Takamachi Nanoha ~ 高町なのは ~ Exceed Mode

Posted by meronpan on February 7, 2010

Woo hoo!  At long last we finally have the gal for whom the series is named after ^^  Looking back on Alter’s release history… looks like it’s been almost 2 years since they started StrikerS releases with rein!  Guess I’d say it was worth it given the general trend of pvc improvements we’ve seen.  Nanoha has some big shoes to fill not only as the main character but also coming right after feito-chan ^^;

I think by now with hayate and feito’s boxes having arrived, the shock of such a large package has finally worn off ^^;

For some reason I completely lost my sense of scale when viewing the promo shots and was totally surprised with how big she turned out.  Yet another figure that barely fits in a detolf… and having done so, hogs a whole shelf ^^;

The downside to using a makeshift studio (read: cardboard boxes) appears in my pic above… blaster bits weren’t exactly level ^^;;;

I kinda felt like she seemed a little plain when looking at others’ review shots… but seeing her in person… with her impressive size and execution, those thoughts quickly left me.

I do think her pose could be little more energetic sometimes, though the blaster bits help add some flavor.  Also for a firing pose I guess they’re likely keeping it close to the series’ canon.

Back to the space thing… jeez she needs a lot of space.  With nanoha’s arrival, my short lived achievement of getting all my scaled figures into detolfs comes to an end.  For the moment, miku, tama-nee and nida must brave the dust again ^^;

For nanoha alter went with clear attachments to attach her feet to the base – I think I like it better than the white blocks used for hayate, though I still wouldn’t say it looks good ^^;;

Each foot gets three wing attachments which fit in pretty easily.

One thing I’ve loved about these releases has been alter’s execution on the faces.  Not that I have super high standards or anything, but personally the works delivered match up perfectly with my internal image of everyone ^^

Wouldn’t have minded some more definition in her bangs, though perhaps this way is closer to her anime portrayal?

A little closer look at the back of her head

Raising heart looks superb, decked out in its winged exceed mode… or as the back of the box states… “Exced Mode” ^^;;;;  Strangely it’s spelled “exceed” everywhere else.

Sadly, “ace of ace” is everywhere… even making its way onto the base -_-

‘course engrish has sort been one of nanoha’s defining traits, no? ^^;;

Nanoha’s outfit is reproduced as it is in the anime, so no intricate designs or frills ^^;

Something about the size, shading and flow of  the garment help it from turning out boring though, imo.

In fact it’s flapping up precariously in the back :P

white pantsu.

You may have seen my strikers group shots in the past… had to take more now that nanoha had arrived ^^

Unfortunately… being an amateur photography with no training, I have absolutely no idea what goes into a good group shot orz  Tried a bunch of things, so bear with me as I just post ’em all ^^;

While I’d love to just blame everything on lack of more expensive equipment, I’m pretty sure I could’ve done a lot better simply with better technique ^^;

With everyone spread out so much it was really hard when trying to get everyone in focus.  Went all the way down to f/11 and things were still blurry.  I think the math says I still only had a about a foot of depth of field so that would make sense…

If nothing else, at least I got everyone in the frame to give a comprehensive look at alter’s strikers lineup ^^;;

From a higher angle you can see the sort of depth I was dealing with.

Trying to get a better shot, started playing around with the lighting a little more… then some post processing.

Actually kinda like how the above turned out.  Not super happy with it, but I think with the added contrast and highlights gave the shot a little more flavor.

Lots of possibilities for positioning the blaster bits.  Actually put the ones on the taller stands in front for the group pic because the box I was using was lower ^^;

The rest of riot force 6 adds some bokeh ^^

Closer look at the blaster bits, which can be angled up or down.

