高町なのは ~ Takamachi Nanoha ~ STAND BY READY

Posted by meronpan on March 20, 2010

nanohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ a.k.a. white devil magician girl :P (if you aren’t familiar with the vids, a whole series of them were/are on niconico ^^)

After seeing the movie, doubly pleased to have nanoha-chan ^^  Alter nanoha release, need i say more?

huzzah, my usual crappy box pics, this time taken at iso 1000 ‘cuz i forgot to adjust it! … orz  Ah well.  Resized down to this resolution I can’t really still blame the iso for the pic quality :P

Took quite a few pics this time… over 120.  Tried experimenting more with the lighting so that combined with all the shots I took… hopefully there are some good ones ^^;

Pretty much all the pics should be at 1920×1280 should you need something high rez.

I’m liking these metal bars Alter used for nanoha & earlier with fate.  Fairly unobtrusive, they fit in really easily, feel nice and sturdy.  Think I prefer them to any sort of plastic stand off.

The wings fit in really easily!  I think that’s the first time I’ve thought as such – having gone through subaru & exceed mode nanoha ^^;

For the transparent components I thought lighting them up would make for a more interesting shot.  Unfortunately sometimes I didn’t really balance the exposure like above, where her foot’s dark.  Ah well, at least you get a pretty good look at the wing ^^;

If you haven’t seen the movie, they updated nanoha’s appearance to be a bit more in line with her strikers look.

nanoha a's ep 1

Main things are her bow and cuff things I guess?

Oh yes, and as you can see above I believe they added raising heart’s gun like trigger and such.

Used blue for background throughout though ‘cuz of the lighting ended up black sometimes.  Guess that’s just my defacto look ^^;

That white and yellow blur above is actually raising heart ^^;  For this shot had to actually fit it inside my lens hood ^^;

After getting umbrellas and a softbox I’ve become so accustomed to soft light I forgot that hard light isn’t necessarily bad ^^;  The above shot is practically the same as the top pic but the softer light gives it a much different look.  Better for reviews I guess in that you can see more of her details clearly but less stylized?

Speaking of stylized, was goofing around and tried another silhouette.  Some b+w pics for the heck of it too ^^;

Similarly framed shot, thought with different lighting and in color…

Twin tails… has anyone written a doujin with nanoha as a tsundere? :P

I suppose with the amount of doujin out there there must be at least one :P


Guess they decided to change things up from strikers nanoha ^^;

Speaking of strikers nanoha, if you have her you’ll notice a lot of the same details in her outfit ^^;

Well not the thing above, but her dress ^^;

More hard light~

Mmm let’s take a closer look at raising heart, shall we?

Since I still use my camera mostly for figure reviews I don’t have to deal with lens flare much.  Taking one of my lights and moving it around near the subject I finally got an appreciation for the problems it presents though ^^;  Shot above was where the flare wasn’t so bad.

Still with me?  I still have a lotta shots to go ^^;

Still strikes me as ridiculous that she uses her staff like a rifle, but in a strange way that’s part of the appeal for me ^^;

One of device mode for good measure~

Base is a pretty nicely detailed magic circle

I think the metal bars were necessary for this base ‘cuz otherwise you’d have nasty blocks of plastic covering up sections

I assume you notice the smaller base?  Really like that they included it – it’s a stand for the extra raising heart.  That’s right, nanoha comes with two complete raising hearts so you can display the one she’s not actively holding!  As usual I ordered her without thinking and didn’t read up on any details, so this was a pleasant surprise ^^;

Comes with a metal bar to hold the staff in place.

More black and white shenanigans.  I should do some reading on b/w photography to see what sort of things make for good shots…

As much as I like canon mode, I think the pose is more natural with device mode.  Unfortunately I took almost all the pics in canon mode ^^;

Tried experimenting a little with the highlight priority mode but not as much as I’d like.  Seemed like it was helping but didn’t know it required iso 200 or higher?  Not that that level of noise should really matter much but wanted to fully understand how would effect things before shooting a whole session with it ^^;

Will need to get some gobos to experiment with lighting more in the future…

nanoha x 2

Tiny by comparison, but remember, grown up nanoha is huge :P  makes brs seem tiny ^^;

And that, my friends, is finally the end of this review ^^;;

Think I talked more about taking the photos than the figure, but hopefully the pics spoke for themselves ^^;  Need I even say recommended for nanoha fans? :P  The full 2 copies of raising heart & separate stand were a great idea – makes me wish i had a stand for fate’s zamber bardiche (it sure is big enough to merit one :P)

As usual, for an exhaustive (and extremely well shot) look at every detail and every angle, foobarbaz has you covered.

James seems to be working on his review too ^^

James’ review is up at Exelica Meteor!



28 Responses to “高町なのは ~ Takamachi Nanoha ~ STAND BY READY”

  1. Shiddo said

    She is cute ^^ Perfect add to StrikerS series ^^
    That said, there comes my only complain bout her. Base. I would prefer base in same tone as other Alter’s releases. White with nice info. And if not that, then transparent base with pink power circle.
    Extra base for other version of her Raising heart is win ^^

    Nice to see here compared to adult (StrikerS) ver. ^^ GJ with review shots ^^

    • meronpan said

      i actually like her base compared to the strikers ones… although if they were to release a lot of them the black + colored magic circle might not look so great in bulk… if only they’d do something really nice like they did for senhime…

      was thinking of doing some more group shots (like with feito-chan) but alas was getting late and group shots don’t seem to be my strength anyway ^^;; (well, though i guess that means i should practice more…)

  2. Smithy said

    Nice photoshoot, some great shots in there.

    Lovely Nanoha figure again from Alter, especially like Nanoha’s barrier jacket style from the movie, though am not sure about the changes done to Raising Heart. Agree that she does look best with Raising Heart in its normal form.

