Posted by meronpan on June 17, 2010

2 years!  Well, not a big deal considering my considerable drop off in posts ^^;   Read on if you’re into site updates, traffic stats and other such anniversary shenanigans.

Looks like my first year ended at the peak of my traffic… since then I’m been posting less and things have slowed down on the figure acquisition front finally ^^;  In some respects it’s been good though since I think I was on track to burn myself out ^^;

Alas I’ve also been less active posting on your guys’ blogs as well… gomen! m(_ _)m  I will probably never clear my google reader backlog but for now at least, I won’t stop trying :P

Ever since foo-bar-baz added me to his blogroll and began mentioning my reviews in his posts i started getting a huge surge in traffic from Japan… though the rate of Japanese comments still remains at about 0% ^^;;;  Also feel bad that he actually was gracious enough to link to me, only to have my content drop way off ^^;;  Ah well.  I’d rather post less with purpose than all the time out of habit.

Some obligatory stats, shall we?  I am, after all, from a mathematics background.

Year 1 saw an astounding (by my expectations ^^;;) 100k views, and year 2 has upped that by over 50% to almost 165k.  However, the way things are going year 3 will be good if I can match year 1 again ^^;;

Total posts now sitting at around 256, with figure reviews at 81… 53 of those reviews were done in year 1 so you can definitely see how my pace has slowed.

Average views per day peaked June 2009 at 794… been declining ever since.  Currently hovering around 300 (and falling ^^;).

Now to bore you with some reflections over the past year :P

Let’s see, I purchased my first DSLR, got obsessed with niconico, went to Japan twice (lucky business trip ^^), got into touhou, 1cc’d all touhou shmups  on normal except for ufo (so close!), finally got a cell phone with a color screen ^^;, became obsessed with Bad Apple!!, visited singapore for the first time, was sick for an entire month, and made my most expensive figure purchase, ever (though she has yet to arrive, fufufu).

I have a highly addictive personality and lately that’s been directed at StarCraft 2.  I was never into competitive StarCraft/Brood War, but something snapped and now I’m really excited about release and becoming a decent player.  I blame day[9].

working ep 7

I’m still watching anime of course… recently finished off asura cryin’ season 1 (yeah, totally late, i know ^^;) and before that canaan & spice & wolf II… working through mnemosyne along with working and angel beats.

angel beats ep 5

…so yeah I actually have plenty to post about but I’ve gotten out of the groove ^^;;  Hopefully I can spin that up again without falling into another burn out cycle.

If nothing else, lots of great figures coming up in the following months (supposedly… but we all know how common delays are ^^;) and it’ll be my pleasure to provide plenty of pics.  これからも宜しくお願い致します!

Once again, here’s to another year!




24 Responses to “二年か”

  1. Panther said

    Well, congrats on 2 years, I am 2.5 years right now lol. Surprising that I even bothered to keep blogging myself, and same as you, not long after FBB linked to my posts, I started not posting regularly on figures; I bet I am not even on his blogroll anymore.

  2. Shiddo said

    Gratz on 2 years ^^

    So you wana become RTS star? ^^ I used to play Starcraft lot. But no leagues etc. With friends. Then Lord or Rings (even in some clans) and Warcraft ^^ Later DotA mod. I find RTS most fun when they are new and all are “noobs”. Once it gets all pro and builds are there… it’s more or less same and lot of micro… often you can see gg after few units lost ~_~ WTH they give you those huge armies for in various RTS when game is done in 5 mins? ^^; Many players seem to be hungry for quick wins to add stats instead enjoying game. Anyway… good luck with your SC training ^^ I might pick it as well, but guess just mainly for single (cuz I rly like SC story) and fun games ^^

    Recommend you to go for AC 2 to finish the plot ^^ AC has also very nice OST (Angela rox ^^)

    AB is nobrainer xD Was skeptical after 1st ep… not rly what I am used to see from Key (well except some parts), but it’s fun anime to watch and one of my top atm ^^ They could add more Shiina thru ^^;;;;;

