Al・Azif ~ inoue takuya version

Posted by meronpan on August 29, 2010

Despite having picked up Alter’s metatron (ugh, forgive my horrible white balance from back then ^^;;), still haven’t partaken in an Demonbane.  As such al azif was able to convince a purchase out of me on execution alone ^^  Really liked the preview shots and orchid seed didn’t disappoint!  Little warning, Al Azif has some nsfw castoff!

I believe this is my first Orchid Seed figure.  Think the only reason I don’t have many more of their figures is that usually they’re a bit too far on the ero side of the spectrum for my collection ^^;

Found it hilarious that 75% of the box is for her stand and ribbons ^^;

Speaking of which I was not pleased to see that I would have to attach a shitton of ribbons to her ^^;;;  And they’re all different!  Luckily they did include some assembly instructions but still made me nervous given my history with little parts ^^;

Her base is really neat… but unfortunately it was actually a bigger pain than all the ribbons!  For some reason the book doesn’t really attach neatly even though it looks everything’s lining up.  To make things worse the book is hollow (or feels as such), so I was afraid to apply too much pressure and possible crack something…

After finally getting the book down I was also surprised to find the pegs for her feet were also really hard to get attached ;_;

Wasn’t able to get then in without twisting them on one at a time first… and even then I ended up detaching the book from the base on accident… gads it was like 30 minutes before I had her assembled!!!

Thankfully that’s all over with… at least until I move again ^^;

A bit of a departure from the usual anime character proportions… al azif has a bit more meat on her bones than the average gal :P

From what little I do know of her, Al Azif is normally of more loli proportions… not sure if this is a re-imagining of her character or some sort of transformation (in which her clothes stay the same size ^^;).

All the ribbons seemed a bit overboard when I first saw her in the box but after getting everything attached I like how she looks ^^

Anyone able to tell me what the funny looking wing things on her back are? ^^;

Ah well, on to some close up shots…


Those pantsu really look stretched to the limit ^^;

Bit of a chip or something on the paint but unless you’ve got your face planted in her crotch I doubt it’d be noticeable :P

Moving on to less ecchi shots…

Love the detail on her finger nails ^^  Crop from above pic:

One of her feet has this weird standoff that doesn’t firmly attach to the base… made getting that peg to fit even more of a problem ;_;

You can see it here not quite resting flat ;_;

Other foot attaches well enough after you finally get it on the peg.

Really liked the base in the preview shots, wish it fit together better but otherwise pretty satisfied.

Nice long hair~

Decent detail in her outfit~

Like her expression a lot for some reason

Time for some oppai~

You have to remove a couple parts of her outfit to get to her bust but once you do you can remove it (in my case with much difficulty orz) and replace with the bare oppai.

Personally won’t be using it since not only would that creep out my roommates way too much but it also just looks sort of weird that her outfit only got destroyed in one place like that ^^;

Alrighty, I think that pretty much covers her oppai option ^^;

Triple ahoge ftw

Some high angle shots~

And low angle~

Top pic w/small dof:

Nice 1/7 release with good execution and an interesting base… a bit pricey at 9800 yen though I got her at amiami for 7520.

Didn’t see to much of her around, I suppose not as popular? ^^;



18 Responses to “Al・Azif ~ inoue takuya version”

  1. Nopy said

    The quality looks decent, but it’s a bummer that it’s so hard to put together. I really like the book base though, it’s really unique.

