Posted by meronpan on September 28, 2010

So then, today we have a nice little figure from Volks.  1/4 scale, prepainted polystone.

KOS-MOS!!!  Yeah, I got her.  Yeah, she was insanely expensive.  But hot damn, this is how 1/4 should be done :P

Just to a bit of warning, this post is gonna end up at over 40 pics ^^;;; But hey, she’s worth it :P

Hell, I have 4 pictures of the box ^^;  It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a picture of the cardboard box my figures get shipped in, but this was a special exception ^^; And if you were wondering how big her box was, well, there are the dimensions right there.  The inner box was only maybe 1 inch smaller in all dimensions.

Simply massive box, and like the other polystone figure I’ve gotten, no windows or anything.  Just nice and simple.

Love all the little labels they put on the box ^^

I didn’t take any pics of the packing material… but it was basically just a double decker styrofoam sandwich.  Head, base, and some miscellany on the top deck, and her body and sword and rest on the bottom.  After some assembly with the nicely diagrammed instructions…

Took a lot of photos zoomed quite a bit out to give you a sense of her presence with that massive blade.  Man, it’s impressive.

Very simple, yet effective pose, though best enjoyed from the front ^^;

To give you a sense of the massive scale we’re talking about here…

That’s good ‘ol 1/8 KOS-MOS by Alter.  Looks like she gets up a little past 1/4 KOS-MOS’ knee. ^^;

Trying to fit her in the frame was quite the challenge.

Really beautiful details from head to toe, love the stockings she’s wearing ^^

The laces on the boots could’ve been a little more detailed but hell you probably won’t be viewing her from behind anyway.

Because of her scale, all the text on her outfit comes out nice and (mostly) sharp, a very nice touch.

These gold… bronze? colored side pieces above were actually among the pieces that needed to be glued on.

and man her outfit is short.  Don’t know why i didn’t notice that before ^^;

And that flap of her outfit just barely keeping her modest ^^;;  After seeing that I had to do a little investigative work…

So this hand held, overexposed pic is proof that somehow, yes, she is wearing pantsu. Just being thorough.  ^^;;;

Did KOS-MOS have this outfit in the first two games?  I must admit I never got around to the third ^^;;;;  Yes it’s pretty blasphemous considering I acquired this figure but the game was never my favorite.  KOS-MOS transcended that though :P (Xenogears, on the other hand, was pure win.)

Not to dump all my closeups at ya in a row, let’s step back a sec, shall we?

Quite a different shoot having her fill frame with the blade cropped off with my 50mm backed up against the wall ^^;

Just love how obscenely massive she is with that blade.  Very impressive, impossible to fit in any shelving I have thou ^^;

The pieces over her oppai are actually attached by magnets (actually, same story with her arms), which means you could display the twins if you’d like…

…but unfortunately that means you have some weird white boob caps on display.

Wonder if it was a licensing thing that prevented them from giving her normal oppai…

Base is more than a solid disk, yet still nice and simple, which I like.  No need to draw your attention away from  her awesome beauty.  Unfortunately I think a little more detail would’ve been appreciated on her feet and ankle dagger thing.

Still with me?  ^^;

You’ll see some of the logos/text on her is this weird splotchy ink, but that’s only at macro distance.  Looks normal to mere human eyes.

Mmmm just love the chains on her hair.  And nice colors here ^^

Haven’t done any high angle shots in a while have I?  Maybe I have.  Thought it was moderately interesting given her insane blade :P

Another look at her hair and those chains~

And rather than try to fit that entire blade in one frame, here’s the bottom half ^^;

I hope I fit the pin in all the way… ^^;;;  Would be pretty terrible to have that massive thing falling all over my surrounding figures ^^;;

Ufufu dark and mysterious kos-mos!!  errr…  well, i tried ^^;;;

Just look at innocent face :3  mmmmm

Loooove the blue eyes.  Gorgeous.

…unlike this close up photo of her head thingy.  Ah well.  ^^;; No it doesn’t look that dingy in person ^^;

Mmmm just look at her :3

Lots of these angles are really similar… but hey, it’s 1/4 KOS-MOS.  Bear with me :P

Seeing that her blade was somewhat transparent, tried lighting it up a bit…

Turned out ok I guess.  Unfortunately some of that hard light was making some harsh highlights on her outfit.

And again, for any first time readers… all these pics are 1920×1280, so click away if you’d like to oogle in high resolution.

