Trip Goodies

Posted by meronpan on February 23, 2010

So even though this was a dedicated vacation I think I spent just about the same amount as when I extended a business trip… perhaps that’s a good thing ^^;

1.  Small nanoha poster that I got for free when walking into the theatre.  Evidently there was a feito-chan one but was long out of stock ^^;

2.  Movie pamphlet I bought after seeing the haruhi movie.  Just some random captures from the movie, interviews, character bios and other info.  In retrospect I shoulda spent that 1000 yen on a poster ^^;;

3. atai cirno!  If myfigurecollection is correctly updated, she was released back in 2008, so imagine my surprise when I saw a stack of her at toranoana ^_^  There was actually a huge stack of marisa nendoroids as well… was gonna pick one up but was running low on cash… all sold out when i came back the next day -_-

4. Shoot the Bullet!  Decided to make my touhou collection complete.

5.  Immaterial and missing power!  I totally suck at these touhou fighting games ^^;;;

6. Love Plus ^^;;  Given all the coverage it’s been getting I figured I should see what it was all about.  Got it used for like 3500 yen.

click for gelbooru

First gal I ran into was takane so I guess I’ll pursue her route first.  Slightly disappointed that it’s more of a dating sim than visual novel (dunno what the usual usage of that terminology is, but personally, dating sims are the ones where you select what activities to do, level up your different traits, etc, as opposed to visual novels which are basically just choose your own adventures), but that’s just ‘cuz I’m lazy :P

7. touhou 12.3 …will probably be awhile before I get the motivation to finish all the fighting games ^^;

8. Scarlet weather rhapsody.  With this acquisition I think I now own all the official touhou games released for windows ^^

9. My wish My love – Yukari Tamura – got from the goods store after watching nanoha.  Has the movie ending theme, My wish my love.

10 & 11.  Posted these before… I think they’re just alternate covers for the nanoha manga I picked up ^^

12. couldn’t resist picking up a slime plushy at the kotobukiya store for 600 yen ^^;

13.   ebiten – Cover art kawaii, bought on a whim ^^;

14. vivio manga, how could i resist :P

15. k-on! volume 3

16. hirameki hatsume-chan – another manga by daioki (also does harumination).  love his humor, love this manga ^_^

17. amadare – woo, volume 2!

18.  hyakko vol 5 – Not really sure where this is going… new characters, seems a lot different than the previous 4 volumes…

19.  nanoha force – figured i might as well indulge ^^;

20 & 22.  Love this series, even though I’m barely even through volume 1 ^^;;; picked up volumes 7 & 9 (already had 8 ^^;)

21. manga-san to ashisutanto-san to – vol 3!  more sena-chan ^_^

23.  After seeing the haruhi movie, couldn’t resist this manga ^^;  It’s titled nagato yuki-chan no soushitsu

24. super ore-sama love story – love hiroyuki’s work ^^

25.  After seeing punynari’s yuyuko review, the instant I saw the fan at white canvas I had to get my own ^^;

Kinda pricey (1500 yen was it?) but worth it ^^

26.  Some touhou horoscope phone charm tile thingies?  Decided to get cirno and remilia ^^

27.  kill me, baby – ‘nother quirky 4-koma i’m following.  Basically about high school assassin that somehow befriends somewhat of an airhead ^^;

28.  hatsune miku – project diva – totally forgot about this game ^^;; Glad I remembered to pick it up.  Currently have 5-6 hours of play time and I’ve cleared all the songs, now unlocking costumes ^^;  Not really a superb rhythm game but it’s miku!  Feel like ouendan was a lot better, but nevertheless I’m still enjoying this one a lot ^^

click for moe imouto

Even the loading screens are just random miku art, just overall a really nice product for miku fans ^^

29. ore no imouto ga konna kawaii wake ga nai – kept seeing this one around, so decided to pick it.  another for my light novel pile ^^;

30.   what can i say… with the tsundere-ish title how could I resist trying this series out? ^^;;;

31.  otacool – finally got a copy ^^;  Definitely a weird feeling seeing my room in a book.  I wonder how much the book sold to those not featured in it? ^^;;  I guess well enough to merit otacool 2?  Was kinda annoyed that I couldn’t find the book in the kotobukiya store ^^;;;

