touhou psa: VSYNC

Posted by meronpan on April 20, 2010

Quick touhou post:  I noticed lately that when I went back to play some eosd or pcb the controls felt strangely laggy.  My computer hasn’t really changed so it was really puzzling and frustrating to have reimu so unresponsive.  Then I stumbled upon this thread!

Wholy crap.  eosd and pcb are like totally different games.  I always felt like I didn’t have very good control for picking up power ups and this must’ve been why (well, I’m still no good, just a little less bad).  I started my touhou experience with eosd and went in game order, so I think I just got acclimated to the crappy controls from the start.  If you had told me eosd and pcb had laggy controls I would’ve wondered what you were talking about ^^;  My practice with chireiden must’ve finally awakened some appreciation for responsive controls ^^;;

So yeah, prolly old news for some, but for those still unaware… soooooo awesome!  vsync patch ftw!  Mebbe after chireiden I’ll take a break from my sequential 1cc quest to try and clear flan ^_^  If you did actually mention this patch to me before, sorry, it’s like I said above… having started out with eosd I got used to those controls immediately and didn’t notice anything wrong ^^;

Read through the thread if you’re having trouble getting it to work.  So far I’ve tried it on eosd and pcb (original installations) with no problems.  Some had issues due to renamed executables (I’m guessing from english patches perhaps?) and such…



11 Responses to “touhou psa: VSYNC”

  1. Persocom said

    hmmm.. I might have to try this, although it feels like cheating XD It would probably help my son out, who’s been working his way through EOSD, Touhou 6 at 6 years old :) If he beats it on normal before he turns 7 I’m getting him something special lol. I never really noticed any lag in movement either.

    • meronpan said

      ya know, my gut reaction was no, it’s not cheating, it’s fixing a bug! but on the other hand i guess it seems similar to giving yourself a better handling car in a racing game ^^; (if the original control was intended to be laggy)

      personally my justification is that the control in the earlier games is so much different than the later games… i’m too lazy to develop my skills all over again ^^;; dunno about you but i was finding it extremely frustrating and difficult to go back to laggy controls after playing sa so much ^^;

      i’m surprised your son has the patience for touhou. that’s awesome thou ^^

  2. Fabrice said

    I have to try this!
    well actually i need free time =/

  3. Nopy said

    Sweet, I gotta give this a try. I always end up dead because Reimu doesn’t move in time :(

    • meronpan said

      yeah i noticed it was actually killing me both ways… not moving in time or continuing to move after i had changed directions ;_; patch fixed it all up thou ^^

  4. punynari said

    I actually played EOSD just after I 1cc Touhou 11 on normal. I know EXACTLY what you mean.

    Being so used to the controls and “feel” of the ultra responsive movement of Touhou 11 just made the earlier games feel a bit “broke” to me. There were several times when I literally would run into bullets sideways because of lag or would tell Reimu to move but got hit instead. Touhou 11 had the controls absolutely perfect so I’m curious what the older games would be like that way.

    Maybe I’ll check this out sometime. After 11 though, the other games feel kind of easy. 11 just had the right amount of balance between too hard and too easy in my opinion.

    • meronpan said

      wanting to relax with some eosd/pcb between sa practice, it just made me rage quit all the more trying to cope with the unresponsive controls ^^;;; so happy i can play again ^^

      ooo and noticed you had you first extra stage success with pcb!! grats!!! the few times i’ve gotten to ran-shama she obliterated me on her first or second card… we’ll see how much vsync helps ^^;

      i’m getting encouraged by my sudden improvement against flandre… think i may put sa on hold for a bit and try to clear her first ^^ love the rush of playing a card for the first time

      speaking on sa… i can see why the other games feel easy after you cleared it… it’s so frikkin’ hard! ^^; i’m once again suffering from it’s-hard-to-practice syndrome… to practice stage 6 i need to clear it… but i can’t because i need practice… orz. usually by the time i get to stage 6 i’m tired mentally (mostly from all the deaths ^^;;) which makes it extremely difficult to clear on 2 lives during subsequent continues. ah well, i’m sure just another month or two will do it ^^;

      • punynari said

        Ah, don’t worry. It took me about a year to clear Touhou 11. What did it was perfecting the earlier stages (1 through 4) so much that I did not need to bomb and could collect the star pieces.

        Orin is still tough but with practice, I started to learn where I usually die and would use a bomb instead. :P

        Stage 6 is extremely hard. The only reason I beat it was that I got lucky on the last card and that I started with almost 7 lives (^^;).

        For PCB, The extra stage was almost all memorization. Just knowing the tricks of where to be when Ran attacks. I watched a youtube video and facepalmed when I saw how easy some of her cards were if you do certain things. I absolutely love the music of the battle so I kind of want to try clearing it again. ^^

        • meronpan said

          yeah, sounds like what i need to do… sometimes i can clear stage 4 on 1~2 lives… then sometimes i’ll be on practice mode and eat it 7 times orz Consistency would help a lot ^^; orin screws me ‘cuz i feel like i can capture all her cards… yet somehow manage to die at least a couple times -_-

          maaaaaan, i made it to utsuho’s final card the other day and just couldn’t hold out. she had less than a third of her life left with i ate it ;_; i’ve beaten that card on easy but being my first attempt on normal… could’ve used a couple more lives ^^;;;

          with things moving so fast i guess it’s not surprising that there are tricks for a lot of the pcb extra stuff…rather than simply needing to have 5x faster reaction time ^^; (and gives me hope that one day i’ll be able to do it ^^) does yukarin have the same battle music? ‘cuz now you can work on clearing her ^^

          • punynari said

            My next adversary is Yukari. It says on Touhou wikia that I need to capture 60 spell cards combined with all the playable characters (and beat the extra stage) to unlock Phantasm.

            Yesterday, I beat PCB (normal 1cc)easily with Marisa A. I just need to do so with the other characters now. Can’t wait to fight with Yukari. ^^

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