BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER Black blade ver.

Posted by meronpan on July 5, 2010

Finally!  Meant to have this review out a lot earlier but azunyan love & vn02 pushed it out a bit.  Above I was actually going for a full on silhouette but didn’t execute the lighting properly… ended up pasting a bw version of the pic over the original then just erasing over the flame to add some color… turned out ok maybe i guess?  ^^;  lemme know whacha think

Nice colorful box that’s actually quite wide yet narrow.  Even without the mondo base they still needed to fit her twin tails

Ah, and don’t forget all the accessories.

So the first thing I thought when setting up for this review was, “Well, screw being original, I liked my shots last time on black, let’s try that again…”

Turned out pretty nice I guess but then I remembered why I did all those shots on white… bit harder to see any details when she’s melting into the background ^^;; (like the black bg for style purposes though)

Alrighty, well, now you can see a bit better.  ‘course now you can see my inexperience with white lighting ^^;

I’ll have to try again, but part of my problem is that i wasn’t having much success illuminating my light box with my smaller light so then my background is way blown out… not sure how you normally describe it but it seems to detract from the subject when your background light is overpowering…

But enuf of my photo woes, just look at her!  A pleasure to behold from all angles… for once I enjoyed doing the once around ^^

As you can well see brs has her coat off… it actually attaches to the base with it’s own peg.  It also has an awkward sort of peg that she grabs onto.

Thankfully it didn’t take me tooo long to get it in ^^;

pettanko lovers can rejoice, damn brs is flat ^^;

like seriously, super flat

You might notice her skin tone is a bit more healthy… not sure if that’s consistent with the actual color but super pale isn’t my thing so I didn’t have any qualms tweaking the white balance ^^;

Execution is very solid.  No complaints from me ^^

Base is very nice.  Not as nice as the rock cannon release but as always, just compared to a plain white disc, it’s amazing :P

I thought it was a really nice touch with the broken blade stuck in the floor ^^

Like the first release, just love how her hair is flowing everywhere all crazy

And of course this is the black blade ver, very nice to add another blade to my collection ^^

Now strangely I didn’t notice any instructions in the box so I had to check online for the direction of her blade… but then from what I could tell it looked like the official shots had the blade facing forward?  Couldn’t figure out why she’d be holding the blade that way so went with it the other way (my reasoning being that if she swung it from this position the blade would actually contact instead of the back of the sword?).  Ah well, let me know if there’s a reason for her to be holding it the other way.  Oh and about the instructions… did she come with any?

alternate parts for her blue eye which go nicely in well lit conditions.  really makes the blue stand out

again like the previous release you just have to switch out her bangs rather than mess with a separate flame piece.  Caution on this version though it seems like you could easily rub off some paint on her arm trying to get it in place.

short shorts

so no pantsu today :P

prolly shoulda used a smaller aperture but below at least you can see her crazy hair ^^

A color version of the top pic:

Better angle than the top pic too… didn’t have blade version rotated right for the silhouette so you can’t see her flame as much.

I did manage to slip in some shots on black:

Personally I like it but again, not so great when you’re trying to also show off the figure for review purposes ^^;

showing off her slender figure~


kinda like the below shot

‘nother group shot but on black~

‘course i had to boost up blade version to get her on equal footing as the previous release ^^

Guess I went a little overboard again… lotsa pics today ^^;

Well, といっても here’s the last one

The economic brs I’d say ~ retailing 3,000 yen cheaper than the previous release, all she’s lacking is a crazy cannon and base. and I’m sure some prefer the blade to the canon anyway.

If you haven’t already, check out anonymous object’s Cool and Spicy for a nice review!

Not much to say today so guess I’ll leave it at that for now ^^



25 Responses to “BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER Black blade ver.”

  1. yamada said

    If she wields both black blade, I’ll love it more! Both Original ver. and Black Blade ver looks great there before the last pic. ^.^)o

  2. Fabienne said

    the sword wielding BRS looks very sexy with the black background.
    Im not a big fan of both figures,but I prefer the one with the sword,
    her neck and back part are very attractive *drool*

    • meronpan said

      i considered doing all the pics on black but figured it’d be best to mix it up a bit ^^;

      swords make pretty much everything better in my book so i had to get her :P

  3. SealedTime said

    I have both of them as well and wow, they are amazing. The quality and everything. I currently have both of them side by side, the anime vers. on Pre-order and Dead Master. I am officially broke but hey :D

    Loved your pictures as well, Imma steal one of em for a wallpaper ehehehe.

    • meronpan said

      ahh so you fell into the trap as well, huh? after getting the first two and seeing the anime version i basically couldn’t see why i’d pass on the third if i liked the others so much ^^;

      glad ya liked the pics! ^^

  4. kesenaitsumi89 said

    No Pantsu shot today… Hmm.. Maybe she isn’t wearing one?! LOL

  5. Nice shots! I too wondered about her blade and which direction she was supposed to be holding it. I had the sharp edge facing away from her so that when she swings forward she would slash what was in front on her. At least that made sense to me ^^;

    I like the side-by-side comparison pics. Nice to see what I missed out on by not getting the Cannon version ^^; The Rock Cannon is awesome but I also like her Black Blade version. Plus, I’m cheap and the Cannon version was sold out so I’ll just stick with the blade version ;)

    About your white background photos, it looks like you’ve got too much light reflecting off the surface behind the subject and seems to be creating veiling flare (I think that’s the term ^^;) Maybe you could create more distance between the subject and the background to let more of that light fall off or perhaps orient your lights differently so they’re reflecting at a different angle? Just a suggestion, I’m definitely not an expert either xD

    Also, love the silhouette shots. Very cool! (I should try that ^^)

    • meronpan said

      good to see i wasn’t alone in my sword direction decision ^^

      nice thing is they’re both good so it’s a win win in my book. save money by only getting one or have two awesome figures ^_^

      veiling flare huh? definitely sounds like it could be the right term ^^ the angles idea is interesting i’ll have to see what i can do with that. distance could be harder since i was already at the edge of the box ^^; though now i have a lot of parameters to try ^^; (strong light to light up light box/weaker light) x (back light/side light)… will have to try when i’m not rushing to finish the review ^^;

      silhouettes are fun, definitely recommended ^^

  6. Tommy said

    Hmm…just one question. Does the blade version BRS fit on the Cannon version’s base?

