ATAI CIRNO ~ あたい チルノ

Posted by meronpan on March 27, 2010

I really love 大沖‘s (daioki) work.  Something about the sort of subdued energy of his characters.  Talked about harumination before and was delighted to find out he loves touhou (or at least making touhou doujin).  Today’s figure is the counterpart to the reimu i reviewed earlier – though she was released earlier – CIRNO!!

Tried something new (or old?) for this mini-review.  All the previous shots I’ve taken with ambient room light were usually against boring walls and improperly white balanced… those problems I finally know how to solve so I got out my grey card and put some proper distance between cirno and the bg… woo!  Colored bg that’s not terrible looking! ^^;

This cirno is #1 of toranoana’s vinyl series, first released almost two years ago I believe.  Had kinda given up on obtaining her (after getting reimu semi-recently) but while I was in Japan I happened upon her at the toranoana in akiba.  ^__^

Reimu has her yin-yang base, cirno gets ⑨ ^^;

Something about her hair seems slightly different than daioki’s illustrations but overall I’m very satisfied ^^

Shadows are a bit weird because I have 4 ceiling lights in my room ^^;

She doesn’t have her icicle wings but that’s the way daioki draws her :P

b+w for the heck of it :P  I did read a little on b+w photography since last time and one thing that I found interesting was that shooting in low contrast situations can work well for black and white photos.  Which is awesome because that’s what cloudy days give ya.  So rather than thinking, oh, it’s a crappy day for photos, it’s b+w experimentation time!  …not really sure that helps the above pic any ^^;;

There’s a little ring of imperfection on the underside of her head which you can see above… I assume it’s from the manufacturing process.  Tilt her head down just a bit or just don’t look up at her and you won’t notice.  Unfortunately I didn’t notice this until I was reviewing the pics on my computer -_-

Cirno with reimu ^^  Points if you recognize the gals in the bokeh :P

I got the little phone charm sized cirno earlier as a consolation… thought I’d never get the full sized one ^^;  Ah well.  Afraid to put her on my phone though ‘cuz she’ll prolly break…

As promised, today’s review is short ^^;

was surprised that yes, foobarbaz reviewed her awhile back.  Also includes a look at udonge ^^



20 Responses to “ATAI CIRNO ~ あたい チルノ”

  1. Fabrice said

    Nice new collection =)
    at least reimu is not alone now.
    ye daioki’s works tend to be good.

    • meronpan said

      got my hands on his small 4-koma release, だるい (darui)… just gotta say that personally his style of humor and cirno go together perfectly ^^

  2. Nopy said

    I’ve seen daioki’s work before, but I didn’t know there were any figures based on his illustrations. I kinda wish I knew about them earlier so I would’ve had a chance to get them.

    • meronpan said

      bleh, can’t check their site right now, but you might be able to find them at toranoana’s site. only problem then is even if they’re in stock you’ll need a proxy service ^^;

  3. aos said

    Even though this is such an old figure it still remains unbeatable in simplicity yet is so cute!! Something about the symmetry and shape of her dress really does justice to Dioki’s original illustration. The seems are a bit bothersome, but that can be ignored eventually. Lucky find for you! The cellphone strap is also extremely cute!
    Nice job with the shots too- the background wasn’t distracting but still was a nice touch!

    (Do you think maybe sometime in the future GSC will make a cirno nendoroid?! I would love to see how the two compare…)

    • meronpan said

      was definitely lucky. was in a part of toranoana i’d never been in before and couldn’t believe my eyes when a whole pile of her was on sale ^^;

      if i were gsc i’d definitely be looking into doing a cirno nendo ^^ would definitely be a lot different since these toranoana figures are like 1.5x~2x nendo height?

  4. phossil said

    I love their funny faces ;)

  5. lovelyduckie said

    Adorable :) gives me the same “aaaawwww” cuteness feeling I get over Yotsuba.

  6. kesenaitsumi89 said


  7. Persocom said

    Really nice get! I crave a Cirno figure pretty badly, but so far there hasn’t been one that was easy to obtain. She’d look good next to my Toranoana Remilia too. Ah well, I like just about everything about this figure, at least the one imperfection doesn’t show too badly but it’s a shame it’s there at all. I guess I have to hope Griffon or someone else makes a Cirno for now. My most wanted Cirno figure is the Mameshika EX one.. but that’s way too hard to find and probably extremely overpriced.

    • meronpan said

      ^^ indeed, my jaw dropped when i saw the huge stack of boxes in toranoana ^^; from, “damn i’ll never be able to get her for less than $insane on ebay” to “omg, i can get her at retail!”, couldn’t believe my luck ^^;

      would also like a 1/8 or larger in a non-deformed state but i guess we’ll have to wait for something to come along…

  8. Rin said

    I have the Remilia and Sakuya ones…
    I was thinking of buying Cirno when I was in Japan but passed her…
    Now I want her!!! Planning to buy her when I head to Japan again in the summer…

  9. Blowfish said

    Hehe the Chibi Style works astonishingly well with her.
    So for how much is she sold?I never felt like spending alot of money on a Chibified Character unless I really,really like it.

  10. pus2meong said

    I bought Maji Maji Patchouli, and my friend “stole” it from me :D
    Oh well, he said it I let it go, he will forget forever about my financial debt, ahahaha :D

  11. meronpan said

    hahah he owes you a big favor for nabbing your patchy :P

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