Shamal & Zafila

Posted by meronpan on June 9, 2010

Heilkräftige Hand des Windes & Blauer Wolf… Healing Hand of the Wind & Blue Wolf?  Seriously, Zafila/Zafira’s title is Blue Wolf?  Ah well, just going by what’s printed on the box :P

To be quite honest I wouldn’t have picked her up if I weren’t completing the set, perhaps that’s why I was pleasantly surprised ^^;

Another thing about not being too enthusiastic about her… for some reason that made me think she was 1/8 or something.  That’s anything but true as you’ll see in some comparison shots later… for now, here’s the huge box!

…that doesn’t really tell you much without a reference does it?  Well, it’s about as tall as nanoha’s box.

She definitely feels like the most simple of the gang with just the book.  And poor zafira is tiny.

Is he supposed to be in puppy mode? ^^;

Don’t mind saber in the background :P

…i really shoulda shot this with the lights on to give a little more color to the background ^^;

…let’s put zafira out of his misery.  Just have 2 more shots of him ^^;

On the bright side it’s nice to have the whole gang ^^;

Hey let’s try something… 800 width images!

woo!  Apologies in advance to my 1024×768 viewers… a little over a year ago you guys were about 14% of my readership (or at least, the readers who voted :P) and as time goes on I assume people keep upgrading.  I’ll run the poll again to see what ppl think (i remember even some higher rez folk actually preferred small pics) but I must say one of the few things I can deliver is sharp pics… so rather than try to be foobarbaz or artistic like Tier I’d rather just build on my strength ^^

Speaking of sharpness check these out:

…for examples of not sharp!  ^^;;  Alas, that’s the trade off shooting wide open on my 50 f/1.4.

If nice creamy bokeh from a fast lens is something you’re aspiring for, be sure to check reviews and be ready for less than optimal results shooting wide open (sharpness wise).  Here’s some ISO 12233 shots from a great Canon review site I frequent.  Of course, being able to shoot at f/1.4 can be the difference between having a shot or no shot, so it’s not terrible by any means.  But moral of the story, remember that your lens performance may vary quite a bit throughout its aperture range!

Here’s my 100mm @ f/2.8

And a side by side comparison:

Both shots were focused on the eyes.

Alright, enough geeking out with camera babble.  gomen!

Then again, not really much to say about shamal ^^;  Her outfit is relatively simple and she lacks the exciting accessories everyone else has.

You can see the clear plastic support bar included to suspend the 闇の書 above.

Unfortunately her device is a ring… not the most exciting thing in a figure ^^;

And the other hand~

A little more camera babble… sorry, can’t help myself ^^;  But another reason to get a circular polarizer… shot without:

With polarizer:

Much better, darou? ^^

Not having much to work on, the sculptor perhaps put all the effort into her pantsu?

fancy pantsu!  not expecting that ^^;

The support for shamal’s foot is built in to the base/pre-attached so no futzing around with that ^^

Closer look at 闇の書

Maybe if shamal was less of the team mom she’d be more exciting? ^^;;

close up!

below shot prolly woulda been better without that support bar ^^;

i think it is the impressive 1/7 scale that makes this figure for me ^^

Speaking of which, here are those comparison shots i promised:

Saber’s…1/6? and you can see Shamal’s raised hand gives her a definite height advantage.  (ignore my stupid f/2.8 putting saber all out of focus ^^;;)

Here we go.  f/10 ftw ^^;  KOS-MOS is 1/6!  Haruka is 1/8.  Shamal wins ^^;

Sorry for the delayed review.  She was set to ship together with another May release, I forget who, but whoever it was was delayed and I forgot to change her to ship immediately.  Hobby Search’s system doesn’t really take care of those sort of things by itself ^^;

Check out foo… wait… foobarbaz didn’t get her? ^^;; hmmm… did anyone else put up a review? ^^;;;  My google reader search isn’t turning up with anything and as you’ve probably noticed my starcraft playing has cut deeply into my blog reading ^^;;;  Well, let me know if you see a review up.

At nearly 10,000 yen I can see why people were hesitant to pick her up, but hey, I had to catch ’em all ^^;



30 Responses to “Shamal & Zafila”

  1. Shiddo said

    Shes huge o_o
    Cute figure, with Alter details and quality ^^
    But if I were to get her (and others), it would be probably to get full set as well ^^
    Not rly fav char of the series ^^ One of bottom ranks… even toped by some total side chars ^^

  2. Shazzsteel said

    Good to see someone else who got her. Damn from the looks of your pics with the polarizer, it seems to do wonders with shiny objects, I definitely could use one of those with my D5000. Still working on my camera knowledge and experience, I’ve yet to learn more at the moment.

    I found nothing really exciting about Shamal either, she’s just pretty much something o get to complete the set like you said. I didn;t realize that Zafira was actually kind small in comparison to Shamal until you mention it.

    • meronpan said

      Indeed good to see another set completionist ^^ Well executed but nothing special, alas ^^;

      only problem with circular polarizers is that the good ones run for quite a pretty penny so it may be best to buy a larger thread size + step down ^^; but yes, it’s neat to eliminate the glare with a simple turn of the filter

  3. Rook said

    great review and pics ^__^. Should access your blog more often ^__^

  4. Fabrice said

    Everything looks great!! except……the base =.= i mean i might be the only one, but plain white.. =/
    she looks good nonetheless.

    • meronpan said

      hahah, i’m like a broken record if you read my thoughts on the bases for all the other alter nanohoa figures ^^; i dislike them as well. for such a nice 1/7 set it really is a shame.

