初恋限定 ~ Hatsukoi Limited

Posted by meronpan on March 25, 2010

ep 4

Well that only took me about a year to complete ^^;;;  Think I watched the first episode around when it first aired and didn’t finish the series until  last week.  Thoughts and spoilers (probably?) to follow~


Thought I’d post on this one since I enjoyed it so much.  As given away by the title, this series is just another romantic comedy… err given away if you know Japanese, huh? ^^;  初 – hatsu (first) 恋 – koi (love).  mmm though I guess I should mention for those wanting to learn Japanese, those are only one of many readings for those characters.  So don’t be surprised if they are read differently in other words ^^;

ep 7

Anyhow, moving on before I get distracted into a learning Japanese post…  I liked how things quickly get complicated… misao likes ayumi… ayumi likes mamoru… who turns out to be misao’s brother… who is friends with yuuji… who misaki likes… who is mamoru’s osananajimi and love interest… etc etc ^^

ep 6

Not sure I’d put hatsukoi in my top 10 or anything, but I think it holds its own with decent plot and characters.  At first I was having trouble getting into the way characters were thinking/behaving, but then looking at the title… it’s supposed to be about peeps falling in love for the first time.  Viewed in that context I thought it was excellent in capturing the sort of petty-yet-it’s-the-whole-world-as-I-know-it scope of teenage love. ^^;

ep 12

‘nother thing that clicked for me were ayumi and koyoi ^^  かわゆす^_^ 物凄く可愛かったっす!  Somehow they managed that without annoying the crap out of me ^^;  K-ON! Yui fans should note toyosaki also voices koyoi, who is a hopeless burakon.

ep 4

Kei covers the tsundere contingency for this series, chikura-chan is an artistic, soft-spoken pettanko.  Rika is for the tom-boy fans and misaki + meguru cover oppai and meganekko.  Pretty much all the characters get their own arcs so it’s not just a mindless jumble of moe (well, or maybe it still is, depending on how critical you are :P).  Hailing from shounen jump, it also has its fair share of fan service :P

ep 6

The series wraps things up in 12 episodes, but the manga was only 4 volumes long so I think it ended up being a good length.  Kinda sucks for mamoru and sogabe but again I liked how it captured the troubles of middle/high school romance.  Things like… your crush likes someone else, is moving away, doesn’t seem interested in you at all, doesn’t seem very intimate, is your sister… ok well, all but that last one are common problems :P

ep 8

prolly just me being an old man, but the nostalgia of these sorts of situations (well, in a loose sense ^^;) really made the series for me.  ^^;;  … that and kei’s tsundere power ^^  I suppose it is pretty ordinary and not so deep if you really look at it… eternal has the perfect post for you if that’s what ya think ^^  Though again for the record, I am easily amused…  so thumbs up from me :P

Oh and almost forgot my other favorite character:

ep 5

takei ftw!

err wouldn’t want to end with swimming hentai man so…

ep 12

Was wondering how they’d work in the obligatory onsen scene :P

Decent series, only 12 episodes.  I’d say at least give it a try if you like romantic comedy.  Or perhaps you’re in the mood for a lighter series that isn’t deep… might be a perfect fit ^^ … hmmm think I’ve forgotten my audience.  Already spoiled the ending for those who haven’t seen it, haven’t i? ^^;;;;  Well, maybe not, since it’s presented more in a vignette style…

alrighty, last thing, i promise.  awesome yui-dubbed-with-various-things-ayumi-says vid (niconico):

Took a few pics of cirno today, hope to have them up soon (no, not an insane 40 pic post like nanoha-chan ^^;;;)



25 Responses to “初恋限定 ~ Hatsukoi Limited”

  1. Persocom said

    Have yet to watch an episode, but maybe I’ll give it a watch in between things since the current season is almost completely over. Ah, you’re taking Cirno pix, I wouldn’t mind a 40 pic post of her at all XD My collection begs for a good Cirno :3

    • meronpan said

      would be perfect timing ^^

      alas, think it’s gonna be more like <10 pix ^^; wish it was a nice 1/7 or 1/6… but daioki's rendition has her own charm ^^

  2. Fabrice said

    I only watched hatsukoi because of Yamamoto…simply because nisu body lol
    but ye i wished there was more development/ epsiode for between her and Yuuji.
    gave it i think a 6/10 in the end.

    • meronpan said

      alas ^^; that’s the problem with these series that aren’t based on visual novels :P visual novels give you the full story for the character of your choice ^^

  3. Nopy said

    I haven’t seen the anime, but I have read the manga and really enjoyed it. Koyoi was my favourite character followed by Misaki.

  4. I went into the anime with really low expectations having read the manga beforehand. As a result, I kinda enjoyed the anime since I knew where the really stupid and annoying parts were.

    But misaki must have the most stupid love plot I have ever had the misfortune to read!

  5. yamada said

    Will watch this~ ^^

  6. Ah, only a year? Actually, I still need to finish it myself >_<
    I watched the first 2-3 eps and thought it was mildly entertaining. I should go back and finish it up finally.

    P.S. that video was hilarious xD

  7. Tier said

    Romantic comedy yep yep protean title yep yep tsundere pettanko more Japanese words I do not know uh huh first love with your sister mmhmm PICTURES OF NAKED GIRL, SOLD! I deem this show to be relevant to my interests. It is time to fire up the torrent client.

  8. Smithy said

    I liked “Hatsukoi Limited”, it was a cute comedy but what put me off about the series is that I watched it without looking anything up about it beforehand and I expected it to be a serious slice-of-life series about different school-time romances and woes. Totally didn’t expect it to be an oddball comedy.

    Imagine how much better it might have been as a serious series… a bit of a wasted chance I think. Especially since they had such normal looking character designs, cute yet not overly moe.

    • meronpan said

      that’s why i try to keep my mind clear when going into anything… expectations can really take a series down a notch if i’m not careful ^^; then it’s just a matter of trying to find something to latch onto for amusement ^^;

      i suppose it coulda been better serious, but i need my share of lighter stuff too :P i guess part of that is because i look to visual novels when i really want a serious story though ^^;

  9. What does I’m a banana mean? :O.

  10. It look somewhat promising to me, may be I will try to look into it~

  11. Shiddo said

    Hatsukoi limited = good series ^^ Yamamoto is win ^^ Went for HL cuz of animation style. Like works of Kawashita Mizuki ^^ OVA bonus Limited Girl is also a nice add ^^

  12. lovelyduckie said

    I’ve never heard of this series until now…I may have to try this out.

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