初音ミク VN02 mix ~ Hatsune Miku

Posted by meronpan on July 3, 2010

Well as you can you see I’ve delayed the BRS review yet again… when VN02 arrived I just couldn’t resist ^^

久しぶりのMax Factoryリリースだな。 Been a while since my last Max Factory review.

With their figma craze I guess it’s not too surprising ^^; (though i really should’ve gotten their recent tama-nee release ^^;)

VN02 is another figure I got without really knowing much about her origins.  Miku with a dash of mecha was definitely enough to persuade me though :P

Turns out this rendition of miku is courtesy of nagimiso (blog… i think? ^^;) for a cover of moon.

nagimiso is also behind the rin release later this year.

Pretty much love everything about this release… pose, the mecha elements, outfit, color scheme… very striking ^^

I really like miku stuff but it’s usually ‘cuz I’m amazed by the covers that make the rounds on niconico.  If you’re not a fan of miku’s voice I recommend giving the covers a try… human voice adds a lot imo ^^

Hard to convey in the pics so far since there’s no reference but she’s actually a lot smaller than I thought.

Of course with her base and mecha attachment thingies and hair she takes up quite a bit of space.

Actually now that I look at it I have no idea what’s going on with that base… some sort of engine thing spewing green flames everywhere?  or something? ^^;

Her right leg has some sort of… armor… extension… thing ^^; that sits in the base to help support her… had to bend her a bit to get it to fit though nothing out of the ordinary (though that sort of thing always makes me uneasy ^^;).

Base material reminds me of freeing’s kanu.

Like all the little details on her outfit

Because she’s got so much going on you can appreciate vn02 from a wide variety of viewing angles ^^

Or up close macro style

Though I must say up close (read: reaaaaaaally close) you start to see a lot of minor flaws in the paint and such.

Luckily it’s nothing you’ll ever notice unless you only view your figures with magnifying glasses.

Love her sleeves which fade into transparent material ^^

That combined with the arm length gloves, just great ^^

You can actually notice the imperfect transparency from further away as it weirdly distorts light but again, so much else to appreciate, hard to get hung up on such a small detail.

They should add VN02 to the cast of exelica in a new game :P

Prolly shoulda used a narrower aperature for the above shot… ah well ^^;

I dunno why but I like the above shot ^^  Not as much as the below shot thou :P

mmm she just begs for shots from every angle ^^

Nice details in her outfit~  and if you haven’t noticed by now… vn02 is also much more well endowed than normal miku ^^;

maybe it’s just ‘cuz i like the color green but i think this is an amazing release ^^;

‘nother look at her headset thing

Of course love her long flowing hair.  Awesome twin tails ^^

‘nother look from above

Again used the highlight tone priority since vn02’s outfit has black + white.

‘nother portrait

Ah, actually do have one comparison shot.  The good ‘ol gsc release:

sorry for the pic deluge, I was just having too much fun :P

Someday I’m gonna get around to making some improvised light controls… until then… ooo single light from the side! … … … ^^;;

not that that doesn’t change things up nicely… just wish i had other tricks up my sleeve ^^;

Probably the biggest downside to this figure is the price… retailing at 12,800 yen she’s nothing to sneeze at.  amiami actually had her for 9800 yen and for some reason I got an additional 15% off (some sort of sale maybe?) so my final total w/ems shipping was 11,370 yen.  Still pricey though ^^;

If you can spare the cash, a pleasure to behold and a solid addition to any collection ^^



29 Responses to “初音ミク VN02 mix ~ Hatsune Miku”

  1. Persocom said

    Great shots, this is the first I’ve seen of her so I’m glad you did her first ^^ Originally I was ecstatic about this figure but as time went on and other things took priority the price looked uglier every time I thought about it. I just decided the price wasn’t agreeing with me and my PVC space is rather limited. I did expect her to be a bit bigger as well but it looks like she does hog a nice amount of space. I still think she looks great but I’m not really interested in buying her anymore.

    • meronpan said

      my pleasure ^^ because i was so decided on the purchase i didn’t even realize how much I paid for vn02 until i looked it up in my e-mail… was a real shock ^^;

      considering that freeing’s kanu is listed for 2000 yen less it is rather surprising they didn’t at least go 1/7 with this one. alas. if they didn’t push that price up so much i’m sure everyone would’ve picked her up

    • HunterKillerMX said

      Exactly the same happened to me.

  2. aos said

    Max Factory really out did themselves with this piece. I’d even go as far to say it’s one of their best scale figures… they keep coming out with new vocaloid figures like the Rin you mentioned, and even that Miku Append ver- Nothing so far has topped this though(I have a feeling GSC will really wow us with that LiW Miku at the upcoming wonfes however :P )

    This figure does have its flaws though, and your wonderful macro shots really bring them out! I’ve been looking at a lot of reviews done by other bloggers who already got their hands on this figure- and I can definitely see some inconsistencies from figure to figure. Some lean to the right, some have a slight lean to the left, and of course the paint job changes dramatically too. Nonetheless, this figure is definitely one of a kind, and it even seems to be glowing.