32. saturating myself with railgun content ^^;;  volumes 3 & 4

33. cirno racing sticker – not sure what i’m gonna do with this ^^;

34. seitokai no ichizon – like the anime well enough so far so heading over to the source material as usual ^^

After seeing the fate/stay night movie i really wish I had picked up the life size rin wallscroll (got saber) I saw last year… alas, was nowhere to be found this time.  Though I didn’t really get to do that thorough of a search -_-

As usual figure purchases were pretty low… since I generally order everything I want ahead of time, not much left for when I’m in akiba ^^;  Though I was tempted to pick up that 1/4 daiki kougyou saber… she was on display in the koto store… freakkin’ huge!



35 Responses to “Trip Goodies”

  1. punynari said

    Nice haul. ^^

    I actually plan on picking up another one of those Yuyuko fans because my brother and I totaled the previous one for that review. ^^; It’s not meant to be opened that wide without tearing. ^^;

    Also, I like your Cirno figure. Tora no Ana stocked up on all the vinyl figures a few weeks ago and I, for some reason, didn’t buy Reimu even though I wanted her. Came back just 3 days later, and that huge stack they had (and Nendoroid Marisa) were long gone. Fortunately, I picked her up at the Tora no Ana in Ikebukuro but that was a close call. ^^;

    In all my collecting days, if there is one thing I’ve learned is if you want something, buy now and regret later. As long as it’s affordable that is. ^^;

    • meronpan said

      i remember you mentioning yours being damaged from the review so i was careful opening up mine ^^;;;

      nice reimu get, lucky she was still in ikebukuro ^^

      even more so for popular items, indeed buying first is a must… and in those cases you can even resell if you truly regret it ^^

  2. Phew, nice collection of goodies ^^. I read some of the Ore no imouto ga konna kawaii wake ga nai manga and liked it.
    I was wondering… doesn’t all this loot add a lot of weight to your luggage? Or do you plan in advance and travel to Japan with extra space in anticipation of all the goods to come? :)

    • meronpan said

      all planned for ^^ my usual set up for japan is a backpack, carry-on sized suitcase, and mondo sized suitcase. i pack such that all my clothes can fit in my large suitcase so i have the carry-on sized suitcase for goodies ^^

      for mostly manga, games & cds it works rather well as you can fit quite a lot ^^

  3. Blowfish said

    I still wonder how you guys manage to save up for regular JapanTrips and these enormous loots…
    I must do something wrong XD

    Im actually really tempted by Love Plus but my complete lack of Japanese Knowledge probably would make the game unplayable or just a random clicking orgy.
    From what Ive seen about the girls Id pick the short haired one ^_^

    • meronpan said

      just takes some planning ^^ well, and a good paying job ^^;

      yeah, dating sims would be pretty cryptic without a translation of japanese knowledge ^^; the short haired one seems to be quite tsuntsun at the moment, i have high hopes for her tsundere potential ^^

  4. Nopy said

    Wow, lots of stuff. I hope someone releases the Seitokai no Ichizon manga in English, I want to read it as well.

  5. phossil said

    Oh, so many goodies. No doubt you had a pleasant trip.

  6. Tier said

    You totally should’ve bought that Saber figure; it is glorious. As long as you’re not looking at the left side of her face, anyway.

    If I ever go to Japan, I think I’d load up on books; I’ve been sitting here this evening trying to figure out a way to order some manga and I can’t seem to find a good way to do it short of using a proxy service.

    • meronpan said

      so huge though! not sure how i woulda gotten her home in one piece ^^;;

      no japanese book store in your area? that’s unfortunate. back in the day i used to order from sasuga books… not sure if they’re any good nowadays ^^; ‘course even back then it was a hassle to browse their site… you pretty much had to know what you wanted then search for it. browsing was a pain.

