秋山 澪 ~ 萌え萌えキュン♥ ~ Akiyama Mio ~ moe moe kyun♥

Posted by meronpan on September 5, 2010

Hmm looks like I”m about a month late with these pics but better late than never.  FREEing’s rendition of mio, this time time based on her famous mmq scene ^_^

Before we move on, in case you need to remind yourself of the meme,


According to tsukiboard it’s been over a year since my last FREEing purchase.  Lotsa Alter and GSC ^^;

Hadn’t been planning on getting more k-on figures (especially considering i’m not getting the whole alter set) but loved the scene and couldn’t pass this version up ^^;

Listed at 1/8 and she feels like a proper 1/8 (unlike VN02 ^^;)

Hate to sound like an alter fanboy (not that i’m not :P) but she feels like she’s missing a bit of that alter finish… nevertheless i think she turned out quite nice ^^

And jeez they made that skirt short!

Sorry about the black background… she’s blending in a bit much ^^;

Shoulda taken a pic of it but i love how in her packaging there’s a heart shaped support for her hands ^_^

Kinda mixed feelings on her expression.  Sometimes i think it’s just right but other times I feel like it’s slightly off…?

Turned on highlight tone priority for this session though i’m not sure how much it helped ^^;

Now again I know she’s just a 1/8 from FREEing but still couldn’t help but compare the details on her outfit…


saber alter


saber alter

Though one thing mio brings to the table is shimapan :3

Think I messed with the white balance unnecessarily for these shots… ah well

And coming back to that skirt again…

Base is pretty vibrant so a word of caution if you’d prefer something more subdued.

Not sure if it’s the figure, me, or both, but just wasn’t finding much inspiration for my shots this time… only 20ish images today.

As far as the figure goes though I’d say that’s just a product of her sculpted to be viewed head on.

In case you were wondering how she stacks up to Alter’s release:

I’d say she fits in quite well ^^

If you prefer mio in mmq mode unfortunately your choices are pretty limited… the only other one i could find on tsukiboard was this banpresto release ^^;  Luckily I think FREEing delivered a pretty faithful rendition so fans shouldn’t have any reservations picking her up ^^



10 Responses to “秋山 澪 ~ 萌え萌えキュン♥ ~ Akiyama Mio ~ moe moe kyun♥”

  1. yamada said

    She doen’t look so bad since there’s a face close-up XD I like the details on her maid fuku and short skirt is short!

  2. Shiddo said

    That comparision to Alter’s Saber, shows how inferior sculpture can get ^^ Well… Alter is Alter ^^
    Still nice figure of Moe Moe Kyun ver. Mio. One of better faces around ^^

    • meronpan said

      hahah yeah, alter is often in the great category which can make perfectly good figures look plain ^^;;

      also like how the face turned out. think it captured her well enuf ^^

  3. Fabienne said

    Thanks for this review I thought I would never see one of her with more than 3 pictures

    I like her sexy maid outfit the striped pantsu is a nice detail

    Oho Comparing to Alter you meanie XD
    I would say Freeings version looks more 2D than 3D which is no bad thing.
    Its nice that this figure really looks like Mio, her shyness comes out really good in this sculpt
    In my opinion Alter’s Mio looks too happy.

    My only complain is that the detail of the hair at the sides and the back of the head looks a bit scanty
    From front view it looks better =)

    • meronpan said

      glad to be of service ^^ …i really really really really really need to catch up on my blog reading. haven’t made the rounds in forever ^^;;;;

      heheh yeah not really fair comparing to alter’s maid of maids :P
      i also got the feeling that alter’s mio was sorta outta character, but i liked how she looked so went for it ^^

      agree about the hair… woulda been nice to have more details…

  4. Nopy said

    That scene kept me watching K-ON for a long time. Mio looks cute, but her face doesn’t look right, not enough embarressment.

    Agree with Fabienne, comparing to Alter is mean, they’re too good :P

  5. phossil said

    I love her eyes!!
    Mio in maid outfir FTW!!!

    • meronpan said

      didn’t realize she had gray(?) eyes until i was doin this review ^^;

      maid fuku <3 kinda disappointing that there was no moe moe kyun encore in the maid episode of s2… (or was there? i don't remember… ^^;)

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