (shown above).  I’ll have to do a post with vids of my replay later, though those are just 200% self indulgent also :P

Alrighty, that’s all for today ^^;



35 Responses to “Reimu Nendo Test”

  1. Leonia said

    Reimu is cute but I prefer Marisa ^^

  2. I have a couple filters but I don’t use them. I just use my lens hood and leave it at that ^^;

    Cute Reimu. She seems to be enjoying her tea :D

    • meronpan said

      probably just my paranoia but i’m always shooting with lens hood + uv filter at the very least to make sure i don’t scuff up my lens somehow ^^;; i must say it’s pretty hard to use a lens hood + circular polarizer though… almost impossible to turn the dang thing ^^;;

  3. Smithy said

    Use a circular polarizer as well, outdoors it can help a lot. Though sometimes it may be better to shoot without or when you purposely want reflections (like say the water on a lake).

    I’m just using a white sheet of paper to create custom white balance for shoots. Was thinking of getting a Balens or an Expodisc for that purpose.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, definitely are some scenarios where the reflection is worth capturing. i guess that’s the neat thing about the polarizer… even with it on you can rotate it to adjust the level of polarization to capture as much as you need.

      white sheet of paper worked pretty good for me too, guess i was just spoiling myself ^^; or rather the review at the-digital-picture.com convinced me that for my needs a cheap gray card would work just as well or better than the more fancy solutions.

  4. Love the face of her drinking tea, had she been a regular release I would have purchased her. I need to pick and choose which Limited figures I buy, limited ones add up fast $$$.

    • meronpan said

      true, although limited nendoroids usually don’t hurt as bad as scaled figures ^^ if my math is right i think reimu cost me about 4,200 yen pre-shipping costs, so the markup for using a proxy was ~40%. starting at 3,000 yen, 4,200 doesn’t feel so bad ^_^

      be that as it may… yeah, definitely have to watch out for limited stuff… glad i got that out of my system ‘cuz i totally can’t afford ordering limited 1/8 figures for $100+ anymore ^^;

      • lovelyduckie said

        The proxy fee I usually don’t mind, it’s the EMS shipping afterward that is the final straw on my wallet. But 4,200 is hardly any more than your average nendo. I just paid 5,000 yen (EMS shipping included) for the Sebastian nendo. Maybe it all boils down to which characters you care the most about, because I guess I could have bought her for a price similar to Sebastian.

  5. Nopy said

    I want a Reimu nendoroid, but didn’t want to use a proxy service so I didn’t get one :(

  6. punynari said

    Congrats on the Mountain of Faith 1cc. It’s a pretty easy game when you get into the habit of bombing quite a bit. ^^;

    Also, congrats on Reimu. She is one of my favorite nendoroids and quite hard to get (without jumping through hoops) in the states. One of the things I’m going to have to deal with shortly when I leave my duty station. T_T

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^ yeah, i actually had a death really early on in my run and was gonna scrap it… then figured i could use the practice and remembered you had alluded to ease of bombing earlier and pressed on… good thing i did ^^ now to slam my head against the wall trying to clear sa ^^;; (not to mention ufo… tried to clear easy the other night.. had maxed out my lives by stage 4 or 5… then totally ate it on byakuren ;_;)

      ahhh you’re leaving yokosuka soon? zannen. though an inevitable fate for non-residents i suppose? on the bright side proxy services make it pretty easy to order from whatever japanese sites are out there… and then truly test how much you’re willing to pay to acquire merchandise ^^;

  7. phossil said

    The filter is useful when taking pictures with reflections. I wonder if its useful for taking pics from a window and the filter reduces the reflection?? I think it is.

    • meronpan said

      indeed if you look at the wikipedia article i linked there’s one example of a pic taken through a window with/without a polarizer. probably won’t get a chance to test things out here in the states in the next week, but definitely will in japan ^^

  8. Cute Reimu. Can swap both her hands? likes holding cards with right hand?

    • meronpan said

      yeah, both of her hands can be swapped out, although each one you swap out is specifically a right or left hand. like, technically you could put the tea cup hand in on her left, but it’s supposed to be a right hand ^^;

  9. meronpan said


    いや別に後悔してないもん~ :P


  10. Tier said

    I’m curious, how far back do you have to step to get a whole figure in the frame using a 100mm lens? I’m looking at either the 60mm or 100mm macro lenses, and that’s probably not a very smart thing for me to be doing since I’m going to owe the tax man this April (but I’ve never made any claims on smarts anyway). I’m thinking that the 60mm lens is probably more practical for my situation given my limited working space but something tells me that the 100mm lens would be more useful in the future if I ever start shooting shots of anything other than half-naked plastic dollies.

    • meronpan said

      Well, lessee… I think I generally need about ~3-4.5 feet to get most figures in frame with my 100mm lens. Often this involves a portrait orientation so getting a new tripod that could support the weight of the camera + lens was vital. Assuming this calculator is correct, here are some more precise numbers:

      2 feet away yields a 5.4″ x 3.6″ frame
      3 feet away yields a 8.1″ x 5.4″ frame
      4 feet away yields a 10.8″ x 7.2″ frame
      5 feet away yields a 13.5″ x 9″ frame

      With a 60mm lens:

      2 feet away – 9″ x 6″
      3 feet away – 13.5″ x 9″
      4 feet away – 18″ x 12″
      5 feet away – 22.5″ x 15″

      The calculator’s assumptions may not all line up with the reality of my setup but I think those numbers definitely look like they’re in the ballpark.