Feel like I should update my banner with something kos-mos :3

Just love that face ^^

With size such a noticeable attribute of this figure, wouldn’t be a meronpan review without some size comparisons, now would it?  Pictured above we have nendoroid petite tsukasa, nendoroid reimu, 1/8 alter kos-mos ver. 4, 1/7 alter vivio, and 1/6 alter swimsuit kos-mos… And even 1/6 barely gets up to 1/4 KOS-MOS’ stomach ^^;;

So there she is!  Yet another reason why I’ve been cutting my acquisitions back this year ^^;

Used the splendid Tokyo Hunter for this transaction, always a great option if you’re looking for rare or limited figures.  Heck it looks like he’s even taking orders for the touhou DDs.

If this looked a bit familiar, perhaps it’s the previous Volks gk you’re thinking of… E2046 did a recast and both wolfheinrich and tier have some lovely pics up of that version.

The end all figure for KOS-MOS fans!  woohoo!



55 Responses to “KOS-MOS Ver.4”

  1. AuraRinoa said

    Oh my God…

  2. Xine said

    Wow, she’s huge and really pretty! The details on her dress and weapon look really nice.

  3. Wow, such detail , even on the box, Awesome. As much as I wanted this Kos Mos , it was just too pricey. Though it seems she was well worth it. Nice buy!

  4. Fabienne said

    Wow, she’s huge ;)
    she looks really cool and the detailed outfit looks awesome.
    the customs fee for her was quite high,right?
    nevertheless congratulations that you was able to get this very nice figure =D

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      i actually don’t know what the us customs limits are, but so far nothing seems to be triggering a customs charge ^^;; shipping was still painful of course thou

  5. Panther said

    You are on my list of people to kill. Period. My 2nd waifu. The best figure of her in existence.

    Murder I wrote.

    XS2 and 3 sucked was what I heard, stopped at 1 because 2 was so bad. She gets a personality in XS3 (where she is turned into Ver. 4, no spoilers as to how and why for you) so I might go play both…sometime.

    • meronpan said

      ^^;;; gomen! m(_ _)m

      yeah, i didn’t really like 2 at all… kos-mos was pretty much the only thing getting me thru it ^^; i feel the same way… maybe someday i’ll play 3 to see what actually happened ^^;

      • SleepyD said

        I thought 3 was much better, and helped to make up for the monstrosity that was XS2. Yuki Kajiura actually was able to do the whole soundtrack instead of the just the cutscenes, as was the case with 2, and the battle system was revamped.

        I felt that the story in XS3 was rushed, but that’s what happens when you cut off a series prematurely. XS3 might not be the most amazing game ever, but I still had fun with it.

        • meronpan said

          well, that definitely is encouraging that 3 was better ^^; and glad the battle system was revamped. i mean xenogears’ battle system wasn’t super either (some neat mechanics like the deathblows and storing of action points, but i never liked the gear combat as much)… but at least there’s that awesome part where you unlock that 7th action point… :3

          though to be honest another thing that holds me back is that i never liked shion :P meh, enuf excuses, if i see it used for cheap i should just pick it up ^^;

  6. Sloth said

    I imagine I cannot fully comprehend just how awesome she is in real life without seeing it in person. Your photos do her justice, though I would have liked to see her with a themed background instead of the black throughout your shots.

    I’m really curious as to how much she cost you. Can you pleaswe tell me both the price of the figure and the shipping cost? I’m guessing you bought her through a proxy and they charged you a lot on top of the 60,000yen price tag.

    Was it an easy decision for you do throw down that much money for Kos-Mos?

    • meronpan said

      hahah would like a nicer background eh? you and me both :P i don’t really have anything… or if i do, i don’t know how to light it to take proper photos ^^; even just taking pics on colored bg’s i haven’t had much luck, so i didn’t want to take any chances and mess the pics up :P i’ll have to try some other time…

      lesseee think i answered the price question on figurefm earlier… it was… 70k yen for kos-mos + 10k yen for shipping? ish? something like that.

      Easy? hahah well yes and no. i’ve been cutting down for quite a while now on the premise that i’d buy less but more epic figures… when kos-mos came around… well, she fit the bill ^^;; …still quite a big decision thou ^^;

  7. lee said

    really nice get man! I imagine that this cost you just over 1K USD after shipping with this exchange rate with tokyohunter?

    I can’t throw down this kinda money since its polystone and I had a bit of bad exp with their previous kanu..might somehow change my mind and go on YJA, still shes really, really nice, definitely nicer than kanu :D congrats!

    • meronpan said

      thanx ^^ luckily i paid for her back in march when the exchange rate was a bit better so it was only the shipping fee that was at the record low rates today ^^;

      bad experiences with their kanu? that’s really too bad… that release looked really nice as well.

