東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism

Posted by meronpan on May 6, 2010

click for gelbooru

touhou chireiden – subterranean animism – th11 – sa… whatever ya wanna call it, it’s generally considered to be one of, if not the hardest touhou shooter… and i finally 1cc’d it on normal!  Warning: for the uninitiated, this is just one of my self indulgent touhou achievement posts ^^;

I’m sure it’s not a particularly interesting feat for anyone who plays on hard or lunatic but for me it marks the end of 3 months of practice ^^;

…and i must say, it’s a pretty anti-climatic end to all of my practice ^^;  The run is very sloppy, starting with deaths in stage 3… as I mention in the video notes, nearly rage quit in disgust with my mistakes ^^;

Little by little I recovered after that… no deaths on either satori or orin had me feeling good about my chances (though I did have a stupid death in each of those stages ^^;)

There’s a death by death recount of my mistakes in each video’s notes… to repeat a bit of that here though… i basically have a pretty sloppy run but by managing no deaths on stage 4 & 5’s bosses I reach the final boss with 6 lives in reserve.  Then I proceed to die THREE times on utsuho’s first card.  I couldn’t believe how terribly I was playing.  Reminiscent of my first eosd clear it comes down to the wire as I tackle the last card with a single life in stock.  When that’s gone I bomb and I bomb and I bomb and nearly eat it as utsuho’s gravity increases during her death animation.  Thankfully I was prepared for that by my easy clear ^^;

Do you like graphs?  I like graphs.  Sorry, I’m a total geek.  If you enlarge the above image you’ll see it’s a plot of my touhou completions over time with the number of days represented by the bars.  Since I’m 1cc’ing in order it’s eosd, pcb, in, pofv, mof, sa.  I was surprised to see IN took me the second longest to beat, despite it’s status as one of the easiest touhou’s ^^;  and it was amazing how quickily mof fell after pofv… though i had been practicing it off and on while working on the other games… same was true for everything else so not sure what was different ^^;

click for gelbooru

Anyhow it looks like I may complete my touhou normal 1cc project within a year!  Now why does it feel like I’ve been playing all my life… ^^;



14 Responses to “東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism”

  1. kesenaitsumi89 said

    ^^ I never cleared the last boss in Normal too.
    Computer is getting laggy when the card fight so not gonna clear it until I upgrade my computer. ^^

  2. Oh nice, I should seriously sit down and finish the one Touhou game I have: UFO.

  3. punynari said

    As I said in twitter, congratulations on the Touhou 11 normal 1cc. :D

    Even though Touhou 11 is on “normal” difficulty, Zun himself said that he made a mistake and overdid the difficulty in SA. So Normal is really hard, hard is lunatic, and lunatic is impossible. ^^;

    Are you going to try Touhou 11’s extra next?

    • meronpan said

      thanks ^^ it’s a good thing sa has power-replenishable bombing or i would probably still be at it ^^; on the other hand it’s a real killer getting down to 1 or 2 power and only chipping away at cards that were causing you to bomb in the first place… ^^;

      if i make an extra excursion i think it’ll be eosd. love flan’s theme and getting to her third to last card makes it the furthest i’ve ever gotten in an extra by far. tried sa’s extra for the heck of it and got murdered by sanae… that can wait ^^;;

  4. Nopy said

    I still haven’t beaten a single Touhou game so you’re leaps and bounds ahead of me.

  5. Fabrice said

    Hahaa i guess im not the only one that has difficulties passing the last boss in Normal ^^”

    • meronpan said

      sometimes when i read forums i feel like i’m the only one who’s not working on lunatic or some other crazy thing ^^;; but yeah, i, for one, am not terribly good at touhou. just spend a lot of time with it ^^;;;

  6. HAHAHAHAHA you graphed your gaming progress?! Oh meron I adore you! Made me smile at work.

  7. Persocom said

    nice graph XD I’m wondering, are you just entirely skipping the fighting games?

    • meronpan said

      for now yes, since they’re a completely different genre. also my original goal was to beat the integer numbered games first… which is why i also skipped shoot the bullet and such.

      i’ll probably come back to them eventually but i doubt i’ll ever full clear shoot the bullet, and i’m not sure how my fighting game skills will hold up ^^;

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