Posted by meronpan on March 7, 2010

ep 3

Feeling better, woo!!!  Thought I’d do an anime post for a change and since that’s what I’ve been up to.  Recently just finished sorakake… trying to figure out what the heck it was all about ^^;;  spoilers about, but it finished airing awhile ago, so i assume not an issue for most?

First things first… gotta admit I kinda struggled through this one.  Though let me preface this whole rant with the fact that I watch unsubbed raws and my understanding of things may not have been correct.  Please point me in the right direction as necessary ^^;;; m(_ _)m

Fans of the series, brace yourselves, this is not a beaming review ^^;;

ep 4

These navimen?  naviman?  things?  whatever imoko is… are they supposed to be cute?  Funny?  All I know is that imoko was sorta getting on my nerves…

ep 8

And then akiha… not really a main character i had much emotional investment in.  I mean, yeah ok, she’s supposed to be this “n-th-daughter-of-a-crazy-family-who’s-naive” or what not… which is fine… but… her growth is extremely slow and limited to the end… which left me annoyed with her the whole time so that by the time she decides to get serious I didn’t really believe it/didn’t care.

ep 9

Which kinda leads me to another gripe…  I couldn’t get a feel for how the series wanted to portray itself.  Half the time it felt like it was going to be a serious epic story… but then, as pictured above, they felt they had enough time for an omake-ish baseball episode?  Well fine, nothing wrong with omake-ish episodes.  But the thing is that it totally continued to confuse my understanding of the terrible decisions the characters make.

ep 12

Like in episode 12… it’s not long after kagura came for hako-chan or what not… and yet no one’s prepared at all for the following invasion.  Things like this seemed to happen all the time.  Bad guys just waltz in wherever they want to go… security is a joke!  It’s like they don’t care!  So I subconsciously keep thinking that the story isn’t taking itself seriously… without providing me with characters that amuse me otherwise.

ep 18

Another example is in episode 18… really great how kagura just takes akiha away with no resistance.  I know she’s uber or whatever… but *no* resistance?  -_-

ep 13

Speaking of taking things seriously… they put… boxes on their heads?  Then walk around like zombies?  Seriously?  Did no one take a step back and notice it looks ridiculous?  It’s not like I want every show I watch to be super serious the whole time… but when you’re trying to tell a story about powers wrestling for control over humanity and using living humans as parts of a machine… -_-

ep 25

Because of my frustrations with the good guys I ended up doing what I usually do… cheering for the bad guys ^^;  Twin tails to boot, go nami!  ^^;  Felt like she really got the shaft… some about running away from her modeling career but to me at least it seemed like no one in her family was even trying to provide her the support she needed.  So then she gets her hand on some power and goes all murderous… which, ok, fine, is not justifiable… but I just feel like her damn sisters shoulda tried to help her out a bit more…

ep 26

And this was kagura’s plan for saving nami?  “gomen ne?”

ep 26

My response was the same as nami’s.  “haaaa?”

I started out expecting great things… I mean, from trailers and the op and such  it looked like the story of some normal girl getting wrapped with with power/control of this super power canon thing… mysterious mecha woman fighting against energy katana girl… maybe end with some power up awesomeness to starsylph to finally take down the bad guy…

But it seemed like it ended up just going halfway with everything.  You don’t even have a bad guy to focus on once nerval is good all of a sudden…  Felt like in their desire to throw in plot twists they really lost focus…

ep 14

I think in the end my favorite characters were min and bou ^^;  They were my only reliable source of comic relief and the above scene in episode 14 sealed the deal for my sympathy for them ^^;

ep 22

…as opposed to akiha’s temporary loss of imo-chan.  Just when I was finally about to think that the story had decided to get serious/epic…

ep 24

We find out that no, imo-chan lives after all and akiha suffers no loss.

Alas.  Usually I forgive a lot of things that don’t make sense… but that’s when I have some emotional investment in the characters.  Wasn’t the case this time so I got all nit-picky ^^;

Wonder what the general consensus was on this one?  Will have to search around the blagosphere since I avoid anime posts on series I haven’t seen to stay spoiler free ^^;



18 Responses to “sorakake”

  1. Persocom said

    I found it to be alright. Nothing big and super awesome but I enjoyed it. The plot twists had me confused partway through too, but that’s kind of what kept me watching. I was a bit disappointed in the lack of emotional investment towards Akiha, but I had my share of worries for Honoka. I guess a lot of things didn’t make much sense or seem very serious in the end but even so it wasn’t a bad anime for me. The worst thing about it was that it seemed to drag out a bit much. Min and Bou were great XD

