平沢 唯 ~ Hirasawa Yui

Posted by meronpan on May 2, 2010



With the second season currently airing I would guess she’s pretty hard to find anywhere now ^^;

Tried something different today… was originally planning to shoot on white since a lighter color seemed to go with her personality better… but ended shooting with no background.

Or rather, just whatever I happened to place her in front of ^^;  Recognize the anime I had on?

How about now? ^^

Anyhow yeah, above is still without the usual backdrop… it’s just that exposing for my main light, the ambient light quickly drops out, blackening the background.

A nice cheerful expression, which, though cute on mio, is much more in character for yui ^^

I think ‘cuz of the way she’s facing her face seems a bit flat from some angles?

Like above ^^;  So yeah, I would recommend finding display space for her that’s eye-level or below.

Guitar is nicely done, enjoy some macro shots~

I need to remember to really narrow up the aperture for these shots… dof becomes insanely shallow…

Was having a bit of trouble with glare on her eyes, even with my circular polarizer ^^;

And i must say it’s a bitch trying to adjust the thing when your lens hood is like 3 inches deep orz

Getting down to some lower angle shots…

Black pantsu.

I think it’s been a long time since I’ve had an alter figure that stood on both legs ^^;

and a little more on her expression… personally seems a little freaky from some angles…

Well, perhaps mostly just in the sort of generic moe below ^^;

yui’s pick hand


and of course had to bring mio in the mix ^^

Shooting groups you definitely get an appreciation for depth of field.  Had to make sure they were exactly lined up to have both faces in focus at f/3.2 ^^;

Could’ve stopped down of course but wanted to keep the background as diffuse as possible.

Ah, yui’s taken the spotlight again :P

All in all,  pretty much what I expected from this release.  Pairs nicely with mio capturing her energetic, care-free nature.  Expression might look a little off from some angles… take care where you place her :P  Not feeling particularly chatty today so hopefully the pics spoke for themselves ^^;

Now the question is whether Alter will release mugi & ritsu… and whether i’ll succumb to set completion ^^;;

stop by foo-bar-baz for the usual excellence~



32 Responses to “平沢 唯 ~ Hirasawa Yui”

  1. yamada said

    I don’t want to say it again XD it’s decent by Alter. Both Yui and Mio here sold for SGD/BND$130+ each of them, around that price. I don’t know what will happen if I broke such a decent figure since it’s stood on one leg ^^;;

  2. dreaming Artemis said

    Congrats on such a great buy! I heard there was actually fighting over this figure in Japan XD

  3. aos said

    Yui is just adorable! Alter did a great job on this figure- with Mio too! The face is superb in my opinion. My only complaint is the base- I wish they would make a base with some type of bent metal pole sticking out from her foot, instead of a peg attached to the base. It makes me feel like Yui is being tied down- when her pose shows her jumping freely.
    Still waiting for my copy to arrive… ! I can’t wait! I also heard that Alter was making a Tsumugi for this group… she isn’t jumping in the air though, her keyboard is to heavy.

    The price of this K-ON Alter set was quite hefty however… I remember the good ol’ days when I could buy a figure as grand-scale as Alter’s Chua Churam for just 6500Y… but now have to pay 75USD for a simple schoolgirl with a guitar(Chua Churam had a guitar too! Maybe the strings cost a lot more…) Oh Alter, how you have grown.

    I like these shots where you don’t use a background. It makes it seem like the figure can brightly stand out in its natural habitat & the light splotches of color really add depth.

    • punynari said

      Nice review and outstanding photos as usual. ^^

      I skipped Alter’s Mio but preordered their Azusa. I kind of wanted Yui (my second favorite character) but I waited too long and the preorders closed. ^^;

      I’ll pick her up if I see her for a decent price before I leave Japan. I fully expect her to sell for over 10,000 yen though (just like Mio). ^^;

      • meronpan said

        doumo ^^

        i’ve also got azusa on order ^^ too bad you missed yui… though i’m sure if she’s popular enough they’ll have a rerelease ^^ 10000 yen is just crazy! ^^;

    • meronpan said

      last few figures i got seem to have had a metal bar support, which i agree is a lot better than the plastic standoff.

      would really be something to have mugi and ritsu jumping along with their instruments ^^;;

      you referring to the price before or after shipping? ‘cuz i think hobby search only charged me ~5800 yen… ems shipping took it up to ~7300 yen. well, not that i’d ever argue that alter is cheap :P

      glad ya like the shots ^^ looks like my laziness paid off for once :P

  4. bloo said

    Great review! She looks really great. If you didn’t know, Alter has actually already anounced that they’re doing mugi and ritsu.