Somehow this review ballooned up to almost 40 pics ^^;

For nanoha i’ll allow it though :P

Next up will be shamal i guess?  Somewhat of a let down ^^;;  Well, though I guess loli nanoha will actually be out before her…

Japan looms close, we’ll see if I can churn out mio & miyafuji reviews before then ^^;

More nanoha coverage all about teh web~

~foo-bar-baz – i need to figure out how he gets such nice looking pics of the packaging :P
~The Dis-Jointedzone – a much more timely review you may have already seen ^^

hmm that it?  i’ll have to keep my eyes open.



42 Responses to “Takamachi Nanoha ~ 高町なのは ~ Exceed Mode”

  1. Shiddo said

    Niiiice. Rly good example of Alter/Nanoha combo. One of best releases. Tempting tempting tempting ><

    What bout you? Anything from WF caught youre eye ? ^^

    • meronpan said

      get her before it’s too late! :P

      gads, wonfes, don’t get me started ^^;;

      two azunyan releases, more k-on! alter releases, vivio looks awesome, the expected fate movie ver looks great, still excited to see alter’s selvaria bles, koromo might be a get, gsc senjyougahara, love is war miku!….

      don’t know anything about this deadmaster chick but those figures looked pretty hot… that valkyrie complex gal looks neat but i have no idea about that game?/series? either… really want a biribiri figure but again looks like a really stale release imo

      and that’s just what i’ve seen so far ^^;;;;

      • Shiddo said

        I am most likely going for Alters Azu.
        Waiting for Selvaria painted but she is in top WTB figs as I love the game ^^
        Koromo is cuuute but will have to pass -_-;
        Senjougahara!!!! So many! But the one form GSC with that skirt gear is get xD
        Love is war Miku!!!! ><

        And now found bout Dolfie Dream K-ON! ~_~

  2. yamada said

    This Nanoha figure is just simply awesome, really love the details there.

  3. Nopy said

    I have my Nanoha on my desk right now. I just absolutely love it, but I won’t be spending much after getting her and Fate.

  4. Smithy said

    Glad to see you got your Alter Nnanoha, excellent photos of what looks like an amazing figure! ^^ Though it will kill my Detolf display space…

    Can’t wait for mine to arrive which is as usual stuck at customs… wonder I’m still paying so much for EMS when customs just keeps the parcel lying around their warehouse/office for a week or two. My Nanoha parcel has been there since last Monday. ^^;; Might just as well go for SAL next time.

    The Azusa figures look amazing, though so far the Megahouse one has my preference, though I’ll probably splurge on the Alter one too.

    • meronpan said

      i need a new display case for the bigger gals… exelica, fate, nanoha… the three of them could take up 3/4 a detolf alone ^^;

      dang that’s really weak that you have to wait so long for customs even with ems -_-

      lessee is the alter azusa the one that’s hugging her guitar? whichever it is i’ll probably get that one since the other’s pose is almost identical to mio’s/yui’s ^^; …though i’m certainly tempted by both as well ^^;

  5. phossil said

    Higly detailed and best colors!
    Alter really did an awesome job with this figure!
    Nice pics Meronpan! Im going to use some as desktop wallpapers ^^

  6. Gomen gomen, was too busy trying finish up some eroges in recent weeks, kinda left my blogroll behind somewhat, finally finished Fortune Arterial, what a great story! I still have some parts of the story that I don’t feel I understand it as well as I should, the parts about dream still feel somewhat fuzzy to me. Very nice to see the StrikerS collection shot! I gave up finishing the set sometime ago but it is good to see it completed here! Nanoha looking good, I would have picked her up if I was still into PVC to be honest!

    • meronpan said

      hahah, definitely no need to apologize for not tending your blogroll… i’ve only recently begun commenting more often… and even then just a single blog here and there orz.

      at any rate, grats on completing fa ^^ i would love to say feel free to hit me up with any questions on the story… but honestly it was so long ago (for me at least) that i’ve probably forgotten all the details orz

      i’m wondering now when the collection will ever be complete… i thought shamal was going to be the last but all of a sudden alter serves up a beautiful rendition of vivio… she’s definitely on the instabuy list ^^;

  7. Tier said

    She’s looking great! I like the shot with the attack bits arranged in front of her; it kinda reminds me of the Star Trek movie, with the missiles dropping from the Romulan ship and then swarming out drunken-style.

