I am playing a lot of StarCraft

Posted by meronpan on August 9, 2010

So I apologize for my tardy reviews ^^;;;

Vivio, Mio, and Sheryl are all waiting in my queue but I still haven’t been able to tear myself away.

Luckily Tier has you covered for Vivio.  Awesome pics, check it out if ya haven’t already.  Check it out again if ya have, it’s great ^^

Had a whole post but it was mostly just inconsequential ranting so I’ll just leave it at this:  awesome game.  Single & multi both very solid.

Looks like I’m currently a low diamond 1v1 player though I’m happy to play whatever else. Send me a tweet if you’d like to look me up in game.

En taro tassadar!

And we’ll see if I can get those reviews out in the next week or two ^^;;;



31 Responses to “I am playing a lot of StarCraft”

  1. Dont worry, i have a computing test tomorrow and most of us are playing that instead of revising lol

  2. kesenaitsumi89 said

    Nice game indeed. ^^

  3. Smithy said

    Game addictions can be fun… but addicting! Wait,err… never mind. =P

    Enjoy SCII! ^^

  4. Tier said

    Thanks for the shout out XD It feels really weird that I still haven’t gotten Starcraft II yet; maybe it’s a sign that I’m getting real old or something, or my interests are shifting, which is a strange feeling since I’ve been playing video games for the vast majority of my life.

  5. Q said

    You sure sound very competitive. On the contrary I am just a casual cooperative-preferred player who wants to play things easy and enjoy the storyline etc. I joined the US region, so I can look you up if you wanna, and refer you to match against my competitive cousin I guess. Interested? :o

  6. Rin said

    I’m playing a bit of SC2 as well (on my laptop) but currently in Japan so I don’t have much time playing it. Will play a ton once I get home though!!!

  7. Nopy said

    I never really got into SC so I still haven’t bought SCII. All of my friends are trying to convince me to get it though.

    • meronpan said

      if you’re an rts fan, you should get it, but otherwise not sure why they’d be trying to convince ya ^^; just ‘cuz it’s a good rts won’t necessarily make ya like rts’ more ^^;

  8. Shiddo said

    Ha I am playing SC alot 2 ^^ (thats why I noticed your post now heh ^^;;;;)
    Kind drug of last days ^^ Was fan of 1st one and WC as well and Blizzard delivered once again nice story and awesome cutscenes and animations ^^

    As for RTS… nothing revolutionary in gameplay thru. Still mine crystal/gas based. 1 unit production. Only 1 kind of attack (special abilities excluded). It’s all good for fans of oldschool SC, but would like some inovations. Also kinda waste, that in MP you can only use only like half of units compared to campaign T-T.

    Good example is Warhammer 40k. There are awesome kill/death animations, dead bodies, most of units can use range/melee attacks and it can rly change flow of battle and looks more realistic ^^ Also squad system is nice.

    On other side, Blizz delivers where other lack. SP missions are awesome and each is different and unique. You don’t get the feeling you just playing another skirmish map ^^

    Lack of LAN for private use is kinda lame… LANparties were quite popular here. Now you need to be hooked online all the time… wonder how will it manage multiple ppl from one source. Whole bnet idea is not bad, but needs lot of polishing. Thing, you are unable to play games with ppl from different servers(continents) is one of them ><

    Pitty would love to try some games with ya. Well good luck with your Protoss crussade ^^
    All in for Terrans here ^^

    • meronpan said

      I agree they didn’t really innovate but i think that probably wouldn’t have been well received by the fans. Too much innovation and you risk alienating the fans who like the original. Personally I like the mix of new mechanics and classic elements… who knows maybe they’ll make a new series where they experiment more :P Didn’t they start hiring for an unannounced game a few years back (thought it was post and d3, sc2 so something else…)? Don’t remember ever hearing what that was…

      lan, regional lock down and other bnet stuff are indeed lacking… but at least despite those flaws i’m still having a great time with it. depressing that a leading game company couldn’t deliver on those fronts thou ^^;

  9. Have fun! I’ve actually never played a Starcraft game.

  10. Heya,

    I haven’t visited your blog since… forever. I lost the bookmark after switching laptops and totally forgot about your blog, but I’m back! Hopefully, you still remember me :P. It’s funny how you always end up getting the figures I want and our interests end up similar.

    I’m playing SC2 as well, but I’m a low platinum player. I also play Protoss :D. But I can’t for the life of me get up beyond low plat. Wanna be SC2 buddies? :D

    • meronpan said

      heyhey, of course i remember ya ^_^ always happy to know that my tastes are similar to someone out there… means my reviews are at least slightly useful ^_^;

      you have a twitter account? or msn? probably just being overly paranoid but i’ve been giving my sc2 account info out through those channels rather than publicly broadcasting it for now. drop a line, would be happy to add ya ^^

  11. GNdynames said

    Hey man

    I should be studying for MCATs, hence the hiatus on pretty much everything due to working at the same time, but ugh…

    I’m ranked low gold because I don’t play enough and a quarter of my losses were due to cheese builds, though I can hold my own against my friend who is platinum. I play Terran.

    • meronpan said

      ah mcats… good luck! i actually took those but never ended up going to med school ^^;; one helluva test, but nothing a little determination can’t overcome ^^

      i think i’d probably be in gold or low platinum had i not been practicing a dt opening ^^;; recently i switched to a more standard opening but haven’t played too many matches… i won’t be surprised if i get demoted ^^;;

      man terran! i need to practice against terran more. i get absolutely destroyed by a good marine/marauder opening ^^;

      • fear terran no more, for the nerf bat is a-swinging! Siege tanks taking a massive hit next patch, maybe the 1 1 1 build will be less scary and we’ll no longer see players with only 35 apm in the upper platinum range.

        • meronpan said

          ummm i’m low diamond with ~35 apm ^^;;; hahaha

          need to start practicing again… pretty sure i belong in platinum right now, if that even ^^;;;

          excited to see how the siege tank changes play out… i do love my chargelots ^^

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