Saber Alter Maid

Posted by meronpan on May 30, 2010

久しぶり~  Been a while since my last post… I think may be a new low for me in terms of posts per month ^^;;  Mmmm for those who actually do want a site update, I think I’ll put that in at the end.  Let’s get on to the goods, Alter’s Saber Alter maid!

If you already own Alter’s previous Saber maid release, you know what to expect in terms of quality and execution.  We’ve got yet another awesome maid figure from Alter, such a shame it was not up for sale through the usual channels.  I opted to get her from Goody Japan this time, and that ended up being 13,400 yen (including EMS shipping).

Making a statement from very beginning, we’ve got a nice box with no windows.  Not sure if that was to cut down on costs or just to make it more elegant looking, but I thought it was a nice touch.

Sides of the box give you some indication of what awaits inside ^^

Was so excited to finally have her in hand, forgot mini saber was included as a little bonus ^^

As usual, click through for 1920×1280 versions when you want to see every last detail ^^

Figured I’d stick with a black background and kind of build on saber’s serious, almost kind of pale/goth look.

Upgrading from the original saber maid, alter saber maid now has a bucket ^^

Loved all the details in the original saber maid and that’s all back in this release.

Lots of people had issues with the execution on the previous saber maid’s  face… personally I didn’t really mind but nevertheless, like this version better ^^

The mop is back at well, making it the second mop in my collection :P

Love all the frills and details on her outfit

mmm delicious ^^

Just love the pose and how she’s got the bucket swung over her shoulder ^^

Frills everywhere, here’s the bow on her back~

just look at her, just excellent execution ^^

Her hair is also very nicely done, great detail work

Love that short skirt.  Not enough skirts here in the bay area :P

Obligatory pantsu examination.

I think some of my white balancing shenanigans has added some color to her skin but this saber is actually quite pale.

Like how this next shot turned out ^^  Focused on her bangs, wide open at f/2.8.

Let’s do a little comparison with the previous saber, shall we?

Here you can really see how pale saber alter is (or how yellow my original saber made is ^^;;;)

saber alter is definitely my new favorite maid figure now ^^


With the base had pegs for the original saber maid too.  They look great together!

Looking at the base (which is huuuuge!), it’s just a very simple checker pattern.  Like it a lot though ^^

Hmm forgot to put some nendo comparison shots in but for reference the mini saber is about nendoroid puchi size.

All the food is not included :P (that’s from the phat classroom set)

Matching base to boot ^_^

Back to the main attraction~

Again too bad this was a limited/special/whatever it’s called release.  A great get for saber/maid fans

low angle :P

Adjusting to a more tasteful (?) angle~

Ack, forgot to shop out that bit in the corner.  ah well :P

So there ya have it, sorry for the pic spam, it’s been awhile ^^;

Beautiful beautiful saber maid figure, I hope fans have gotten their hands on her already or else i’m sure the only options at this point are likely expensive auctions.  Love the different pose and adjustment to her face.

foobarbaz has a much more cheerful lighting setup so that you can better see all the details.  Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

guy also has his review out as well!

Now then, a little site update before I sign off – May this year was probably the busiest I’ve been at work in years… so that combined with excessive Starcraft 2 and Touhou playing has cut deeply into my usual activity on the figure blog scene.  So yeah… down but definitely not out.  I won’t make any promises for more posts or comments or anything but I will say that when figures come in I have been able to churn out reviews in a somewhat timely fashion.  As such, you can blame all the figure manufacturer delays for my lack of posts :P  Been chatting with blowfish on msn lately and on the off chance anyone else would like to drop a line, you should be able to add me through my gmail account.  What, you don’t know it?  Go check my about page.  Or I guess I could just tell you –  madaminu. :P



31 Responses to “Saber Alter Maid”

  1. Shiddo said

    Pretty figure ^^ Gratz on your get ^^
    Thru it seems like she is recycled Saber maid. Outfit seems to be same or almost same sculpt ^^
    Chibi is a nice add – very cute ^^

    • meronpan said


      Yeah, the outfit is exactly the same, but that’s kinda why I bought it :P Really loved the execution on the original so just having that same level of detail was all i wanted ^^

  2. Guy said

    I like your shots, much better than mine :)

    Very beautiful figure, I agree :D

  3. JJ said

    Nice photos.