    I saw that Canon’s macro lens seems to have dropped in price by twenty bucks; it’s so tempting, I really would like to not have five-sided bokeh in my photos.

    I really like how the Vivio figure at WF looks, particularly the detailing around the chest region. I guess she’ll probably be the first of Alter’s 1/7 MSLN figures I get. I wonder if the movie Fate figure is wearing a thong? I will shamelessly admit that was the main reason I got Alter’s loli Fate.

    Now that I think about it, I should probably make some time to watch MSLN StrikerS; I didn’t watch much of the first two shows, but I’m guessing any show predicated on cute girls throwing punches and particle beams at each other while screaming strange slogans in Engrish at the top of their lungs has to be pretty cool, right?

    • meronpan said

      mmm yeah, i actually have all the bits in front of her for display. shoulda got more pictures of that configuration ^^;

      yeah with the 100mm f/2.8 IS L out, i would imagine that the normal version would drop in price. go for it! it just start setting aside some money every week, you’ll make it there in no time :P

      vivioooooo! was blown away when i saw her. well, not that it’s the best figure i’ve ever seen but was just like, ‘wholy crap, why yes i would like a figure of grown up vivio’ ^^;;;

      is loli fate wearing a thong? i thought it was a swimsuit-ish sort of top? maybe i haven’t looked closely enough ^^; at any rate, yeah, i’d recommend giving strikers a try. it’ll prolly either heighten your appreciation of the figures/characters or turn you off and save you some money :P

      • Tier said

        She is indeed! In fact, she wears one in the anime, too: http://www.tentaclearmada.com/images/misc/nanoha-01.jpg . I think she was fighting Signum in this episode. Yeah, I probably need to find more productive ways to use my free time.

        Vivio’s probably one of the coolest figures I’ve seen in the WF coverage. I wonder if Alter has a Ginga figure planned? I dunno who she is but I like her character design.

        Ahh, the sexy lens is so tempting. Part of my waffling is because I’m also interested in the 18-200mm vacation lens which is around the same price and would certainly be more useful if I became more interested in general photography. On the other hand, I don’t take my camera outside often and macro lenses are really cool.

        • meronpan said

          hahahah, no that was an excellent use of time.

          hmmm ginga would be nice to pair up with subaru… gads if they go through the entire cast this is going to be insane ^^;;

          ah tough decision there. 18-135 not have enough reach for ya? think it’s cheaper than the 18-200 … cheap enuf… to get both? ^__^ prolly not, huh ^^;;; but yeah, given how often i take my camera out getting a macro over a zoom made more sense for me. though i do have a kit lens to fall back on if necessary…

  8. punynari said

    Very nice review and although it is difficult, I decided to pass on Alter’s Exceed Mode of Nanoha in favor of the Alter Movie Version of Nanoha and Fate. I have seen the Exceed Mode Nanoha in person and she is just too big. She would be sitting in a box for sure.

  9. Optic said

    I gotta admit she really shines when u look at her in person whereas the pictures just doesn’t really deliver that EPICNESS. Some figures needs to be seen in RL to truly see the full glory of that figure and I believe she is one of them.

