Miyafuji Yoshika ~ 宮藤 芳佳

Posted by meronpan on February 18, 2010

Still in Tokyo, yet another review I actually managed to write up before ^_^

Pantsu witches is an amazing series.  I mean… you’ve got chicks flying around in their pantsu shooting guns.  What could be more amazing than that?  Well maybe pantsu that fly by themselves… but this series takes itself much more seriously I’d say ^^;

miyafuji yoshika, the main character, but alas not my favorite ^^;  got her mostly ‘cuz i thought i’d collect the entire set at the time ^^;;

Was happy that mio & miyafuji had significantly less parts to fuss with.  Must’ve taken me like 30 minutes just to unbox and assemble nanoha ^^;;

Though she’s only 1/8 miyafuji’s rifle is nearly as tall as her.  Adds quite a bit of height.

Going once around… you’ll notice I opted for the discreet propellers rather than the motion blurred disk.

…though I think i prefer the motion blurred look ^^;

The strike units are very nicely detailed, which is unfortunately contrasted with some (imo) plain seifuku ^^;

A closer look at a strike unit…

I like the clear light blue base.  Doesn’t seem to stick out as much and doesn’t take your attention away from the figure.

宮藤 芳佳 - miyafuji yoshika
所属 扶桑皇国海軍 – member of the fusou empire navy
遣欧艦隊第24航空戦隊288航空隊 – hmmm i don’t know my military vocab very well ^^;; europe dispatch 24th squadron flight 288? or something like that? ^^;;
階級 軍曹 – rank sergeant
身長 150cm – height 150cm
誕生日 8月18日(14歳) – birthday 8/18 (14 years old)
使用機材 零式艦上戦闘脚二二型甲 – mmm curse this specialized vocab.  Basically it’s a description of her strike unit – zero-style warship grade(?)/version(?)/style(?) 22?  something like that ^^;
使用武器 九九式二号二型改13mm機関銃 – her weapon… 99 style #2, type 2 modified 13mm machine gun … ??? something like that hahaha ahhhh and i’m supposed to be taking the lvl 1 jlpt this year ^^;;;

In case you haven’t seen them in other reviews, pictured above are the alternate propellers.

Not really sure what’s up with the seams in her seifuku.  They’re so prevalent it almost seemed intentional? ^^;

I don’t remember… did they ever explain/try to justify why the ears and tail sprouts out?  Besides the obvious fan service reason? ^^;;

Another look at her rifle/machine gun

Was afraid of breaking off the fine spike thing (which i assume is for aiming?) ^^;

again, though she’s not my favorite character from the series, i think alter did a pretty good job with her

You actually have to take off one arm to get her gun in place, was a little more fuss than I expected but nothing like shuraki stuff :P

pants…iya, mizugi ne

Somehow I need to come up with a system for more varied backgrounds ^^;  If I ever go flash I think that’ll open up a lot of possibilities… gobos and gels ftw … spensive though ^^;

aaand one more shot to wrap this up with~

Had meant to translate this review too but feeling a bit under the weather (gads, it’s the day before my flight, what terrible timing orz) so gonna have to stay with english ^^;

If you like yoshika i think this is a pretty solid buy.  Seams on her uniform might bother some, but if you can look past ’em the other details are nice and I think her face was done really well (one of the more important aspects for me, personally).  Given her character I think I prefer a non-action/shooting pose so that turned out fine as well.

Check out foo-bar-baz, and exelica meteor for more coverage!



29 Responses to “Miyafuji Yoshika ~ 宮藤 芳佳”

  1. Nopy said

    She looks really nice. It’s too bad the propellers don’t actually spin, that’d be so cool.

  2. yamada said

    Have to say again that Alter did a great job on Miyafuji. I’m not really a fan of her too, I’m more into Sakamoto Mio, hopefully Alter will make her. ^^

  3. Leonia said

    A dynamic and great figure ^^ But I don’t like her mecha appearance ^^ Nice shooting ^^ I will probably use this review for Shadonia when I have less work

  4. kesenaitsumi89 said

    Been reading lots of good review about the anime. Maybe I should pick the anime up now.

  5. lu-k said

    This one looks really great. I really enjoyed Strike Witches and looking forward next season, so it would be normal to get the figure… but well, can’t afford everything ^^ I’ll stick with the nendoroid hehe.
    Thanks for sharing some more lovely pictures of this nice Miyafuji figure.

