Nakano Azusa ~ 中野 梓

Posted by meronpan on June 27, 2010

azunya~n ^^

One of two june arrivals, after recently finishing k-on vol. 3 and catching up with the second season… decided to go with azunyan first ^^

Nice petite little box to match azunyan’s figure ^^

Not exactly my favorite pose but hey, it’s alter and nothing else on the market persuaded me otherwise :P

As you’d expect, nothing special going on from her sides and back so let’s just get the once around over with real quick…

Something about her face/expression seems not quite right to me… well… more like, not quite to my taste… but meh, nothing major.

Takin a closer look at her guitar…

If you check out the full size you can see there’s actually some sort of texture on the white part.

pic hand

あずにゃん可愛い~ ^^

As always I wouldn’t mind more detail in her hair, but guess ya can’t expect too much from a 1/8…

gomen azunyan, chotto shitsurei…

I like the clear plastic better than solid colors… but metal bars or something would be best… azunyan’s foot supports are quite… impressive ^^;

matching base isn’t bad

azunyan is just such a great name ^^

As you probably noticed by now she comes with both regular hair and nekomimi ^^

Was looking for something to add some color to the background and just couldn’t find much ^^;

nyan nyan nyan


Decided to stick with yui, mio & azunyan.  maybe i’d pick up ui if they decided to release her but for now gonna save some money ^^;

Yui’s strange face angle really clashes with my lighting setup ^^;;

guess we’ll relegate her to bokeh duty :P

A pretty nice azunyan release in what’s shaping up to be a very nice alter set. Recommended if you want the set or are just looking for the good execution alter provides. I guess it’s in her character to be more reserved but I woulda preferred something more energetic like yui or mio’s pose.

…and again i’m at a loss for linking other reviews. or maybe i put too much faith in the google reader search ^^; ah well, lemme know if ya see others.

Oh, and before I sign off, a little preview of next review~



31 Responses to “Nakano Azusa ~ 中野 梓”

  1. Leonia said

    I really like her expression. She is really dynamic, like Yui and Mio. But I don’t like base, not really the base but clear thing (I don’t know the word for this ^^) Nice review!

  2. Shiddo said

    Cuuute >///< Can't wait to get mine ^^ Alter could show us Ritsu alrdy ^^

    @Leonia yeah… that jump effect like plastic ~ well better then slime like looking Mio (Kotobukiya+Movic) has ^^;

  3. yamada said

    Great! really awesome figure, still the price is also the same as Mio lol

  4. Fabienne said

    Ah Azusa, I considered to buy her too
    I like her face a lot, even though the wide open mouth is not really my taste
    The pose looks nice, it seems like you could also take her off the base and let her sit somewhere.
    The guitar looks great and detailed and the catears are a nice accessory,too
    One thing I don’t really like about this figure is that her right outstretched arm looks a bit strange to me.

    I could give you some japanese reviews about her :D

    • meronpan said

      now that you mention it i also think her right arm looks a bit awkward… pose makes it seem more like she’d be hugging her guitar or something…

      ah, gomen, shoulda clarified my link request… mostly referring to reviews from peeps in my blogroll ^^;

  5. Smithy said

    Excellent photos! Can’t wait for my Azusa from Alter to arrive! ^^

    Actually liked the pose of the Megahouse version a lot more than Alter’s but so far haven’t seen the Megahouse one pop-up anywhere for (pre)order. So the Alter one will do for now!

    Do believe this pose by Alter limits the best viewing to pose angle to front and front/side, one you see her from full left, full right or back it looks a bit too odd.

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      megahouse has a release on the way? must’ve been there’s i was thinking of when i thought there was one with a pose i liked better…

      i actually like it when figures have a limited viewing angle… makes my review job easier :P

  6. I bet the whole set will really look lovely together in the end. Even though I’m not a fan of Azusa I think her expression and pose in this figure are adorable!

