フランドール・スカーレット ~ Flandre Scarlet

Posted by meronpan on April 12, 2010

Glad to have that FFXIII rant off my chest ^^;  Back to figures, shall we?  Flandre by Griffon!  She’s one of the more famous touhou characters but for those of you who aren’t yet familiar, Flandre first appeared as the extra boss of the first Windows touhou game, The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.  A vampire of immense power, sealed away in the basement of the Scarlet Devil Mansion for nearly 500 years…

Her sister is the regular last boss of the same game, and while older, flan is actually the more powerful of the two.

Another tidbit for the uninitiated, her theme  song is, “U.N. Owen was her?”…



has made

its way

around teh


…well or niconico at the very least.  Ahem.  Sorry about that.  Back to pics ^^;

Griffon isn’t my favorite manufacturer but with the relative scarcity (at least in the past) of touhou figures, I couldn’t let this opportunity slide ^^;

Very happy with the way her wings came out.

As her defining physical trait it really was critical that they delivered ^^;

Alas I would’ve preferred a little more out of the pose.  It’s not bad but it’s kinda plain imo

Observant readers have probably noticed that I not only had her hat on wrong but left her wand, Lævateinn, out of these pics ^^;

Perhaps it’s the imouto moe thing but I think one of the popular directions fan works take is to focus on her playful, childish side, while retaining her awesome strength.  Doesn’t look like a dangerous vampire above, now does she?

Had a hard time getting shots I really liked… some combination of her pose and my lack of creativity hit hard…

Contemplated having this at the top pic to see how many fans recognized it ^^;

The wiki speculates that she actually made and attached her wings, hence the non-traditional look.

Whatever the reason the rainbow colored gems certainly make her highly recognizable.

The base is standard griffon fare:

I’m always torn about these name plates… kinda adds a bit of polish… but on the other hand it’s not like it’s a nice wood or glass base or anything so it almost feels gaudy or something sometimes…

Her feet actually have the plastic standoffs already attached… I didn’t bother trying to remove them so I’m unsure if they’re permanently attached to her feet or what.

Really should’ve taken some shots on a lighter bg… Lævateinn is swallowed by the background in a ton of the shots ^^;;;

Her wings look kinda weird coming out of her back like that… but I guess that’s canon? ^^;;

The black curve is Lævateinn… a rather strange wand ^^;

fancy pantsu… to ieru ka ne ^^;

Recently learned what dutch angle was… does it still count if there’s not really any tension to the shot?

Feels kinda rough compared to the nicer Alter stuff, but it passes for my collection :P

If ZUN’s fashion sense gets on your nerves you can at least take off flan’s hat

Though unfortunately in so doing you have the usual seam to deal with.

Flan’s pretty short so that combined with a 1/8 scale allows raising heart to give her a run for her money ^^;

And daioki reimu dwarfs her ^^;

Felt like I got a little lazy on this shoot ‘cuz I was really just interested in how a silhouette shot would turn out ^^;  Once I got that out of the way I was tired ^^;;  Speaking of which, have one more version:

Wish I didn’t clip her left red gem -_-  Ah well.

As your choices for touhou figures are still pretty limited, I’d say grab her if you’re a fan ^^  Again I wish the pose was more exciting but there weren’t really any other choices ^^;

hmmm actually turning up blank for other reviews of her ^^;;  Guess that’s it then!



30 Responses to “フランドール・スカーレット ~ Flandre Scarlet”

  1. punynari said

    Nice review and photos. I think Griffon did a good job for the most part. The seem on her head is a bit :/ But at least she has a hat to cover it up. ^^;

    Even though I own 11 Griffon Touhou figures (^^;) and Griffon Tewi on preorder, I completely agree with Alter being a more polished figure maker. But, like you said, for the moment Griffon is our only option.

    I sound like I hate Griffon but really they are getting better. Some of their older figures were just bad. ^^; They’ve come a long way.

    • meronpan said

      thanks ^^ yeah as far as quality goes it it was pretty much what i expected for griffon. not top tier but honestly for a character that has no almost no other scaled incarnations, she was more than satisfactory.

      i think it’d be pretty amazing to have alter touhou figures but for now i guess we’re stuck with nanoha, ikkitousen and whatever other series they’ve graced with releases ^^; though for the record i do own griffon’s sasara release, which i think turned out rather nicely ^^

  2. I really want this figure but it’ s sold out T_T

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  4. Nopy said

    I got my Flandre figure last week too. She’s shorter than I thought she’d be, but her wings more than make up for that ^.^

    • meronpan said

      i guess that’s why i’m kinda leaning towards the 1/7 and larger scales nowadays… 1/8 feel kinda tiny and with a small stature character like flan, they get pretty tiny ^^;

      but yeah, her wings add 50% or more to her height so that makes it for it pretty easily ^^

  5. […] fotografías son de wawawawasuremono.com donde pueden ver más fotos de […]

  6. Fabrice said

    She looks good, i was going to order her…but then.. i dont really know =/

    great shots!