    “working ep 7” / Yamada! ^^

    GL with bloging and lf for new posts ^^

    • meronpan said

      doumo~ ^^

      rts star? hahah, no i don’t have delusions of getting that good ^^; rather, i’m just interested in seeing how far i can make it up the ladder, whether that be bronze or diamond.

      not sure if it’s what you were getting at but i would say that the learning curve is quite steep… after all if you know what you’re doing more than your opponent, you build more units. all other things being equal, more units == victory. so to that end you must get quite proficient in the basics before it truly becomes a matter of strategy. on the other hand you’re provided with multiple ways to improve yourself… maybe you can get good at micro and win even when outnumbered. or maybe you’re good at scouting and adapting your build so you gain your advantage with good unit composition. or maybe it’s troop movement, or macro, etc.

      ‘course there’s the all in builds… cheese or no cheese. again you have to get quite decent (by my standards at least) before those sorts of strategies don’t regularly rob you of wins, which can be very frustrating.

      but anyhow, yeah as you can see i’m really lookin forward to it all ^^ i also loved the single player stuff so there’s that as well ^^

      i’m actually still kinda skeptical of angel beats… i’m not really happy with the pacing and juxtaposition of moods… and then there’s our haruhi-look-a-like ^^;; that further distorted my perception of the show ‘cuz it made me continue to expect SOS-dan shenanigans ^^;;;

      that said i don’t hate it or anything… and plus i’m still only on ep 7 or something so there’s a lot left. i reserve final judgment for later ^^

      got a lot more interested in asura cryin’ after reading through a buncha spoilers ^^; just wasn’t getting enough out of the first season and characters started annoying me as usual ^^; i feel like i’m getting more and more impatient with anime ^^; but yeah i do want to get through the second season soon ^^

  3. Persocom said

    Congrats! Wow already that time of year again, I remember last years post ^^ Guess that also means my time is coming up again in about a month too :3 Sure feels strange having made it this far, I still don’t have any idea about my stats XD Well, here’s to another year! Hope we’re both still going this time next year, regardless of the content or frequency of posts ^^

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      i have a kinda strange feeling about 2 years… simultaneously like i just started collecting figures a few months ago and also that i’ve been doing it my whole life ^^;;

      ganbarou ne~

  4. Congrats on 2 successful years ^^.
    What’s this most expensive figure you’re referring to? ;) I look forward to seeing it!
    I pre-ordered SC2 and got access to the beta which I played for 1 game and was about to win (to my surprise) when my opponent left >_< Never got much into Starcraft multiplayer but I loved the campaign and can't wait the continuation of the story in SC2 :D

    • meronpan said

      arigatou~ ^^

      she would be kos-mos… the official volks kos-mos release… http://myfigurecollection.net/figure/27937_kos_mos ^^;; aaaah still can’t believe i did that ^^;; volks better not let me down.

      ah, if your opponent leaves, that’s good! i guess it’s polite to say “gg” before doing so but i don’t think i’ve ever played a game to true completion. well, unless i’m feeling particularly spiteful and want to waste the winner’s time by making them hunt down my buildings all over the map ^^; (though they do have that map reveal after the last nexus/command center/hatch is down)

      i actually played through all of sc1 & brood war these last couple months to remind myself of the story. craaaazy lot of stuff happened i totally didn’t remember ^^;; can’t wait either ^^

  5. Tier said

    Congrats! It still takes a lot of effort and commitment to keep up posting and taking pictures for two years. I know I’ve had days where I really did not feel like writing anything and it feels like a real drag to come up with something interesting to say.

    I played a lot of Starcraft when I was in school but for some reason, I’m not hugely enthused by the second one. Maybe I’m just older now, or I’m not disposed to like Blizzard as much as I used to. I dunno. I’ll probably buy it anyway even though I have a huge queue of other games that I want to get to.

    I’m looking forward to seeing KOS-MOS!

