Saber ~約束された勝利の剣~ Triumphant Excalibur

Posted by meronpan on September 20, 2010

Saber!  How many Fate/stay night figures can I acquire before I play the game?  … … ^^:;;;

Maids and Lily are fine and all but for a sword wielding babe, it’s about time we have a nice action pose.

When it comes to cast off or extra parts or whatever, this is how I like things.  Nice and simple.  Two swords to choose from and they both fit easily into her hands.  ^_^

Went for the no background just to try and spark some creativity for today’s shoot ^^;

Nice metal peg for support  ^^

Only problem with her pose is that her arm blocks most of her mouth.

I guess that could be a positive thing if you’re tired of yelling expressions ^^;

Base is pretty nice.  Are manufacturers finally leaning away from the plain bases?  Or maybe it’s just the ones i order ^^;

Excalibur has a nice solid feel, though I’m still waiting for a nice chrome finish someday :P

Armor is likewise solid.  No crazy gift armor but a faithful representation of the original art ^^

Now unfortunately that… what do you call it… gah, words fail me.  The front flap of her outfit… has some sort of weird problems…

It almost looks like a piece of plastic is covering it and there are air bubbles trapped.  As far as I could tell there wasn’t any film on it thou… ;_;

Good ‘ol gauntlets.


And saber being saber… this is as close as you’re gonna get for pantsu

Something about her head, ribbon… outfit details… feels like they could’ve been a little finer.  But it’s still not bad as is.

The charged up version… errr… “Invisible Air”?  is made of clear plastic but unfortunately that means without some fancy lighting it looks pretty dull ^^;;

Luckily with some lights and post processing we can get it to look energized :P

In a bit more normal lighting:

Think I shoulda taken more full body shots to show off the pose…

Full shot of invisible air

mmmm really shoulda rotated lily so they were both facing the camera -_-;;

And alas the group shot didn’t turn out at all as I would’ve liked.  White balance is on the warm side, but when I correct it the pic looks a bit too flat… Ah well.  I’m sure I’ll order another fate/stay night figure someday and take more pics then.  Isn’t that rin coming out soon? :P

I think this version is my new favorite for armored saber… hard choice if i had to pick between her and alter maid ^^;

A great saber in a solid 1/7 scale.  Definitely recommended.



20 Responses to “Saber ~約束された勝利の剣~ Triumphant Excalibur”

  1. yamada said

    This is the best sculpted from my view, love the details on her. It made me speechless seeing your Saber review XD

  2. Fabienne said

    GSC and their metal peg they could start to make it their company logo XD

    This figure of Saber is very nice, the pose is damn cool, the outtfit looks also very cool blue and silver makes a nice color mix and I like the swords as well.
    So far I’ve never felt the urge to buy a Saber figure, but this one is quite nice and Ive preordered the Saber nendoroid which has the same outfit

    Is there some color missing under her shoulder or is it a reflection of her armor?

    • meronpan said

      Don’t think there were any coloring issues with my copy. I think any sorta abnormalities you saw in the pics was just due to reflections from my lights. (or me blowing out the highlights for dramatic effect :P)

      nendo saber! i miss ordering nendos, but it certainly has saved me a ton of money… since i think i wouldn’t have been able to resist 90% of the releases ^^;;

  3. Nopy said

    That’s an amazingly nice figure. I love the pose she’s in, action poses look cooler than regular poses. Out of the two swords, I think the regular one looks better, the invisible air just looks weird.

    I’m also waiting for that Rin figure, the prototype pics of it look so good.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, i was also inclined to use the regular version of her sword. clear plastic just ends up looking kind of cheap in comparison… not to mention… when i was wrapping up i was at my desk and rotated my chair… knocking my soft box into saber! nearly had a heart attack, but there was no damage to saber… invisible air on the other hand, suffered damage… had to super glue the handle back together orz

  4. Persocom said

    She looks pretty good. I’m not too big on the pose itself, nor the one foot in a peg thing (my house shakes a lot), but the figure itself is very nice. I do like these kind of bases, this one is nice and detailed but not overly so. The sword effects are great, definitely like those pictures. I guess the metal peg isn’t so bad really, I have one figure with an actual metal peg and it holds up a lot better than the plastic ones protruding from bases. The pictures are nice and she looks like a quality figure. I only own two Sabers, the Figma and Alter Revoltech, I feel kinda overwhelmed by all these high end PVCs XD

    • meronpan said

      ah, yes the one foot poses definitely would worry me if i expected a lot of vibrations… i suppose it is metal, but over time that could probably be bad ^^;

      i love metal pegs! plastic is… well, plastic :P guess the sturdiness/durability of it is what does it for me.

  5. Looks like GSC are milking the base they originally made for saber lily for all its worth! Amazing what a little colour change will do. They also changed the title stamp as well but they couldn’t exactly keep that the same each time.

    Their Saber alter will also use the same base!!

    But my fave saber figures are still the ones where she’s in her standard clothing like in the above but without the armour. You don’t see many of those flying about…

    • meronpan said

      hahah that’s right, they actually did fool me by switching up the pattern ^^; had i noticed i woulda taken a side by side comparison.

      now if you had to choose between all boring white bases and slight variations of the same fancier base… what would you go with? not sure, personally ^^;

      with so many figures of saber out there i’m sure it’s always a question of how to make her stand out the most… so i guess it’s not too surprising she doesn’t get standard clothing releases? if i ever get around to playing the game i have a feeling i’d have the same preference

  6. Fumika said

    Wow, that figure looks really kick ass. Too bad the figure is showing some injection molding issues. The pose is perfect. I also feel like buying it and trying my luck with the quality. omg.

    • meronpan said

      Yeah, I was surprised to see the same markings on the pics from the gsc blog, alas ^^;;

      Speaking of blogs, is that I new blog of yours I see? Good to see ya back in action ^^ Well, though I must admit i’ve been hoooooorible keeping up with blogs lately ^^;;; hope to remedy that soon (though moving in the near-ish future isn’t going to help ;_;)

      a great saber release, i don’t think you can go wrong :P

  7. […] the mean time check out meronpan and tomopop’s triumph! Related […]

  8. I REALLY adore the Saber trio that GSC is releasing. I think they’re so amazing that I actually want to sell off my other Saber figures. To me these three are (the current) ultimate in Saber figures, and I don’t need any other Saber except the Alter Maid Sabers. And even then if I had to choose between the maids I would highly favor the Dark one :)

    • meronpan said

      they are definitely very nice ^_^ though the saber alter doesn’t really do anything for me for some reason… prolly part because i’m not familiar with why the heck she has that form and part because she looks so scary in the other figures of her in that form ^^;;;

      but saber alter maid is another story, she is best :P

  9. enrius said

    She is a beauty, isn’t her? Initially I worried about her anti-gravity posture, but looking at Unity Mei, I guess it won’t be an issue…

    By the way, I found that my Saber also has the exact same “marking” on the front flap. Guess it’s a design sort of thing.

    • meronpan said

      i’ve got quite a few figures with a balanced-on-one-leg pose now so i’d say no need to worry ^^ well, i guess most of them are alter, but still, seems like the figure manufacturers have been pretty good to combat leaning lately.

      think i even saw those marks on the shots from the mika(?) gsc official blog ^^;; i doubt it’s intentional but looks like it prolly turned out the same for the whole batch…

  10. dakuro said

    Thanks a lot for the pictures, i like a lot these dolls they are very decorative and also a very good job, but they are kind of expensive and I can’t afford a expend like this too bad, thanks

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