    • meronpan said

      was really too bad about akiha… they even made such a nice figure of her ^^;

      i also felt like it dragged out… though i attributed that to my lack of interest in the characters ^^; min and bou didn’t get enough screen time to keep me amused :P

  2. kesenaitsumi89 said

    Hmm.. really agreed with you that the story itself didn’t really have a bad guys…. Even Nerval is good after 20+ episodes…

    Good things is that I got to heard Lelouch-like-tone again from Code Geass in Sorakake. ^^

    • meronpan said

      yeah i was waiting for some nice climax… good triumphs over evil and what not (after blundering around for 24 episodes…)… but yeah… instead we get good joins forces with evil because evil is no longer evil and then good becomes evil so former evil triumphs over former good…? ^^;

      fukuyama jyun ftw ^^

  3. Shiddo said


    First episode ending was looking quite serious and promising but…

    Except few funny moments and kinda interesting idea ~ they totally messed this anime. Twists are fine but not in the way they done it here >< There was great tag on anidb when they added this show "Cute little annoying thing"

    Fav char: Takane
    Fav moment: Nami's "howl" before final battle. So cute :3

  4. Tier said

    I was pretty disappointed in how the show progressed, too. It seemed like they were writing things on the fly; I’m guessing they were more concerned with making cute characters to move merchandise rather than about plot buildup and resolution. I really didn’t care much for Akiha towards the end; she was the golden child and everyone talked about how great and amazing she was supposed to be, but all I remember her doing was crying and whining.

    Itsuki, Leopard, and the baseball episode were cool, though. Oh, and bondage meat. I’d kill for a figure of Itsuki in her bondage meat suit, but I’m quite sure there is zero chance that will ever get made.

    • meronpan said

      yeah… “forced” is probably the first thing i thought after imoko started speaking ^^; like they just wanted a cute sidekickish blob…

      did they ever get to the bottom of itsuki’s parents or what not? and i did like how she slapped some sense (literally) into akiha towards the end ^^;

      perhaps some gk sculptor will make your wish come true ^^

      • Tier said

        Nah, I don’t recall that they did. I don’t think they resolved Honoka’s sickness, either. The show would’ve been a lot cooler if they chopped Akiha and Imo out, powered up evil Nami a lot more, and focused more on Itsuki. And maybe stuck with one writer, I seem to recall hearing that the creative staff got changed up a couple times during the show.

        • meronpan said

          bah. i had a feeling it wasn’t just my lack of attention…

          feels like your suggestions would improve the show a lot… now if only i could draw and write i could steal that idea and do a doujinshi… :P

  5. I skipped this series myself, but now that I see your review. I’ll def stay away.

  6. Panther said


    The lulz died down in the middle but the story picked up really nicely at the end. Watch the subs, I watched the raws while it was airing (and instead of a marathon which would likely have gotten you confused further) and then the subs.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, now that you mention it perhaps if they had gotten to the stuff at the end sooner the series as a whole would’ve turned out better…

      i’ve actually been watching this for the past 3 months or so so it wasn’t a marathon for me either but yeah, subs would likely clear up any questions i still have… not sure if i want to watch any more of it anytime soon thou ^^;

  7. Didn’t bother with this series myself as the characters didn’t look like they are over 18 ^^; I guess I will stay away from this one ^^;

    • meronpan said

      what series does feature characters that look like they’re over 18? :P

      usually i’d say don’t take my word for it and at least give it a try… but the problem is that it’s 26 episodes and i felt betrayed that it didn’t live up the epicness it suggested ^^;

  8. Smithy said

    Liked Sorakake girl but indeed it wa slacking, mostly because it did not have a definite direction, was it sci-fi action, drama, comedy,… they constantly seemed to shift it around and also never truly decide what to do with their characters, some either never evolved and others changed direction entirely every few episode.

    Felt like they tried to cram in a bit too much without clear direction.

    Had originally hoped it’d be a bit like “Kiddy Grade” but that show was better in terms of letting you know where it was going when there was action or comedy.

    Itsuki is a cutie though <3

    • meronpan said

      looks like we had similar reactions to the series. alas, i can’t stop lamenting the fact that it seemed like it coulda been really solid.

      i think it was her eyeshadow or whatever the marks under her eyes were… but itsuki always looked to me like she had huge bags under her eyes and had insomnia or something ^^;;; if it weren’t for that… ne? ^^;

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