  8. Archangeli said

    Hehe – I got her from Tokyo Hunter as well – she came this morning.

    I have to say, she’s gorgeous and everything I wanted her to be but I can tell she’s made in China, which for the price that she was, is a bit disappointing.

    The quality of the paint job and detailing on my Volks Belldandy with Holy Bell statue is much nicer – which makes me feel less crappy about the fact that they are re-releasing it in October. The new versions won’t be nearly up to par with the original release =D

    • meronpan said

      ooo congrats ^__^

      i’ll assume you mean by the quality… not by the fact it says, “made in china” on the box? ^^;;

      i guess my only other point of comparison is a kurushima kanu… which really didn’t turn out nearly as nice ^^; ah well, too bad it’s not as good as it could’ve been so i guess i’m lucky to not have seen belldandy+holy bell ^^;;

  9. So she finally arrived eh? I saw some pics from a japanese buyer last week so I was thinking that these pics would be coming up soon.
    And I have to admit that I’m just a little bit jealous. I had wanted to buy one back when the orders were being taken but my bank balance couldn’t take the strain. Would have been really cool to have my G-Shot kit and this one standing side by side though. Maybe Volks will make her available again sometime. I wouldn’t bank on this though…

    • meronpan said

      here at long last ^_^ i’m surprised they didn’t at least offer some sort of conversion kit for buyers of the original kit. seems like the least they could do to support their most dedicated customers…

      man, the thought of the two side by side… epic! hard to count on rereleases but ya never know ^_^

      • They did…

        Hobby Round 4 gave people a chance to get her again but I was unable to get a reply from tokyohunter to place an order. They only made it known that she was going to be available 4 days before the event!!! Damn, well, maybe HRSR… Wait a second, this is turning out to be a repeat of last year!!!

  10. phossil said

    I like the close-up picture of her face.

  11. Ashram said

    I’m glad the Volks version turned out in such good quality, can tell from the photos. Congrats on the purchase :)

    I got the e2046 version and it is fantastic, but after it arrived Volks announced this version with the blade… It was such an agonizing choice, but I couldn’t justify the price – with what I knew the shipping would be on top of that – for a second version of the same figure I already had.

    As for the games themselves, III is the best of all of them. If you read up on the story from II or see if there’s something on youtube, you would not be disappointed with III if you liked the first at all. The ending is truly epic!

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      at least the e2046 version is cheaper, otherwise it would’ve been the ultimate buyers’ remorse ^^;; i remember balking at the prospect of getting both of alter’s vitas… getting two 1/4 kos-mos would be insane ^^;

      hmmm well, i guess my problem is that i never really liked the first one either aside from kos-mos ^^;;; the characters felt forced/insincere for some reason… maybe it was the voice acting… or my unfair comparison to xenogears… meh, well, as i responded above… i should just get it and finish it regardless :P

  12. Ah, much like the previous version she is huge I can see why she had such a big price tag. It saddens me as a Kos-Mos fan not being able to afford either of Volk’s Kos-Mos.

    Kos-Mos looks really nice, so full of detail. I bet you are gonna have a blast finding a place to display her.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, definitely a shame the price is so prohibitive… she definitely belongs in ever kos-mos fan’s collection ^^

      for now she’s just on top of desk… but yeah would like a dedicated display case… i should get on that… ^^;;;

  13. Pedropinilla said


    Well, she speaks for herself of course but c’mon! it’s impossible to see this beauty and not say anything (*^_^*).

    Those terrific proportions of a 1/4 scale are just enough to be spechless and all those details makes her an amazing girl for any collector, of course, with the room to have her (*^o^*).

    The only flaw is clearly those caps that don’t let us see her true sexyness because Oppais are important (and in my world, a lot) )^o^( .

    Well, congratulations for this amazing girl, she surely will be the certer of your collection.


    • meronpan said


      luckily she has a fairly small footprint (considering), just need that vertical space ^^;

      a disappointment for oppai afficionados but i think it’d be kind of weird displaying her with the twins hanging free anyway ^^;; now if she was in a battle damaged outfit… hmmm… :3

  14. dreaming Artemis said

    WOW! Congrats man! That is one beautiful piece! Also the fact it has blue eyes!!!

  15. Simply splendid, I think she’s amazing. If I were a more hardcore Kos-Mos fan I might have gone after her, but I’m far too casual of a fan to be able to go after something like this. But that doesn’t make her any less breathtaking, she’s a wonderful figure. Congrats.