  7. Azusa is cute. Although I don’t like her pose and I can’t get over that silly base, she’s still cute ^^. Thanks for sharing!

    • meronpan said

      my pleasure ^^

      actually i didn’t notice that they had the same standoff in the promoshots ^^; but i’d love to just have the clear acrylic or whatever they usually use for those shots… no need for logs or anything for me ^^;

  8. Persocom said

    She looks great, good shots ^^ Her support is a little oddball but other than that she looks good enough to me. I just didn’t get her because I decided there was way too much K-On! merch coming out way too fast, and I opted out on all the scaled figures. Will be getting the Figma though, and just recently reviewed the Nendo.

    • meronpan said

      doumo~ ^^

      indeed, houkaga tea time is getting the full scaled, figma, and nendo treatment… lotsa to keep up with ^^; actually now what i really want is volume 4 ^^; enjoyed the manga much more than the anime this time around ^^;;

  9. Rin said

    Waiting on mine to come in. I shouldn’t have went cheap and waited for some other figure to come out then come together…
    Oh well…Love the photos!!!
    Looking at Azusa’s Fender Mustang…makes me want to pick up my red Fender Mustang and play Listen!!

    • meronpan said

      i actually had azusa bundled with brs but lucked out since they were released pretty close to each other ^^; no worries, saving on shipping is important, especially to fund trips like yours! :P

      i don’t play guitar but i also get an itch to pick up an instrument after watching for a while ^^;;

  10. Fabrice said

    O.o dam she looks amazing, also with yui and mio next to each other ….
    D: why didnt i get them,….despair.

  11. superchan said

    moe moe azu nyan !!!

  12. Most lovable K-On! character there!
    azunyan22.jpg <- Wow! Sharpened up a bit and set as my wallpaper, thanks!

    • meronpan said

      and the poor thing always wants to practice but no one will humor her ^^;

      glad ya liked the pic! it was taken at f/2.8 so the dof was rather shallow… if ya want here’s a version i took at f/8 which should have more of the gals in focus. of course, that means the bokeh isn’t as nice so perhaps the trade off isn’t worth it. at any rate, enjoy whichever ^^

  13. Q said

    Still haven’t really watched K-On! to make comments on the characters (basically hype hasn’t got into me), but Azusa is indeed a very cute-looking character from appearance. I don’t actually have much comments about the pose (a jumping pose and suspending in midair – that’s all I can say), but it appears that people have mixed to negative view on the support part that connects to her feet to show she’s in midair. You’d prefer them to be metal poles like those on Fate right?

    Like how the guitar has strings, and you can see the details on the guitar pretty well~ Another nice stuff from ALTER. Btw didn’t know you got both versions of BRS there; you planning to have them side by side?

    • meronpan said

      wow, you’ve avoided k-on all this time? amazing :P ‘course it is just your average slice of life anime so it’s not like you’re missing too much ^^;

      indeed i do prefer metal bars since they’re less obtrusive and nice and simple

      as soon as i free up some space in my detolfs, yes, i’d like to display the brs collection together. unfortunately right now there’s no space ^^;

  14. superuana said

    I picked up one of her, yui as well ^^
    but for the mio, I decided to get the school festival ver. (looks cuter)
    and Alter ritsu’s face looks way off to me (The drum set looks nice thou), So Im getting the max factory ver. of ritsu. and Tsumugi needs to show off her money power more, but she dosen’t, and I need to save money to get a ui if they releases her….
    I also got a set of 5 wave 1/10 k-on figures ($250~) and they look quite awesome. especially mio and yui

    • meronpan said

      i actually decided to get a second mio, but it was freeing’s ^^; should hopefully have that review in the coming weeks…

      alter’s ritsu looks odd to me ‘cuz her expression doesn’t quite match the energy of her pose… or maybe it’s both lacking some omph… ah well. made it easier for me to decide not to collect the whole set ^^;

      nice get on the set. always love having full sets ^_^

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