  6. phossil said

    I like this figure, the colors, the details (mostly the detail in the strike unit) but also the detail in Yoshika and the gun. I think this is the best Yoshika figure out for now. Im only kind of sad there arent more Strike Witches figures in the market.
    I think in the OVA was a little introduction about the reason of the ears and tail but dont remember for sure. :)

    • meronpan said

      lessee, your current choices are koto and alter? not a bad start i guess ^^; perhaps more will spring up with the second season on the way ^^

      guess i’ll have to check around for that ova…

  7. Smithy said

    Nice figure of Yoshika. Too bad different figure makers are releasing different girls, makes it hard to decide when and from whom to buy them. If there’s a nice Minna figure down the road, maybe. Will see. Nice photos as always. ^^

    I’m a Minna, Gertrud and Sanya lover myself. ^^

  8. She’s really nice. I love the detail Alter put on her strike unit. Strike Witches is one of my favorite anime. I’ll get this figure sometime. I hope to see a Sakamoto Mio or a Gertrud figure soon.

  9. Shiddo said

    Pretty figure. Was considering if to get her or not for a long time. In the end I didn’t order as I was not sure if Alter will do whole squadron or just Yoshika. Well now Sanya is on the way… will see if they can follow these series like Nanoha ^^ Since there is 2nd anime series coming and there is no.1 on the box Alter might bring up more then just two of them ^^

    Anwyay voted for Sakamoto Mio ^^ Unless Alter possibly butchered her in some way, I would get Mio even alone ^^
    Sword + Eyepatch + cool character… ^^

    Would also like to see Takei Junko from DS game ^^ There should be even more Fuso Strike Witches in manga but didn’t get chance to read it.

    • meronpan said

      assuming they don’t already have some sort of agreement/contract in place… i’d prolly wager if the second season is a success they’ll come out with the rest of the gals ^^

      i’m sure if alter releases mio they’ll do her justice ^^

  10. aos said

    I’m loving the nice closeups on every aspect of her sculpt. I was tempted to get her, but I resisted. Alter did do a good job in the end.

    The lighting in these pictures look great in my opinion, are you still using those lights you mentioned in this previous post? :


    Fabulous shots as always!

  11. Persocom said

    This is sweet, I’m officially wanting this figure now. Kotobukiya disappointed me with theirs. What I’d like to ask about is the metal pegs in the base. How deep in do they go, and is she wobbly at all? I always wonder how wobbly a figure will be on a shelf since I have a kid that gets a little wild at times XD

    • meronpan said

      too bad about koto’s version but well… it is koto ^^; past disappointments have lowered my expectations quite a bit and keep me very cautious ^^;

      lessee, just measured the pegs… they’re just a bit over 1/2″ long, and go somewhere between 1/8″ and 1/16″ into both her strike units and base. i haven’t found her to be wobbly… i think ‘cuz she’s so light and her base is so big she stays put fairly well.

  12. lovelyduckie said

    So…I’m usually a sucker for girls with guns (ESPECIALLY by Alter). But even though this figure has great quality too, it’s just not a figure for me.

    • meronpan said

      mebbe one of the other girls will charm your wallet? :P though yeah, while i think she was done very well, personally a good dose of love for the series is needed to justify a purchase ^^;

  13. Tier said

    This is a really nice figure and I’d get it if the animal ears and the tail were detachable. The thing is, I really don’t like animal ears. Catgirls, rabbit-eared girls … they’re not my thing. If it weren’t for those, I’d be buying up all the Strike Witches paraphernalia that I could get my hands on, because I have the feeling that the show was made for people like me.

    • meronpan said

      too bad they actually detract from the character for ya… i was fairly neutral towards them until i saw spice and wolf ^^; though maybe it’s more of a wolf/horo thing rather than a animal ear/tail thing in general…

      i’m amazed the seiyuu were able to keep a straight face throughout the series… they walk around in their pantsu!!! ^^;;;

  14. punynari said

    Thanks for your wonderful review. It made my decision to purchase Alter’s Yoshika much easier. ^^

    I actually got into Strike Witches extremely late and just finished the first season just the other day. Yoshika is my favorite character so far. She’s just too adorable. :3

    • meronpan said

      ack what the heck, wordpress is going all weird on me.

      what i meant to say…

      glad to be of service ^^

      definitely a late start but you’re actually at the same point of strike witches as me… well, probably ahead of me by now ^^;; after i saw the first season i still haven’t gotten around to s2 ^^;;

      • punynari said

        Yup, I finished season two a few days ago. I highly recommend it! While the “TV version” bothered me with it’s censorship, the story and characters were a step up from the first season.

        Also, if you are fascinated with World War II like I am, Season II has some truly “geek out” moments. :3

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