      • Tier said

        If Daiki Kougyou had done the figure right, you could have taken her apart (like she was meant to be!). Hmm … maybe you could have tied the box to the top of your head? I used to see people walk around like that in Korea … never did figure out how they could balance things on top of their heads like that …

        I think there’s a Taiga Books up in Maryland but that’s a real long way out, and the manga I’m looking for is the sort that they probably wouldn’t stock <.< Though I did find what I was looking for on Rakuten and now I'm trying to see how international orders work there … I hope they don't see my order and go, "Haha, this stupid white gaijin person is trying to order from us! Let's cancel it and send a terse Engrish message back to him saying we don't want his worthless American dollars!" That sort of reaction would make me sad :(

        • meronpan said

          hahhaha i can just imagine the looks i’d get going through the airport with a 1/4 saber on my head ^^;;;

          looks like as long as you’re not trying to import anything ero you should be fine? ^^; their site seems to be set up for international orders. good luck~

  7. Rin said

    I don’t know where to start…I want your goodies!!!
    I want that Haruhi book you got…too bad by the time I go to Japan, the Haruhi, Nanoha and the FSN movie wouldn’t be in theaters… I hope the DVD would come out at that time though…
    I must buy at least some of these goods when I go in the summer…MUST GET VIVO MANGA!!!
    My budget I hope for this years trip…a good 700000yen…

    • meronpan said

      actually having the small poster makes me lament not picking up the wallscroll i had seen during the summer of 2009… but i had already gotten that $100 saber wallscroll at that point ^^;

      yeah, hopefully it’ll be out on dvd ‘cuz ya gotta see ’em all ^^

      your budget is epic as always, looks like you’ll have another fantastic trip ^^

  8. yamada said

    Ooh! Nice haul there, seeing those goodies is the one I can’t afford to buy XD I’m going to Malaysia or Singapore for holiday next month hopefully. ^^

  9. dreaming Artemis said

    holy crap! That is one hell of a lot of loot!!!!

  10. Smithy said

    Nice Japan loot! Not sure what I’d buy when going to Japan, probably manga, DVD and figures at a decent price that I wouldn’t be able to find over here or online.

    Though am not sure what type of budget need to plan in for a Japan trip anyway.

    • meronpan said

      let me know if you can find dvds that don’t cost 5000 yen ;_; i still can’t believe anime dvds cost so much over there… just did a spot check on best buy vs. amazon.co.jp… 2 disk, 9 episodes of gurren lagann for $30 or 3 episodes for 5100 yen -_- I even tried looking at used stuff a bit more, but for dvds the prices were still disappointing ;_;

      hmmm mebbe i should do an japan trip budget planning post… might helpful? ^^; personally i usually spend 300-800 usd on goodies, so then you just gotta factor in some transportation, food and hotel costs ^^

  11. robostrike said

    Yay for yuki manga! Wish I could get one myself cuz it’s so awesome.

  12. Q said

    A lot of manga there~

    Project Diva isn’t bad, but I did feel it’s like a nightmare when I first played it. One has to be pretty accurate on the timing and be aware of all the notes flying everywhere, which is a lot of a step up for me compared to something much more casual and friendly Taiko no Tatsujin series. Only played Ouendan briefly on a friend’s NDS before but that didn’t feel as confusing due to no Miku dancing / distracting you ‘flamboyantly’ in the background. Still, I’d say it’s a game recommended for fans for sure.

    On the other hand, I really don’t have a clue what I would look for next time I go to Japan, at least this is the case for purchasing ACG (anime/comic/games) related stuff; a lot of stuff are easily available in Hong Kong in the first place, and I could even buy limited stuff like Nendoroid Nenkomimi Shana and figma Miku live stage. In addition I got someone to help me pre-oreder a Nendoroid Snow Miku at a reasonable price too. Manga, light novels, and even artbooks etc get localised as Chinese version gets published for Taiwan and Hong Kong as well, and are cheaper than their original Japanese counterpart too (it’s liscensed, not bootleg). This does get me to wonder what I should look for should I go to Akihabara again. The only things I did hunt for last year were things that were limited/exclusive stuff or stuff that became hard to find in shops that do reselling like Figure-Hobby Kan (フィギュア・ホビー館). Would you have any other recommendations since you have been to Tokyo and Akihabara quite a few times already?