  7. Ah, she looks lovely :). Still not a huge Touhou fan but I feel a bit of an attachment to some of the characters after seeing them *everywhere* for so long!
    In fact, I even purchased a Touhou figure myself. I need to post some pics of her soon ^^

    • meronpan said

      you should try some of the free demos ^^ well… though i admit it takes a certain type of crazy to throw yourself against the insane difficulty of these games ^^;

      i guess i just have this strange fascination for the touhou community which morphed into a quest to 1cc all of the games… i will say it is neat being able to finally understand the whole section of niconico dedicated to touhou videos ^^;

      curious to see whatcha got! i may be bad at commenting, but i’m still lurking at your blog :P and noticing the fancy dancy lenses you’re using :P mr. f/1.2 50mm and f/2.8 100mm L macro :P

      • I’ve never been much of a fan of shmups, to be honest ^^;

        I spare no expense when it comes to camera glass xD. I need to stop being lazy and post about what I use for camera gear…

        • meronpan said

          ah, yeah, that would put a damper on touhou fanaticism ^^;

          i’m hoping this 24-70 f/2.8L IS rumor is true ^^; if so i may have a new zoom later this year… ^_^

  8. Back when I had a lot display space available I liked the Griffon bases…now that I’m trying to fit everyone on my shelves I’m finding them a bit too big for my tastes.

  9. aos said

    I’m glad that touhou figures are being made, but I’m upset at the fact that only Griffon has really manufactured the DECENT ones. All of these characters have so much potential, and each one clearly has unique appearances that really stand out. I’d do anything to see what GoodSmileCompany or Alter could offer in the world of touhou figures, but unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.

    I agree with you- the pose is quite bland. I’m the kind of person who buys figures for their sculpt & beauty- not the actual character. No matter how much I like flandre, I probably won’t be buying this figure. The Griffon bases can get in the way too… not to mention they are just a thin piece of plastic, instead of the grand wooden base they actually look like.

    I’m not bashing griffon though- they have produced some nice figs in the past. I own their gothic lolita haruhi atm too! I know there are some nicer touhou figures in the griffon line to come as well.

    Another great review! These up-close & macro shots are really nice to see. You don’t see them in most figure reviews so I’m glad I can see them here!

    • meronpan said

      I’ve never really understood ZUN’s specific aims when it comes to mainstream releases and whatnot… though to that end i guess it’s not so much a surprise that only one manufacturer managed to get his approval for scaled releases ^^; alas, i’d go broke if alter released a touhou set ^^;

      indeed griffon has potential, but yeah it doesn’t feel like they exercised it here fully ^^;

      glad ya liked the review ^^

  10. Neat looking figure! Interesting wing indeed.

  11. yamada said

    I don’t know much about Touho. This is pretty decent figure.

  12. Blowfish said

    Hmmm…I luckily never really got into the Touhou Girl Fandom.Its so easy to blow much cash on that franchise alone.
    The fact that shes a vampire doesnt help either since I have a strong dislike for those.

    Ah Griffon Bases….I only own one Griffon figure and could damn that base to hell even though its one of their smaller ones.While I think that the metal plates are a nice touch it definately looks weird in combination with a cheap plastic base

    • meronpan said

      actually if you’re looking for touhou figures you don’t have so many choices so personally i haven’t spent too much money so far ^^;

      i wish there was an easy way to buy/make replacement bases… though i’d prolly end up doing it for my favorite alter stuff rather than anything griffon i have ^^;

  13. Q said

    I’ve never been into Touhou, but have definitely seen preview pictures of this figure before release. The wings sure are quite a feature of this figure (and the character). Like how the gems are of clear colours rather than been solid.

    Really couldn’t imagine this being a tiny figure until you show the comparison photos. Haha I understand how people eventually tend towards larger stuff in their collection, be it figures, gunpla, or other collectibles. It’s a natural thing I suppose?

    • meronpan said

      they just need some sorta fluorescent something so that the wings would illuminate themselves :P

      probably since the larger stuff is generally more detailed and/or higher quality… so yeah, as you collect you want the good stuff ^_^

  14. I’m requesting permission to save these photos.

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