  2. yamada said

    Al-Azif from Demonbane right? I saw the chibi version of her, this is the first time I’ve seen her in this version. I got the urge to have her now XD May be to have her soon. Since she have the castoff it might dangerous for me since I’m living with my parents ^^;

    Really nice figure I must say, I love her expression there.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, demonbane. as i mentioned i’m not sure if this grown up version is canon from the game or just an artist’s rendition of her for fun…

      just hide the spare boobs somewhere and your parents would never notice ^^ although she is baring her pantsu ^^;;

  3. Shiddo said

    Base and assembling seems like a problem. Always love that, “complete models” and one ends up putting few parts together (no glue required) together ^^;;; Ah… worst are those castoff figs, that you mostly need fully dismember to get rid of plastic films ^^;

    It’s an interesting ver of Al Azif focused on ecchiness ^^
    Alternate color exclusive is nice as well ^^
    2 me best parts are face and hair + book idea ^^
    But she wont make it into my budget -_-

    Still nice to see a good review of her! Thx

    • meronpan said

      strangely enough there was no troublesome plastic to remove for al azif, despite her cast off oppai ^^; ah well, still a lot easier than building a gk :P

      alternate color version looks nice too… black pantsu ftw

      amiami lists her as temporarily out of stock… dunno how good they are at replenishing inventory… but yeah looks like they raised the price… only a 5% discount now so 8800 yen… though she is 1/7 ^^

  4. Fabienne said

    Oh big Al Azif has many parts.
    well speaking for myself prefer her loli form, but its nice that you made a Review of big Al Azif.
    In full view her head looks a bit small in comparison with the body even though her butt looks nice
    this one peg looks a bit dangerous ;D

    I like picture alazif25 and alazif26 a lot her face looks really beautiful.

    “unless you’ve got your face planted in her crotch I doubt it’d be noticeable”
    that line made laugh really hard XD

    • meronpan said

      yeah i was actually expecting more people to vote for chibi al azif in the poll… so far it’s mostly bakunyuu ^^;;

      i guess her head might look kinda big ‘cuz she’s rendered in that big thighs, big butt sorta style. sometimes i feel it’s overdone but liked how it turned out in this case.

      she’s got an entrancing gaze, love it, glad ya enjoyed it too ^^

      hope i didn’t subconsciously rip that line off of tier… when i wrote it i kinda felt like it was something he’d write ^^;; tier always has much more interesting writeups ^_^

  5. phossil said

    Too much for my eyes!! XD

  6. Manuel said

    My Al Azif vcame yesterday, and is a nightmare to put all those parts together!!!

    I spent like 30 minutes trying to figure out how to put the base and the book together, and you’re right, the lines don’t fit and seem like they screwed that part.

    After that battle (and the possibility of cracking the base or the book), then it came the part of attaching the figure to the bsae. To much of my dismay, I lost the page of instructions or it didn’t came in the box, and that’s why I’m here looking for suggestions on how to do it.

    For some odd reason, I can’t attach the figure to any of the two pegs, no matter how hard I try, I give up for today.

    For the time being, she’s lying on my desk awaiting for me to finish the work.

    Besides of that, the figure is gorgeous and it’s worth every yen you paid for.

    • meronpan said

      ahhh sounds like you had the same problems i did. for getting al azif herself onto the base, i found that putting one foot over a peg and then applying pressure while rotating helped coax the peg in. after it was in i removed her then did the same on the other peg (if doing this, beware the peg on the book, i accidentally smudged the paint rubbing her high heels on the book orz). after you’ve gotten each leg in once, it will hopefully be easier the next time.

      good luck!

  7. Tier said

    She looks fantastic, and her face is very pretty. I’m not sure who came up with the idea to transform a little loli grimoire girl into a full-sized woman with huge breasts, thunderous thighs, and tiny underpants, but I thoroughly approve. I also must admit that it warms my heart to see the chibi option getting so convincingly thrashed.

    I thought that line was very funny too and I’m pretty certain I’ve never used anything like it XD

    • meronpan said

      didn’t get her for yourself? thought she’d be right up your alley ^^

      was expressing similar thoughts to blowfish today, a good turn out for bakunyuu on the poll ^_^

      glad i didn’t inadvertently plagiarize ya ^^;

  8. kodomut said

    I love the nails, I love the nails, I LOVE THE NAILS!!!

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