    • meronpan said

      yeah at first i thought it was pretty unforgiving. as i got closer to the end though the timing became easier and aiming for great on normal difficulty isn’t as much a pain as i thought it would be ^^;

      definitely agree miku’s dancing does sometimes get distracting ^^;; they need to work out the game somehow so you can appreciate her dancing without botching the level ^^;

      hmmm you could go up to the volks store in radio kaikan to fawn over the dora railway gun model they have on display? ^^; or perhaps you’ve already seen it ^^; but yeah, if you can already get your stuff localized, not much need for the akiba stores… at least around here i find that character goods are pretty hard to find, but hard to justify a whole trip to akiba just for those :P but if you’re there, always good to take a look ^^

      i like the manga selection, but that’s mostly ‘cuz i like picking up new stuff i’ve never seen or (lately) getting stuff from the less popular publishers that don’t seem to be localized. lot harder to appreciate that if you don’t read japaense ^^;

      touhou stuff is something i’ve appreciated a lot more recently – definitely nice having places like white canvas to go to to get my fill. no chance a store like that would make it overseas ^^;

      hmm and not akiba specific, but i usually stop by the yodobashi camera or other stores to play with the dslrs they have ^^ don’t know of any stores here where i can just pick up a 5d mark 2 ^^ or a 500mm telezoom ^^

      but yeah, if you’re already filling your needs with local stuff, not much else you’ll find in akiba except japanese versions? though personally i just love the atmostphere there. nowhere else i’ve been where i feel like the whole area is filled with shops tailed to my insanely particular tastes ^^;

      • Q said

        The Volks store in Radio Kaikan? Would you mean the so-called Rental Showcase on the top floor (7th floor)?



        That is indeed a nice place to stroll around, as well as to look for stuff that are hard to find or long sold out. Got a few shokugans that I or my friend wanted from there last year and the year before too I think. I somehow did not take notice of the Dora gun there (I didn’t know you took notice of that ‘ambition’ of mine lol…) orz. A completed 1/144 scale model would cost around 500USD, and a 1/35 scale… Don’t want to know about the price but from what I’ve seen before it’s about the length of my bed. I did manage to buy an unassemble model of a 1/144 version back home, but whether I am up for *making* military models again is another question, as it belongs to a **completely** differently league to, say, gundam models.

        • meronpan said

          actually i was referring to the regular store on the 6th floor i believe? the walls are lined with lots of stuff on display and this time i noticed a completed dora. was quite impressive ^^

          you should build it! i’m sure it’ll turn out fine ^^

  13. lovelyduckie said

    I know I always seem to talk about my “SOMEDAY trip to Japan” with you. But it’s on my mind pretty often so taht’s probably why I emntion it so much, and your poll brings up something I was thinking about. OF COURSE I’m going to Akiba…but I wonder what I’ll buy? All of the newer figures I pre-order…so I wouldn’t uby any of those. As for anything with words, I don’t know the language. Honestly it’ll probably just be a few older figures, wall scrolls, and maybe some art books. I’m sure I’ll find many things to waste my money on though! I just hope I can move around Akiba and buy things without causing too much trouble (since I don’t know Japanese).

    • lovelyduckie said

      WOW sorry for all the typos…I need a spell check built into my head to catch those

    • meronpan said

      there’s definitely no lack of things to spend your money on ^^ shouldn’t be too much trouble not speaking japanese… hand gestures will get you a long way ^^ usually all they’ll ask you at the counter is if you have a point card or want a cover for your book… sometimes they’ll ask you if you want the freebie mini poster or card or something but that should be pretty easy to understand ^^;

  14. That’s a nice haul! Did you see a lot of Rin goodies over there? I need more Rin goodies X(

    I never did pick up a copy of OTACOOL myself, haha, just didn’t feel right that I have to buy one out of my own money.

    • meronpan said

      was expecting to see more rin stuff ‘cuz of the movie but i didn’t really spot much… ‘course i didn’t get to do as thorough of a search as usual orz

      yeah, makes you wonder how many books they actually printed if they weren’t even able to spare a free copy to those in it ^^;; ah well

  15. Fabrice said

    Pure jealolusy thats all i can say.
    ye me too i got a copy of otacool, just checked to see your room ^^

    • meronpan said

      alas, i didn’t have my 5 detolfs at the time. looks a lot better with a whole wall of ’em ^^; …though having figures throughout the room has its own charm too…

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