    One can never have enough Sabers.

  4. I missed the original maid Saber, wished I owned her. If I had known about the Alter Saber version I would sure have picked it up. One more thing, man does she look pale next to the regular saber.

  5. Ninjovee said

    I hate it when these figure reviews come out and make me regret not getting the figure I decided to pass out on!

    But… I’m still happy deciding to get Alter’s and GSC’s versions of Saber Lily instead of deciding between them and getting Saber Alter Maid.

    BUT. I do wish I had the money to buy her. Too bad she’s limited, she’ll definitely have her price spiked up now. ><;

    • meronpan said

      ah gomen, definitely too bad it’s not easier to get figures after they’ve been released… ^^; quick search on ebay was showing prices of 170 usd or more o.O Alas, not sure why they went limited with this one… with the movie out i don’t know why a regular release wouldn’t have done well…

      • Ninjovee said

        I’ve always had a theory about limiteds. Methinks a lot of them are coming out because they see that they’re generating profit for proxy-services — that or, they’re doing it as a litmus test for other upcoming figures if they’ll sell or not? Or maybe they earn less with limiteds which is why they keep them… limited. LOL

        • meronpan said

          your last theory is interesting to me… that they’re not earning much but wanted to run something to better their name or maybe further a business relationship somehow… hmm

          not really sure about proxy bolstering since i would assume the foreign market for such goods is a small %age of the domestic sales… and the middle theory is up in the air unless we get some sales info i guess ^^;

  6. Fabrice said

    Anything maid me likes :3
    She looks very nice ^^

    like Ninjovee said;
    ”I hate it when these figure reviews come out and make me regret not getting the figure I decided to pass out on!”

    • meronpan said

      ah you passed too, despite your maid interests? ^^; well, not that i blame ya. the 25% premium for the proxy service isn’t exactly minor orz

  7. phossil said

    The only made I would like to keep in house~~

  8. Vinn said

    Should I pay the premium for this on Ebay? The original Saber Maid from Alter is one of my favorite in my collection…. Any known bootlegs out there I should beware of??

    • meronpan said

      can’t really answer the first question for ya… it’s your collection and finances ^^

      bootlegs unfortunately i haven’t been keeping up to date on so not really much i can tell ya about that. as always, i hate to make gross assumptions about a country… but if the seller is in china… well, keep your guard up ^^;

  9. lovelyduckie said

    I’ll be doing a review of her soon too, usually I don’t do reviews of figures that a lot of my fellow bloggers have already done. But I really can’t wait to snap some pictures of her :)

  10. yamada said

    She looks really pale then her normal look, Really great figure! Love the maid :3c

  11. Blowfish said

    Hmmm…the thing I always liked the most about the original Maid Saber was her mop but this ones really,really awesome.
    This is probably just me but her pale look and the muted colours really make an impressive figure even though some might call it bland ^^;

  12. Persocom said

    Very nice get. I definitely prefer this one to her original. There aren’t enough pale figures out there. It looks stunningly detailed and delicious, it’s really too bad that it’s so expensive and limited.

  13. Tommy said

    Wow, you think you’re bad? I haven’t updated in…3 months. Just about to write a review on this figure too…but I can’t think of anything at the moment.

    Anyways, I totally agree on the beauty of this figure and really loved the fact that Alter decided to give her base an upgrade over the regular Saber. As for the box, I guess there wasn’t really a need to have any windows since no one will see the figure until they receive it anyways.

    Thanks for the pics!

    • Guy said

      Seems we all took time off more or less at the same time, eh?

    • meronpan said

      hisashiburi~ ^^ 3 months! nice little break ya got going there ^^

      speaking up upgrades, yes, love the base upgrade and all the rest ^^ face done better imo, mop held at an angle adds more oomph, bucket over her shoulder… all great ^^

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