    With the announcement of Vivo from WF, looks like Shamal won’t be ur last StrikerS figure. If ur still going ahead in collecting the whole set, then she must be a GET for you. ;)

    Thanks for the link and nice pictures. Unfortunately I had to leave out the Blaster bits since the space I have just fits her and not the bits. It’s shame really since the original space I left out for her didn’t fit but half an inch when it came to height. -__-

    • meronpan said

      yeah, totally agree about needing to see her in person. personally i find in my shots… without any reference it’s hard to gauge size ^^;

      even if i wasn’t getting the whole set, vivio would still be a must get ^_^ she looks amazing ^___^

      danny needs to do some sort of work with ikea and get them to design a figure-optimized display case so we don’t have any more display woes :P

  10. […] Wawawawasuremono […]

  11. Wow that is a great Nanoha-Alter collection

  12. “Yet another figure that barely fits in a detolf… and having done so, hogs a whole shelf ^^;”

    It’s one of the main 2 reasons why I can’t do Detolfs myself. I can’t stand a whole shelf being taken over by just one figure.

    Also love the collection (my favorite is still Subaru ;) )

    • meronpan said

      actually if the figure is one i really like, personally kinda like it when they get a whole shelf to themselves. let’s them stand out.

      …buuuut given that i’ve soooo short of display space, yeah, it’s pretty annoying ^^;;;

      doumo ^^

  13. Q said

    Haha “Exced” mode… Luckily it’s only on the back of the box and nowhere else, or else it’d be even more embarrassing.

    Didn’t know that this line of figures from ALTER has been going on for 2 years already, and that’s not the end of it with Shamal and Vivio still to be released! Say, there are also Caro and Erio that have not been mentioned yet.

    And as for Nanoha, the quality is expected from ALTER. I don’t have much to say about it – maybe she does look a bit plain in photos but I do like how the Blaster Bits have their own stands and can be posed freely from Nanoha herself with small degree of poseability. I like those red gems that are used on the barrier jacket~

    I’m still surprised that you still have the space to display all the figures so far. And with the Wonfes 2010 Winter that people have been crying about, this year sure wouldn’t be nice for a lot of collectors’ wallets. Strangely enough I haven’t got one that *really* interests me so far there…

    • meronpan said

      i’m actually kinda hoping that erio and caro won’t be released… ‘cuz then i’ll have to purchase them to keep my set complete :P well not that i don’t like ’em but they’re definitely not at the top of my personal strikers character ranking ^^;

      getting those extra detolfs really bolstered my display space even though i’ve consumed it all already ^^;; guess it’s back to cluttering the top of my desk and bookshelfs again ^^;;

      you’re lucky wonfes didn’t excite ya too much :P i’m gonna need to make some careful decisions to stay within budget ^^;

  14. I can’t say anything. It’s awesome. I like her pose and the blaster.

  15. motaku96 said

    I got Nanoha too >.< I love her. You have the whole set. So jealous.

  16. Grr, I’m still waiting for my Nanoha to arrive. But I did manage to get a Volks Fate figure finally (from wonderfestival of all places!!!) so the 2 should look nice together.

    The Alter Fate still makes me go “meh” tho…

  17. Lelouch said

    my must get figure of like forever… omg, Alter I love you!!!

  18. […] of course check the other reviews from Meronpan and Optic for more beautiful pics and more details on her. AKPC_IDS += "1690,";Popularity: […]

  19. Blowfish said

    I wonder if that is the whole cast or are there still more huge figure boxes coming in from the Nanoha franchise?
    Personally I hate those big bases.I only own Teana and I wish her base would be smaller so that more figures would fit in to that detolf compartment

    • meronpan said

      yeah, hard to tell how many characters they’re gonna include now that vivio has been added… i hope they don’t do the numbers ^^;;; (there’s 12 of them)

      bases definitely leave something to be desired… for teana you could always just display her with her base ^^

  20. The painting and detail on this figure is amazing, but the size and price and is what bothered me. I’ve been a MGLN fan for a while now. Personally I’d pick Teana out of the Alter StrikerS series. She’s nice though.

  21. meronpan said

    though i may complain all the time about display space, i actually do love the size ^^;; assuming they had the same proportionate amount of details, i’d even buy her at 1/4 ^^;;

    if you like nanoha, definitely keep an eye out for the movie! it was wonderful, a must watch for fans ^^

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