Posted by meronpan on February 28, 2010

minamike ep 9

Just a quick update…  After being sick on my trip I got sick again after coming back… and have been so for the last week -_-  I suppose I should probably see a doctor having been sick for almost three weeks… though it seems like I’m almost better?  Almost?  orz

For better or worse no packages have arrived lately though so at least there are no figures waiting for reviews ^^;

Comments and posts will be less frequent until i recover.  Alrightythen that’s it, time to get more vitamin c…


13 Responses to “風邪を引いた”

  1. yamada said

    Get well soon, I started coughing last 2 days which means summer is just around the corner. ^^;

  2. Leonia said

    Gambate ! Rest well, and come back soon

  3. Shiddo said

    Hope you get better soon ^^

  4. Sick for three weeks? Definitely does not sound fun >_<
    I'm lucky, I rarely get sick and when I do, it's usually only for a day or so. Except Spring is coming up and my allergies have been bad recently…

  5. Rin said

    Get well soon!!!
    Can’t wait for your return!!!

  6. Smithy said

    Take good care, rest well and drink plenty of water!

    (Was sick most of the month of January, bronchitis, colds,.. so feel your pain, it sucks being ill for such a long time.)

    Maybe you should pinch Chiaki’s cheeks to recover?

  7. BlackSun88 said

    お大事に (hope i used this correctly)… i instantly recognize kana in the picture XD

  8. Take care of yourself and watch your diet, the Chinese do that and it usually help make you recover faster!

  9. punynari said

    Everyone’s getting sick on the ship as well. It’s just that time of the year. I actually got over the flu not too long ago.

    Hope you have a speedy recovery. Drinking lots of fluids and getting enough rest always seem to speed recovery.

  10. People said that wishes container is unlimited. Then I’ll spam it with standard “hope you get well soon!” so I can see your epics again ;3

  11. Q said

    We’re losing people left and right recently.. Take care and come back in good shape!

  12. Blowfish said

    Take care mate!
    Beeing sick for 3 straight weeks sounds like something you shouldnt ignore and keep going full speed.Rest some time and let your dakimakuras rtake care of you

  13. meronpan said

    @all Thanks for the well wishes! I think I’m finally recovered! ^_^

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