Mid Trip Update

Posted by meronpan on February 17, 2010

Just thought I’d do a quick post while I’m taking some down time…

and yeah, that’s a choco corone  ^^

So if you’ve been following my comment replies I fell a bit ill on the trip and have had to take things a bit slow.  Actually got sick two days before taking off…. soooo annoying.  Was getting better but my shenanigans in Yamagata stressed my body a bit too much it seems…

Hailing from the bay area where it basically doesn’t snow… was a nice change to see a snow covered landscape.  Definitely got me thinking of Kanon ^^;;

At any rate I spent two days alternating between freezing temperatures and scalding onsen… combine that with two overnight bus rides and my body wasn’t happy at all.

On the bright side I’m almost recovered and despite feeling down, have managed to check out the haruhi and nanoha movies ^_^  Two thumbs up for both.  And a little sickness hasn’t kept me from akiba either :P  Just a small sample of some goodies so far…

Sorry about the shallow dof but I had the aperture opened all the way trying to take a non-flash photo.  Had to go iso 3200 ^^;;  That was stupid though ‘cuz I totally forgot to take off my polarizing filter which woulda helped a lot -_- at any rate…

Love daioki’s new series (the one with the little girl w/box on her head standing w/father in front of a larger box).  Quirky and awesome.  Hiroyuki not only had manga-san to assisstant-san’s third volume out, but a new series called super ore-sama love story.  Loving that too ^_^  Cut off in the corner is a spin off haruhi manga based on the soushitsu story’s nagato.  Looking forward to reading through that ^^  Kakifly has gotten volume 3 of K-ON! so I guess that answers some of my questions of where the content for the second season was going to come from.  The two nanoha book covers came w/the manga I picked up.  One appears to be a vivio based one, and the other w/the strikers team.  Not sure who the new character is.  And finally in the upper right is a pamphlet I got after seeing the haruhi movie.  Haven’t opened it yet though ^^;;

Miyafuji’s review should go up in the next 24 hours or so… until next time~



12 Responses to “Mid Trip Update”

  1. kesenaitsumi89 said

    ^^ Thumb up for Nanoha the Movie too. Haven’t catch Haruhi’s Movie yet… Maybe I should go this weekends?

  2. punynari said

    Sorry to hear you got sick and are feeling down. I always feel down and not like doing anything when the weather is like this. The dark cloudy skies and cold tempertures every single day just make you want to stay in your nice warm room.

    The forcast says this weekend should be nice and sunny though, so we’ll hopefully get a break from this depressing weather.

    Nice winter shots btw. ^^

    • meronpan said

      actually it was mostly just the illness… i like the cold, rain & clouds ^^;;; (though not for photography -_-). though i definitely agree such weather makes me prone to stay indoors ^^

      weather seemed to get a bit better throughout my stay but alas i wasted at least a day of it in my room orz

      more shots from my trip to come~

  3. yamada said

    I seems interested on your Nanoha Vivid and Nanoha Force mangas XD

    Nanoha Vivid is the sequel after Nanoha Strikers and Nanoha Force is the sequel after Nanoha Vivid. Hopefully the mangas got anime treatment :D

    Hope you get better soon. ^^

  4. BlackSun88 said

    choco corone remind me of konata XD

  5. Nopy said

    I want to see the Haruhi and Nanoha movies, but I’m going to have to wait until the DVDs come out :(

  6. lovelyduckie said

    I want to try a choco corone because of Lucky Star. It actually looks even better in real life (usually anime makes Japanese food look even better)

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