Taking Off~

Posted by meronpan on February 10, 2010

As this post goes up I should be on plane ^_^  Managed to get mio & miyafuji’s reviews written… scheduled them to go up on the 14th and 18th, respectively.  As such I may not respond to comments for those reviews as soon as I usually do.  But mebbe I will… should have computer access, so we’ll see.

Alrighty then, いってきます~ Will be back in a few weeks ^^  here’s a random fate picture from the group shots:


20 Responses to “Taking Off~”

  1. Shiddo said

    Aww. Have a nice trip again ^^ You quite a traveler ^^
    Looking fwd for those two reviews ^^ Both nice figures. Both Alter ^^

  2. Ah, traveling again? Lucky! Have fun ^^

  3. yamada said

    Have a safe trip. ^^

  4. punynari said

    Have a fun and safe trip. Hopefully not too much jet lag when you arrive in Tokyo.

    Also, I hope the weather gets better soon. It’s been a bit cold and rainy as of late.

    • meronpan said

      actually had to suffer through much worse than jet lag… went on an overnight bus up to yamagata the same evening i landed ^^;;; was worth it though. two days of hot springs, even some rotenburo while it was snowing ^^

  5. Q said

    Have a nice trip mate. Hope my suggestions will be of some use for you. I need to think of where to go for my next trip to Japan (as I am starting to run out of ideas within Tokyo itself) I will be looking forward to see what places you will go to!

  6. Smithy said

    Have a nice trip! ^^

  7. Have a nice and safe trip~

  8. Have a safe trip~

    Where are you going?

    • meronpan said

      i was in yamagata for a couple days where i went to a bunch of onsen ^^

      now i’m back in tokyo to get my usual akiba fix ^^; caught the haruhi movie, fate & nanoha next ^^

  9. superchan said

    lol i saw you pictures on Stuki board from Mio Altar version and i almost started to a complain for the unreleased figure review of you. Have nice and a safe trip.

  10. Rin said

    You go to Japan too much.

    I want to go there again but I have to wait till I go in the summer…for Comiket 78.
    Maybe you can make another trip to the land of the rising sun in August for Comiket…

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