    I much prefer the Cannon version because of the better looking base and bigger weapon. I don’t really like BRS showing that much skin neither…her head looks too big when her coat is off.

    • meronpan said

      with much reservation i tried it out (i hate putting brs’s cannon and chain back in place ^^;;) aaaand well… kinda? despite having only 2 foot pegs and a wedge, blade version actually has the 3 holes in her feet that makes her compatible with the cannon base. however her legs don’t really line up so you’d have to bend it over a bit to get her rear foot seated. i didn’t feel comfortable bending mine but it seemed like it could probably make it.

      being so anemic i think i agree i like her better with the coat to give her a bit of mass ^^; thematically though i think the less hefty base complements her lighter appearance (‘course i also like the bulkier base overall :P)

  7. Nopy said

    It’s so detailed, I love it. Sometimes I wish she wasn’t so flat, but I guess that’s part of her charm.

  8. Tier said

    Nice pictures! Though they get chopped off on my screen because of their width (I run 1920 resolution but I don’t usually maximize my browser). I’ve got the feeling I ought to like the BRS franchise more, given how much skin she shows. I wish she had just a bit more chest, though. Like maybe half a handful at least. Even a thumb-and-finger-ful would be good.

    I sorta wish I hocked the first BRS figure for big money so I could get the anime version … I don’t mind having multiple figures of one character, but I prefer that they be of different scale or from different manufacturers. I guess I might get the anime version anyway. I dunno.

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      sorry ’bout the cropping ^^; width wise they should fit (just) on 1280 but actually the portrait shots are 1200 pixels tall so they will still be cut off unless you’re full screen on 1920×1200 ^^;;; (maybe i should rethink the size for those ^^;;)

      yeah if i was only going for one i think i’d probably ditch the two i have in favor of the anime version. in general i prefer action poses. it does feel sorta weird/excessive having so many brs figures from gsc all 1/8… probably my set completion disease flaring up again ^^;

  9. lovelyduckie said

    She’s great but I prefer the animation version so far.

  10. Blowfish said

    Hmmm…Ive never been too hot for BRS and only bought her for her big ass gun and scar so im probably not the most qualified to talk ^^;
    Personally I feel that her pose resembles the pose of the original BRS too much and it doesnt feel like a whole different figure but a remix.
    Add the fact that she doesnt wield a gun and I am out.

    I guess that shes great for BRS maniacs though?

    • meronpan said

      i think for most people it’s just nice having a choice between the sword, canon and anime versions. ‘cuz yeah these two figures releases so far are pretty dang similar ^^; in retrospect i probably should stuck with just the canon versions or maybe (had i known) just the anime version…

      for fans that appreciate her pettanko body and/or swords i can definitely see why they’d prefer this version thou ^^

  11. Q said

    Saw this figure released when I was in Japan last month. I’ve been hearing a lot of recent figures whose qualities are not up to expectation, but this BRS does look pretty good, even when I looked at it throw the box, as well as the figure displayed in CGM Night 8.

    Nice shots as usual. White background shots may be a little too bright due to lighting as some has said above me, but since I am not too into photography I can’t say much more than that. Btw that silhouette shot in the first pic is very cool – lots of negative shapes makes the curves stand out a lot more.

    Can’t say much about the pose of holding the sword behind the back – sometimes ‘cool’ poses don’t necessary make much sense… ? ^^; All of a sudden I remember Cloud does something similar when he prepares for battle in Dissdia Fantasy…… Oh wait you’re talking about the Black Blade itself. Didn’t take notice of the proto shots so I didn’t know the blade was facing forward there. Possibly a mistake I dunno?

    I think I still prefer the Rock Cannon version afterall. As Tommy said she is unfortunately a bit too flat to wear such bikini tops and to expose so much skin – it may be better if she has a bit more curves there (especially in artistic view – more curves makes more interesting shapes), so having her coat on in Rock Cannon version covers that part partially but still interesting enough to show gaps and negative shapes etc. As for weapons I think both looks cool, so I’d love to swap between the cannon and swords whenever I want (starts dreaming away)… Oh well I’ll just do that for the figma one when it comes out; should have anticipated delays just like most figures these days orz

    Still, nice to see both versions side by side. I’ll wait for the figma one and the animation version. Didn’t plan to get the latter but I guessed I ended up pre-ordered it because I was in a really bad mood back then – something related to retail therapy?!

    • meronpan said

      ah very nice. always nice to get a the in person viewing of a figure to get a better sense of how it turned out.

      i’ll have to shoot more on white to fine tune my technique. looking at my pics now yeah it’s totally obvious that there was too much flare/glare or whatever it’s called.

      figma looks pretty darn good. mistook it for a scaled figure in danny’s post ^^;;

      i’m looking forward to having the animation version + dead master anime version. should be able to get some nice pics ^^

      indulging in hobbies definitely helps improve mood ^^

  12. korean said


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