  16. yamada said

    Wow this is awesome, I wanted to buy the figma version but it was pricey. It was about SGD$99.90, more like exactly $100 for her lol

  17. Ninjovee said

    Oh my gosh! She is so beautiful! I can’t help but appreciate her beauty even though I haven’t even played Xenosaga ever!
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful, wonderful photos! I am truly in awe of her beauty. Can’t even image how much you’ve spent for her. Thanks for sharing her with us XD

  18. Tier said

    She looks amazing, I kinda wish Volks had announced the prepainted version earlier since I might have gone for it had I known about it. Actually, what I really wish for is for somebody to do another figure of KOS-MOS in her episode 1 outfit, which is far and away my favorite costume for her and one of my favorite anime/video game costumes overall. Back in the day I bought Soul Calibur III entirely to unlock the KOS-MOS parts so I could create an episode 1 KOS-MOS battler.

    • meronpan said

      hmmm is that the outfit she’s wearing in that initial alter release from 2005? been so long since i’ve actually played the game ^^;; heheh i should dig up sc3 and see if i unlocked those parts… :3

  19. Fumika said

    Noooo have you given up on your figure hobby? We haven’t heard from you in far too long!

    • meronpan said

      hahah, gomen gomen. definitely has been a while since my last post. house had to be fumigated and other distractions have been eating into my blog time orz

      think i might’ve mentioned it thru twitter but i do have a selvaria review i need to get out… after that prolly a much delayed look at that alternate color sheryl nome release from megahouse(?)…

      that said… my figure preorders are at an all time low for some reason. i mean yeah, i’ve been cutting back… but even with that in mind there just hasn’t been as much that’s caught my eye lately ^^;

      at any rate, given up? definitely not! :3

      • Fumika said

        Nooo… don’t leave your otaku hobby! I always enjoy your figure shoots. Seeing your pictures has inspired me to actually try make a DIIY setup for photographing my figures.

        • meronpan said

          arara, sorry i might not’ve been as clear as i wanted to be ^^;; don’t worry, i’m far from done :P still going strong… just not been good at posting lately and i haven’t been ordering as much. but not stopping or leaving.

          always happy to hear from folks who enjoy the pics i take. and additionally happy when they’re motivated to investigate photography more ^_^ always happy to chat about photo stuff :3

  20. Inferno187 said

    Heavenly… Absolutely heavenly *cries of joy*

  21. You are awesome, lol, no, i mean KOS-MOS is still awesome… :D never disappointed me… :D High detailed action figure… :D Lovely KOS-MOS

  22. Lenneth said

    Amazingly detailed looking.
    I’d buy one if I could afford it.

    Favor to ask.

    I am currently working on a highly detailed Kos-Mos Cosplay Costume, and am having trouble finding decent photos to use for making it, could you post or e-mail me some more detailed close up photos of particular key parts?

    Boots, Hip pieces, Wrist and Shoulder Pieces, Hair ornament.

    thanks! ^_^

    • meronpan said

      Sorry, as you may have noticed I’ve been super busy and unable to update, including setting up for additional photos… I’d like to say sure thing but then I’d rather not keep you hanging for months and months ^^;;

      So in the meantime, sorry but the photos here are all i have for now. If you click then you should at least be able to see the high rez version though.

  23. nepgear said

    if possible, can you tell me if it is still possible to purchase this version of kos-mos online? If so where and who?

    • meronpan said

      Hey nepgear,

      I haven’t been keeping up to speed with the figure scene lately so I don’t know if they issued a rerelease… but even if they did… at the time it was a very special limited release which I ordered through tokyo-hunter. I think it might’ve been as part of a special volks event you could attend and order special kits like this.

      For what it’s worth, she is still listed at tokyo-hunter’s site:


      I’m not familiar with the new site, but I’m assuming that “hunted” means that they will try to find you one, within the budget that you specify. And looks like the minimum budget they’re willing to work with is already up at 95,000 yen. Good luck!

  24. […] I enlisted the help of my sister, Machiko, to paint her faceup. I gave her photos of the Volks 1:4 scale statue as reference. Photo by: meronpan […]

  25. Zephyr said

    Hey there. Not sure if you’ll get this, but I was just wondering, what kind of assembly needed to be done with this? Are we talking putty/cement to put pieces together or…?

    • meronpan said

      hey zephyr, there was only very minimal assembly with some super glue. if i remember correctly, things like her hip armor and head come detached, so you need to glue a few pieces together. not even close to gunpla or things like that thou :3

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