    And if I had to hazard a guess I’d say that that was Railgun playing in the background.

    • meronpan said

      you have anything to point me to for the announcement? haven’t seen anything on their blog or anywhere else… (though i haven’t been reading as many sites lately ^^;)

      atari~ railgun it was ^^

  5. Shiddo said

    Nice review ^^
    They finally didn’t mount strings into body! GJ Alter. One of best Yui figures out there ^^ Can’t wait for mine. Should arrive any moment now ^^


  6. Tier said

    Nice pictures! I gotta admit that there are a lot of times where I really don’t feel like clearing off the desk to set up a proper backdrop.

    I’m not a big fan of the crosseyed K-On faces or hollowbody electric guitars so I’m skipping this one … my Mio figure is just going to have to become best friends with the spider girl if she does not want to be lonely. If they’d given her, like, a Jackson Soloist or something instead though, I’d probably have been interested.

    • meronpan said


      sooo wish i had a studio where i could leave everything set up ^^;

      best friends with spider girl, huh? sounds like a good combo to me, heheh. currently i’ve got mio w/horo & mizugi feito.

  7. Smithy said

    Nice photos! Can’t wait to receive my Yui figure, she looks gorgeous in your shots.
    Adjusting the filter shouldn’t be an issue on the 100mm macro even with hood, I manage fine (though have small hands).

    The anime looks like it was “To Aru Kagaku No Railgun” (or is it Index)?

    • meronpan said

      you don’t have problems? i need some tips then ^^;; looking through the viewfinder, trying to rotate the filter without blocking the view with my hand so i can see the effect… 無理無理 ^^;

      railgun it was, あたり~ ^^

  8. phossil said

    Awesome pics!
    They really rock!! ;)

  9. Nopy said

    Wow, you actually managed to get one. It seems like she’s sold out everywhere.
    Regarding the anime, I’m going to say the same as Smithy (To Aru Kagaku no Railgun).

  10. Fabrice said

    She looks amazing,
    finally she was released ^^

    Very detailed, Ah cut it short, Alter did a great job her Yui same goes with Mio as well =)

  11. […] Fellow otaku Meronpan actually posted a nice review of Yui at Wawawa Wasuremono. […]

  12. GREW said

    Nice catch ^^
    After K-On!! season I might want to get a K-On Figure too. Prefer Mugi-chan or Sawa-chan in rock ver xD

    And nice makro shots.

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^ just be sure to put in a preorder before they sell out :P hmmm have any sawa-chan figures come out yet? as always i’m behind on news ^^;;;

  13. So nice, I can’t wait for mine to arrive later this week.

  14. “and whether i’ll succumb to set completion”

    Oh it’s not a question :) you will, and you know it! I had these two on pre-order until I saw the series, I realized I didn’t have enough love for the show/characters to really enjoy these figures. Sorry it seems like the past few figure posts you’ve done have been of GREAT figures, but of characters that don’t sit well with me. I’m just running out of shelf space and need to get pickier about which figures I welcome into my heart and home. The ironic thing is that I end up with some lower quality prize figures on my shelf instead, but they’re of characters I LOVE.

    • meronpan said

      hahah a year ago i woulda said, yeah you got me :P i’ve also gotten pickier as i’ve tried to whittle down my rate of collection so sets aren’t shoe ins anymore.

      and no need to apologize for characters ya don’t like ^^ that’s one of the most important criteria ^_^

  15. […] nous revient avec une nouvelle participation. Il nous présente donc la dynamique Yui Hirasawa, réalisée par Alter. Il faudrait peut-être que je me décide à […]

  16. superchan said

    so far now bootleggers don’t make it so long there instrument is include in the figures :p
    I Think after they release Alter Ritsu version they will come with a limited Ui version :p

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