    • meronpan said

      thanx! yeah tell me about it ^^; at one point i think i was posting almost every other day… even though i wasn’t taking pics for those posts it was still lotsa work writing it up, getting pics to not torture readers with walls of text, proofreading… ^^;; guess i didn’t really do much else during that time ^^;

      maybe my sc2 love is part of my susceptibility to mob mentality ^^; i wasn’t that enthused about it either for a while (specially with blizzard’s annoying long development times)… but for some reason after randomly listening to day[9] talk about sc1 and his experiences… really struck a chord i wasn’t aware of ^^; so basically i got into it because of his enthusiasm ^^;

      kos-mos! hopefully volks will stick to their summer release date ^^

  6. Smithy said

    Congrats on 2 years! ^^

    I think as long as you enjoy blogging and the blogosphere then it doesn’t really matter how much you post and how many hits you have. As long as you enjoy it, that’s what it’s all about, no? ^^

    • meronpan said


      indeed that’s always been my philosophy for my site. though i wouldn’t say it’s the only valid approach. the only problem is that if your goal is to cast a wide net and connect with a ton of people… i would say it’s harder to do that without some sort of regular content. (luckily that’s not my goal :P)

  7. Wait, 2 Years? Just 2?? If feels like you’ve been around for longer than that, surely!!
    Oh god, now I feel reeealy old!!

    Forgot that you ordered KOS-MOS. I would have liked to have done so as well, but the timing was all wrong for me. Let’s see how their bayonetta turns out!!

  8. meronpan said

    yeah, just 2 ^^; though if it’s any consolation i believe i kicked off my anime interest after watching ninja scroll and fist of the north way back in 1995 or so.

    belated grats on your third year ^^ yet more proof that i’m totally slacking on my commenting orz

  9. Rin said

    Congrats my friend for making into year 2!!!
    I’m past year 2 of my blog. Hoping to make it 3 soon.
    I wish my blog was as popular as yours but I’ve enjoyed all your posts you came out with!!!
    I have to get to work on my blog to get to where you are right now!!!

    Hope to see more great things from you Meronpan in the years to come!!!

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      glad you’ve enjoyed the content ^^ definitely takes a lot of work but it’s been rewarding to be able to share such an obscure hobby with others ^^ you sure your blog isn’t already more popular? as i mentioned i’m on a decline ^^;; shouldn’t take much to pass me up :P

      kore kara mo yoroshiku~

  10. “I’d rather post less with purpose than all the time out of habit.”

    I agree with that. So I really don’t sweat the fact that I now only post a few times a month. Life has just gotten busy and I don’t want to get to a point where I’m forcing myself to post.

  11. Tommy said

    Hmm…this post just about sums up my shenanigans as well. Nevertheless, congrats on two years. :)

  12. Q said

    Congrtulations on 2 years of blogging! Must be not easy to keep up for this long time (I know it isn’t for me at least), along with keeping up with backlogs on your blogroll…

    Sounds like you got into quite a number of things recently, ranging from Japanese media to StarCraft II!

    Speaking of StarCraft I liked it because it was the first real PC game I’ve gone into. While I sucked (and still suck) at it, I really enjoyed the lore as well as the characters, the environment as well as the music. Spent a lot of time using the StarEdit to make my own singlepayer missions / scenarios. Even though I am not a competitive player at all (in fact, a very casual one), I do look forward to playing SC2 when it comes out next month!

    Oh and yes looking forward to your VOLK’s KOS-MOS! Still trying to reduce my purchase this year but not sure how successful it’s gonna be (well so far just figma and GSC Animation ver BRS and Snow Miku on pre-order, everything else are Gundam-related). Well, I think I can handle it…

    • meronpan said

      actually posting so little each month isn’t much work at all! … … ^^;;; …motto gambarimasu ^^; keeping up with my blogroll has always been troublesome though… i’ll browse through a post, want to comment but not have time to read the post thoroughly and comment intelligently… then i have to reread later… ^^;;;

      also can’t wait for sc2 ^^ and i think the beta will reopen very soon as well ^^

      spending’s always hard to cut… gambarimashou ^^

  13. Blowfish said

    Great to see that so many Blog Buddies that started alongside with me are still alive and kicking :D

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