      Regarding non-studio use, if you’re planning on capturing anything that moves then I can definitely recommend the reach of the 100mm. I believe it bumps you up to a decent 6″ of working distance. 60mm sticks you at 3.5″ so you’re pretty dang up close and personal with your subject.

      On the other hand… even the 100mm’s 15cm of working distance is only a mere 6cm more than the 60mm’s 9… i.e. are you really getting that much more? Busting the bank for a 180mm L macro will only get you up to 24cm… still under a foot! i’m sure more experienced macro photographers could probably speak better to the merits of those inches but from an inexperienced point of view… i could definitely see how maybe you’re already in so close that the extra reach may not count for much.

      blegh think i’d best stop blabbing ^^; happy lens shopping ^^

      • Tier said

        Cool, thanks for the info. My main interest in going for the longer lens is so that I don’t duplicate what I’ve got now; I still use the cheap 50mm lens for almost all my pictures and I’m not sure if I get a lot more with the 60mm macro lens. Okay, I guess it’d give me close-up capabilities but I don’t plan on grubbing around in the dirt trying to get intimate, frame-filling photos of a bug’s buttocks anytime soon. If I did, though (and I’m weird enough that that might interest me at some point), I’ve got the feeling that the 100mm lens would be a lot better for that.

        I’m definitely not looking at L lenses … I’m not planning on switching to a full-frame body and since I hardly ever take any pictures outdoors, the weather sealing would probably only be useful if I spilled a can of Pepsi on it. I’m kinda tempted to get some masking tape and paint a red ring on my 50mm f/1.8 lens, though; I think it’d be hilarious.

        • meronpan said

          hmmm yeah, if you’re already happy with your 50mm capabilities then adding to your range with the 100mm would probably make the most sense. if you don’t mind swapping lens you’ll still have 50 for the wide stuff if you run out of room trying with the 100. and i guess it doesn’t matter since you don’t plan on going full frame but the 100mm is EF so it’d work just fine with a 5dm2 ^^

          if you go through with that 50mm f/1.8 L mod, it would most certainly be hilarious ^^

  11. aos said

    Love your photos… and the new polarizer does make a difference. You must take more shots of Reimu soon! I’ve seen a few shots of her, but not enough!

    Reimu was actually my first nendoroid! Believe it or not, I found her on ebay for 40USD(after bidding of course). I didn’t have to do much work though- in the label of the item, the word “nendoroid” or “touhou” never appeared- so I didn’t have much competition. Guess I just got lucky! At first I thought she was a bootleg- but everything turned out fine.

    I hope you plan to get nendoroid Marisa too… and Sanae… oh and Sakuya too… wow this whole touhou line up is looking like it will be harder to get than a nice score in MOF!

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^ hmm i’ll try to slip her into future reviews or perhaps even a full review (though I admit i’m less inclined to do full reviews of posable figures… too much fuss with all the parts ^^;;)

      nice, $40 sounds like a pretty good price. think the cheapest i’ve seen so far was $50.

      hahah, alas, i actually don’t plan on getting any more of the touhou nendos…focusing more on scaled stuff for the time being ^^;; who knows though… maybe i’ll find something in akiba ^^

  12. Ninjovee said

    Legit Reimu is legit. Congrats on getting her for such a low price! I got her thru TokyoHunter and had to pay twice the price of Reimu’s retail price, but considering she was one of my very few proxy service purchases, I felt it was pretty much worth it.
    I love the photos btw. Beats my own review photos of Reimu by at least 10 times more! OTL
    Just a question, what did you use for lighting? :D

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^ yeah, when i’ve already committed to getting a figure through proxy, the premium doesn’t hurt so much ^^;

      glad you liked the pics ^^ for lighting these shots i did a super lazy setup – just a single softbox without a reflector or anything.

      I also have some umbrellas which i also use for fill which you can see in this post.

      hope that helps~

      • Ninjovee said

        O_O Wow. That is awesome lighting equipment! I still use the desk lamp setup like most people especially since I lack space and money ^^; I can see that your setup is pretty much worth the money you spent :)

  13. Optic said

    Pass on Reimu as I’m getting Marisa. xD
    I kinda wish I bought Reimu now but too late. :(

    Marisa will be my first loot from Otacute so I can’t wait. I hope it will be a good experience.

    I heard they include free stuff in the package as well. 0_o

    • Ninjovee said

      I got my first loot from Otacute recently… I bought the EVA earphones from them and they gave me two mobile charms XDD Their shipping is expensive, but they used FedEx that’s why o.o;

    • meronpan said

      would be getting them all but now i definitely need to cut back if i’m gonna get everyone i want from wonfes ^^;;;

      hope you have a good otacute experience. though i was sorta annoyed when they just left a spam advertising comment -_- i have a figure store reviews page because it’s a list of stores i’ve used, not stores that advertise on my site ^^;;;

  14. Blowfish said

    Hmmm…About that grey card for custom white balance…Can I actually use any grey card or has it to be some special kind of?
    Even though my camera is point and shoot it does have custom white balance and maybe thatll improve my pictures atlest a lil bit

    • meronpan said

      you can use any gray card… assuming it’s pure gray. i think all you’re paying for when getting an official one is a sort of guarantee that it’s pure gray, ensuring your white balance comes out right. i think if you can’t tell the difference when looking at your gray card, it’ll probably be good enough? personally i’d just experiment and see how it goes! i’ve tried with a white sheet of printer paper and was getting much better results than the auto white balance ^^;

      • Ninjovee said

        i’ve tried with a white sheet of printer paper and was getting much better results than the auto white balance ^^;

        I’d have to agree with this 100%. I only use a compact digi-cam but when I try to go manual and use Custom WB, white paper definitely makes a lot of difference… *nodnod*

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