      • Shazzsteel said

        Yeah i kinda didn’t like the bases as well, but sometimes simple is nice cause well..its simple. Pretty much neutral feelings though. Another thing about he bases i kinda noticed is that they get the spelling wrong sometimes or the description even.

        I guess if we were to ask for a more fancy base or stand the price would go up :P

        • meronpan said

          not sure how many of like mind there are out there but i would gladly pay a premium for a nicer looking mirror or acrylic base ^^;

          while the engrish in nanoha is one of the series’ trademarks imo, yeah, doesn’t come off so professional when that text makes its way to a base ^^;;

  5. yamada said

    Saw her here around SGD/BND 130+ pretty same as Alter Mio. Maybe not getting since she’s big ^^; really love the details on Yami no Sho, also Shamal and Zafira.

    • meronpan said

      same price as alter mio? wow! i got mio for 6460 yen through hobby search ^^;;

      details are nice where they are too be found… if only there were more! ^^;

  6. punynari said

    I’m a huge Nanoha fan but for some reason I just wasn’t motivated to purchase poor Shamal. Her price tag is very steep and she just lacks something special to make her a must-get-figure.

    Thanks for the review though. It’s nice to see what I was missing.

    • meronpan said

      i wouldn’t be surprised if most who ordered her did it for the set ^^; ‘cuz yeah, nothing terribly special makes it hard to justify the high price…

  7. Hmmm, not much to her. She’s pretty simple but seems to be a decent figure nonetheless. Not too fond of how her face looks though. Something about it… too flat maybe :-/ Not really a Nanoha fan though.

    Yeah, the 100mm macro is quite sharp but my 50mm is more versatile. Not quite as sharp wide open but stop it down a bit and it becomes tack sharp ;)

    • meronpan said

      orz if only shamal was more interesting hahaha. definitely a purchase for die hard nanoha fans only :P

      yeah i forgot to point out that the 50 f/1.4 gets quite sharp stopped down (easily visible in the iso12233 test i linked)… so as you point out it’s not that it can’t compete at similar apertures, but rather only the wide open stuff suffers a bit.

  8. Vinn said

    Got her through the HLJ free shipping sale. Always wonder why she was so expensive compare to the other though guess now I know why. Just need to pickup Signum to complete the set~

  9. phossil said

    a comparison with the other 1/7 Nanoha figurines would be great. ^^
    Do you own the rest figurines right?
    Nice Pics.

  10. Q said

    Looks like that 1024 x 768 users are getting more and more overlooked these days… Is this resolution really THAT outdated (seriously lots of places I see still use this resolution, especially in the public)?

    Shamal does seem pretty minor and um… Not as interesting as other characters in Nanoha series; even her role in combat is on the support / healing side (or the team mum as you mentioned lol…)! Hence why they have to add puppy Zafila as a bonus to this? ^^; As for overall quality there’s not much to say about it for ALTER standard. Maybe the only problem is the high price tag? But then again everything’s inflating these days. Figures are no exception, though prize item figures these days are worth looking – I got myself a 1/6 Sega Miku figure for about the price of a figma (which is considered expensive for some Hongkongers here already since I got mine late lol…)

    • meronpan said

      well, for an engineer/someone who sits in front of computers all day, yes, i would say 1024×768 is pretty dated ^^;; Even my work laptop is 1440×900. But mainstream and public use… yeah, i wouldn’t be surprised if ppl were still holding back. Even if they have monitors that are big enough for it i’m sure lots of people don’t realize/know how they can utilize the higher resolution and increase font size to compensate if it’s getting too small.

      shamal does have that pretty brutal moment in the beginning of A’s when she steals nanoha’s linker core… but otherwise as you say, not so interesting ^^;

      price definitely held this one back imo… zafira isn’t much of a bonus to justify it ^^;;

  11. jpskyline said

    Still take excellent pictures I see ^^ Not my fav out of the bunch :/ Adding you to the ol blogroll, its been a long time meronpan lol ^^

  12. Persocom said

    1280 x 768 works fine for me. Anyways great pictures, she looks good. I think Zafira looks a bit small though, he doesn’t really look like he’s in puppy form but his size certainly says he is. Not a figure I would get (I didn’t get any of this series anyway), but really good to see that even Shamal can get a nice figure. I think the main turn off for most people is she didn’t have very memorable scenes, and definitely not enough screen time. I always liked her colors.

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      yeah, i agree zafira is puppy size but that’s certainly not his cutesy puppy look ^^;

      i suppose if shamal wasn’t part of hayate’s wolkenritter she probably wouldn’t have gotten the figure treatment (or at least not yet ^^;)… they should do an epic figure of caro riding on her dragon ^^

  13. Fabienne said

    Maybe Shamal isn’t the most exciting character from the Nanoha project but the figure itself is very nice, I like her light green clothes.
    She resembles her character from the show very well.
    I also like her standing pose the painted nails and the fancy pants are a nice detail,too.
    your pictures where she is shown in full height a very nice

    On my blog I’ll have 800x5xx as maximum resolution so far
    It saves bandwith(if you have to bother about it) and you can hide some sharpness or other minor flaws ;D

    I think your current resolution is ok ;)

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      definitely something i like about alter – their sculptor’s representations of the characters always seem to be dead on with what i think the they should look like/how they appear in the show.

      thankfully i don’t have to worry about bandwidth, being on wordpress.com and hopefully my readers’ connections are ok so that it isn’t an issue there either ^^; if i did get separate hosting, the first thing i’d do is find (or code if necessary ^^;) a plugin that would let users pick the resolution they wanted so no one was left out ^^

  14. […] sur fond noir, et encore plus quand les couleurs de la tenue de la figurines sont éclatantes. Source Categories: […]

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