Index Librorum Prohibitorum

Posted by meronpan on April 18, 2010

Index!  Alas, the poor thing seems to fall out of her role as a main character despite having the series named after her ^^;  Maybe it’s that pity that got me to buy her :P  Anyhow, we’ve got Good Smile Company’s 1/8 release here today, and I’d say it’s a solid get for her fans.

Seems like the series’ creator has a pretty big story in mind, having spawned over 20 novels… alas I wasn’t able to keep up with the anime very well, and didn’t really feel like spending the time trying to do so after one viewing ^^;

Though she may have devolved to a touma-biting gag, loved her introduction as a fixture on touma’s balcony ^^;

Good Smile delivers her to us in her trademark robes, clutching sphinx (?).  Alternate pair of hands & her hat also included.

I believe the pose is taken from an illustration but I couldn’t find it for some reason… at any rate that would explain why it looks familiar…

Her robes have been shaded so prevent that flat look with solid colors.  Personally thought it turned out nice.

Thought some shallow dof would go nice with her expression~

Wish they had more detail on the top of her head to take your attention away from the seam…

And noticed some weird coloring abnormalities in the tips of her hair…

As usual it didn’t really bother me too much though since I only noticed it when looking at my pics ^^;

The gold trim on her robes came out nicely I thought.

Closer look at kitty~

And though the safety pins may look pretty rough… I had a heck of a time getting the shot off… i.e. you probably won’t see ’em much anyway ^^; (not to mention it’s a macro shot ^^;)

Lil look from above… you can really see the seam in her hair ^^;

Base didn’t really get me excited being just black and white ^^;

Though at least it’s not plain white.

Swapping in the alternate set of parts…

Her hat didn’t seem to rest snugly on her head in any particular orientation so I wasn’t sure I got it in place right…

Soft filter and a little longer exposure, tried going for a some sorta radiant look ^^;

Without that stuff…

Yet another figure to use a metal bar for support and I continue to support this trend (of three ^^;) ^^

And that above shot is as close as you’re gonna get for a pantsu shot :P

For now I’m displaying her in the above configuration.  Jumping(?) holding a cat seems more natural than praying ^^;;

Will have to experiment more with the soft focus filter… was reading you should use harder light to create strong highlights/shadows for the filter to interact with… Tips welcome if ya have ’em ^^

Check out foo-bar-baz for more coverage!

If you’d like a serene-yet-not-just-standing-there version of Index, I think this release has you covered.  I like the praying part of the alternate pose, but feels it would be more appropriate with a less active pose ^^;

Headed to SF for the recent cherry blossom festival, will prolly post some of those pics next since there don’t seem to be any figures in the mail ^^;



24 Responses to “Index Librorum Prohibitorum”

  1. Leonia said

    For the moment, this is the better Index adaptation. Sadly, GSC could have done better sculpture.. Finitions aren’t beautiful. I cancelled my pre-order the last moth, because finally, I find the figure cute, but nothing more ^^ Thanks for the sharing

    • meronpan said

      I suppose it could be better, but honestly it’s pretty much what i’d expect for this scale and from gsc ^^; alas poor index, she keeps failing to impress :P

  2. Nopy said

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I thought this figure could’ve looked more like Index. Something about her face seems a little off.

  3. yamada said

    I think this the best figure of Index, I’m sure other figures like Saber Lily Distant Avalon is the same too.

  4. Smithy said

    Cute figure of Index, though must admit I haven’t watched the anime. Only caught the spin-off Railgun, which I did like a lot actually.

  5. Punynari said

    Probably the best Index figure to date. She’s very cute but I liked Misaka Mikoto and the Railgun series more so I passed on her. I hope to see a Biribiri figure some day with this level of attention to detail.

    Thanks for the review as always (wonderful photos btw) even if I ended up wanting Biribiri more. ^^;

    • meronpan said

      yeah, in retrospect i’m kinda surprised i ordered her… she’s 1/8 (i’m gravitating towards 1/7 or larger lately for some reason ^^;), i also like biribiri better… perhaps it was a remnant of set completion disease or that koto had teased me with a release that i sorta-wanted-to-buy-at-the-time-just-cuz-it-was-index…

      ironically i didn’t end up ordering the gsc biribiri release… not really sure what but i’m still holding out for a pose that interests me more ^^; mebbe there’ll be another season of railgun and we’ll see another round of figures ^^;

  6. Fabrice said

    Its a nice buy.. really!
    Now if you ordered Misaka, youll have the related figures =)

  7. Interesting figure, not really familiar with this series but the pose and expression is good~

  8. Aaroninjapan09 said

    Wow, this index figure looks fabulous. I’ve missed out, omg :O.

    The gold trim makes me really want it.

    • meronpan said

      not sure how their stock system works but amiami has her listed as “temporary sold out” instead of “sold out”… perhaps still a chance? ^^;

      gold trim definitely adds a lot ^^

  9. Blowfish said

    I am one of those persons that is more than happy that Index played a rather minor role in Toaru majutsu no index.I disliked her from the first minute and I was glad that it was more about Toma and his girl of the Arc instead of Touma & Index adventures.
    I dont know what it is but theres something thats bugging me about this figure but maybe its just index herself thats bugging me? ^^;;;;

    I still hope that someone of the big three does a nice Kanzaki Kaori figure one day.I only have the Koto Version and its less than impressive

    • meronpan said

      for me i think it’s the incongruity is between her expression and the pose ^^; usually you don’t look so serene while jumping or whatever she’s doing ^^;

      i would love a 1/7 alter kanzaki to go along side signum ^^

  10. Q said

    Haven’t watched Index or Railgun yet (been only limited to FMA:B these days), but Index here does look pretty nice here with a sense of innocence there. I may be wrong, but I heard the quality check for the figure is a little fluctuating. One way or the other it still looks pretty nice I think.

    • meronpan said

      i haven’t checked around too much so didn’t know about the quality issues. she’s pretty much in line for my expectations so i didn’t have anything to complain about… wonder if i lucked out with a good copy ^^;

  11. A wonderful figure! Really great pose and expression! But I sincerely disliked this character, I got to a point where I really couldn’t stand it any more and gave up on the series. Generally I’m not the type to drop a series after I’m 3 or more episodes in, but I really couldn’t stand it.

    A lot of the fans tell me to go back and try it out since she is no longer the main character after a while but…it’s not just her. I REALLY REALLY can’t stand that teacher either. I think Kaoru’s design is wonderful though.

    • meronpan said

      i can feel ya on characters ruining the experience. welcome to my time w/ffxiii ^^;; But yeah, it’s just really hard to appreciate a story when you’re annoyed/angry/disgusted or whatever by multiple members of the cast (especially if they’re all protagonists ^^;)

      if you haven’t already you could give railgun a try since index only appears in extremely brief cameos (can’t even remember if she actually says a single word). unfortunately you also lose kaori.

      • Kaori is a wonderful looking character, my dislike of the series didn’t stop me from buying the Kotobukiya figure of her. Her presence was beautiful in the figure, and I didn’t mind what I saw of her character.

  12. […] nous revient cette fois-ci avec une réalisation de Good Smile Company. J'ai nommé Index Librorum Prohibitorum. N'oubliez pas de laisser des messages, et de visiter son site […]

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