    That comparison shot with the regular GSC miku & MF’s VN02 miku… it’s kind of shocking how small VN02 Miku really is. The dynamic pose makes up for it I suppose.

    TL;DR- Fantastic review & great macro shots as always; 11,370Y is a great price for this- especially including EMS shipping! She’s definitely one of MF’s best figures imo… her dynamic pose & bright green twintails will really stand out in any collection.

    • meronpan said

      ahhh i’m such a bad miku fan. totally forgot about that miku append preview and love is war miku… ^^;;; ever since i heard that russian singer do a liw cover i really got into that song ^^ but anyhow yeah, not sure if either of those will top this… maybe liw…

      it definitely is a shame about the flaws but luckily with so much eye candy and the smaller scale it’s harder to notice.

      pose also adds quite a bit of height overall but yeah just looking at her body she’s tiny

      glad ya enjoyed the review. i really lucked out on the pricing ^^;

  3. Vinn said

    I was really on the fence on buying this. Only reason I got it was because Hobby Search email notified me that it was in stock and they had the 50% off shipping campaign running. That and boredom. It came out to 11,962 yen, a tad expensiver then AmiAmi with there 15% off. Reading reviews on the figure doesn’t give me a good impression that GSC got there quality control in order. I still get a bit steamed when I remember the Saber Lily I got and she had a blue paint smudge on her transparent part of the skirt. Had to do a little improvised damage control to get rid of it.

    • meronpan said

      hope your copy turns out nicely. and disappointing to hear about your experience with saber lily. guess i’m lucky i haven’t had any sort of trouble like that with any of my recent orders… good to hear you were able to fix the problem.

  4. yamada said

    The best figure of Miku by Max Factory, I love it.

    Want to have one of your pic for my desktop wallpaper. :3

  5. Fabienne said

    congratulations to this awesome figure,vn0223.jpg is my favorite picture
    In terms of detail the figure totally rocks, her outfit looks great with the crinkles and seams here and there.
    These sleeves are ultra cool with the purple lines on the transparent parts.
    The figure looks very well sculpted I also like her body proportions.
    Her mature and serious face is also nice part
    Its nice that her “sidepods” can be taken off

  6. Shiddo said

    Wow… tbh I had very little interest in this version, and never payed 2 much attention to all the details on this figure. I must say, after reading and goin thru all your photos, my interest in this figure went up ^^
    Rly a great figure and just love that base!
    Still she is out of current budget… so will most likely pass on her T-T
    Thx for great photos ^^

  7. phossil said

    First reason I wasnt interested in thid figure was the green hair color of Miku, but now that I see your pictures (and the quality of every detail in the figure) I realize its very good.

    • meronpan said

      funny i think part of the reason i was so drawn to vn02 was her green hair ^^; really stood out and got my attention. anyhow, glad you enjoyed the pics ^^

  8. Fabrice said

    Im not very keen on the green O.o
    im trying to imgaine it with the blue color XD

    but nice shots and overall the pose and all is good.

  9. Hellseven said

    boy I’m glad I saw your review, I had mine arrived yesterday and freaked out a bit that I thought the base was cracked….when I saw the image for the base you took I was relieved LOL…

    a small part side of the base came off tho’, I thought it’s probably a lousy glue job, but overall a very stunning figure, loved it ! loved your review of it too, made me even happier having her in my display case ^^

  10. Tommy said

    I don’t really like this VN02 version for some reason. Maybe it’s too green…or the neon green…whatever reason, I like the original Miku more. Her price tag was also something I didn’t like.

    Very nice shots though.

  11. lovelyduckie said

    I ended up not pre-ordering her because of the price, BUT I think she is an awesome figure. I LOVED that you threw in a shot of the original GSC Miku, when she first came out she got SO MUCH attention but man…Miku has been re-created into so many gorgeously detailed figures that it feels easy to forget about her first figure that caused a lot of hype in the figure community.

    • meronpan said

      quite a difference from the the gsc release, isn’t it? ^^; i’ve always loved how the fans took a simple mascot character and turned her into so much more. and not just the ones making music but also artists and niconico’s suprisingly talented singers… looking forward to see what love is war miku will look like ^^

  12. Blowfish said

    Hmm…Ive gotta say I definately dig the more “realistic” face and body proportions over the regular Miku.Shes a little TOO green for my tastes though ^^;
    This reminds me how awesme black background shots can look with transalucent things.

  13. […] recent times, figure makers have offered new takes on the Vocaloid mascot, casting her as a sort of warrior clad in robotic armor and as a pit crew worker. Even more conventional takes on the character, such as Good Smile […]

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