    Am satisfied with Alter’s adult Nanoha from StrikerS though. Adult yuri Nanoha x Fate FTW!

    • meronpan said

      doumo~ ^^

      yeah, the new barrier jacket gives it less of a cutesy feel which personally looks cooler and perhaps meshes better with the tone of the combat.

      mmm nanohaxfate ^^ good stuff indeed ^^

  3. Persocom said

    She looks great, I really like the fact they included a stand for the extra Raising Heart. Honestly I quite like the original base also.

    • meronpan said

      it’s always such a shame to just put parts away in storage so yeah, i was happy to actually be able to display both modes ^^

      think the only other magic circle base i have is the volks fate and unfortunately on that one there’s some blemishes left from the manufacturing process -_- nanoha’s is much better imo ^^

  4. Nopy said

    I’m looking at my Nanoha StrikerS figure right now and the dress does look very similar. The same goes for the transparent wings on her feet. I guess a lot of people liked those aspects so they decided to copy them :)

  5. She looks really nice can’t wait for her to ship whenever Gift’s Reimu is released.

    Really neat experimental pictures the two Nanoha’s look nice together.

    • meronpan said

      ah, shipping together with reimu? mine was originally gonna ship together with alter’s yui, but when i saw they had yui scheduled for a 3/31 ship date… i knew that hobby search would’ve shipped them separately anyway ^^;

      think i should’ve experimented more for the nanoha^2 shot but by that time i’d already been shooting for like 2.5 hours and was out of creative juice ^^;

  6. punynari said

    I missed the preorder for this one because I was on the fence about if I should buy her. Was actually waiting for your review, as well as Foobarbaz’s to make a better purchasing decision.

    She looks great. Initially I had some fears about her face not looking right but judging from your photos, I have no worries.

    I’ll try an pick her up when we get back to Japan but I will also be keeping an eye on the online sites as well for a restock.

    As always, thank you for the well photographed figure review. ^^

    • meronpan said

      you give me too much credit, waiting for my reviews! ^^;;

      face always looked fine to me… but you probably know about my loose standards ^^;

      hope ya get your hands on her. nice that you have the ‘buy-in-person-in-japan’ option to fall back on if online options fail ^^

  7. yamada said

    I like both old and new looks of Nanoha and Raising Heart too. She might cost SGD/ND$130+ id she’s on sale here. Alter is still the best.

    • meronpan said

      regarding the old look i’m not sure why they felt the need to change things to be more in line with the StrikerS look. the difference in appearance is easily explained by upgrades or just the evolution of her equipment over time… but i also like both so doesn’t matter to me either way ^^;

  8. Tier said

    Nice pictures! I default to black backgrounds most of the time … I’ve tried to mix it up some but 99 times out of 100, those shots end up looking crappy and I just go, “Ahh screw this, I’m going back to black.” I like shot 29 the best, I think … she has this defiant, angry game face on but she’s not aware that there are all these perverts peering up her dress.

    • meronpan said

      hahah, i have had that exact thought when trying lighter colored bg stuff ^^;; really wish i could find some nice gradient or marbled stuff like foobarbaz uses (for cheap :P).

      perverts like me… wait, no! it was for the review! orz

  9. Leonia said

    An amazing and beautiful figure. Alter made still an impressive workk with this figure. I don’t like Nanoha, but I am waiting for Fate Stand By ready version :P Nice review ^^ I will probably take her for Shadonia soon ^^

  10. phossil said

    Great Pictures Meronpan. Im downloading them for desktop background. I particularly like the one in the silhouette and the last one. Even Raising Heart has a base for stand too!

    • meronpan said

      doumo! ^^ honestly i should’ve tried more with the silhouette… the one i posted was actually just the only one that was any good ^^;; yet another subject i want to explore more in the future…

      the raising heart stand is great! and not to toot my own horn, but i really like the shot i took of it with nanoha in the background ^^;

  11. […] check Meronpan’s review of Nanoha for more detailled pictures. AKPC_IDS += "1736,";Popularity: unranked […]

  12. Firearky said

    Ouch! I just was late to preorder this figure, and it looks great >.< me goes check if it can be found somewhere =3 congrats for the review again ^O^

  13. Fabrice said

    Wow shes more beautiful with the photoshoot.
    I missed out on her =/

  14. Q said

    Ah yes, Nanoha is indeed a “White Devil”, akin to what enemies call Amuro Ray (pilot of the original RX-78-2 Gundam). Later in StrikerS she would be notoriously known as 冥王 (god of underworld?) instead (laughs), thanks to niconico and other crazy communities out there.

    It’s nice to see how there are Raising Heart is available in two seperate forms, and you can display the one unused with its own stand. Nanoha’s mouth looks rather small and unoticeable, especially in official preview pics, but it seems a bit more visible in your pictures. And yea her barrier jacket does seem more armoured/padded and looks closer to how it’s like in StrikerS.

    With that said, I hope Fate’s movie counterpart will look just as nice even though I am not planning to buy one. I wonder when it’s gonna be announced. Say, just saw a pic of Alter Tohsaka Rin recently based on the movie promotion picture – looks really nice even for an uncoloured version!

    • meronpan said

      mmmm looking forward to fate-chan ^^ even though alter’s nanoha streak continues to drain the bank ^^;;

      i saw a rin pic at wcloudxkumo… assuming that’s the same one… yes, very excited! ^_^ and i’m curious how that alter saber will look painted… kinda hoping she looks crappy so i don’t have to buy yet another saber figure :P

  15. […] Girl. She carries a very reasonable price tag and should make for a great shelf partner for Fate. Meronpan’s review makes me want this figure, so I might order it, but I dunno; I’m more of a Fate guy than a […]

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