Posted by meronpan on November 15, 2010

amane~ ^_^ (家庭教師のおねえさん) - click for gelbooru


Hey there folks think I’m pretty overdue for an update here ^^;;  Curious why the updates have dried up?  Want to know what I’m up to? (well, normally i wouldn’t be so bold as to suggest people would actually be interested in that but hell, that’s one of the main reasons for twitter, no? ^^;;)  Read on for some enlightenment and even some anime blabberings if that’s your cup of tea.

First things first let’s talk about updates… things have dropped off quite a bit this past month, even below my record low I had previously ^^;  Biggest reason?  Laziness.  There, I admit it!  Well, maybe not the biggest reason, but the most shameful ^^;

click for gelbooru~


Next big reason is… well, if you’ve been monitoring my preorder list at tsukiboard… well, it’s lookin’ pretty dry lately ^^;  The only new review I have pending at the moment in Selvaria, the other is the alternate color Sheryl… BRS anime version is in stock but I have her bundled to ship with dead master… ‘course that’s not to say i don’t have anything to post about.  But if you’re here for the figures, then actually, yes, I have very little to post about at the moment ^^;;

Hoping some exciting stuff will come on the market soon.  Lately I dunno but nothing’s really been tempting me like it has in the past.  Even with Alter I just find myself holding out for slightly more epic 1/7 or greater releases (otherwise I would’ve been all over the railgun releases :P  well… saten’s face looks weird to me too ^^;).

aaand finally there’s the distractions reason ^^;

As you can see I’ve been busy on the starcraft front, but actually the more consuming part has been following the pro scene.  I actually haven’t been playing too much lately but I haven’t missed a single match in season 2 of the GSL Starcraft 2 tournament ^^;  Love watching the epic play, learning about past brood war champions and watching new players come out of nowhere… highly recommended :3  If the korean scene’s not your thing, an exciting MLG season just wrapped up with Team Liquid dominating!

King’s Bounty has also been a huge distraction.  Real cheap on Steam but man it packs a lotta game play.  Think it took > 60 hours for me to complete the first one.  (and damn it’s hard)

click for gelbooru~

Steam had already been bleeding my wallet and spare time… forget if i already posted about it, but recettear (pictured above) took up another 32 hours. (sorry, no touhou characters in the actual game :P) I loved the concept and got more than my money’s worth for that one.  Puzzle quest 2 I’ve logged 34 more hours…

and to top things off i started playing dragon age again ^^;;;; (only played through 1.5 characters ’til now)

oh whoops, almost forgot another huge reason… we were trying to schedule a fumigation for the house i live in for the longest time… and ‘cuz of that i was reluctant to unbox anything until the fumigation was done.  Figures that it took almost 2 months to get the whole thing resolved, but yes, that’s finally over with so that’s no longer an excuse ^^;

Alrighty, at any rate that’s my long list of excuses.  I’ve no intention of stopping so rest assured things will keep on rolling here at wawawawasuremono.  Just, as I’m sure you’re used to by now, slower than before ^^;  Thanks for continuing to stop by, これからも宜しくお願いします~

working!! ep 8

So then, against my better judgment I’ll keep this post going with a brief rundown of anime I’ve been catching up on lately (see, I haven’t been neglecting all of my akibakei hobbies ^^;)~

Finished up working!! some time ago now… gads, was that back in the summer?  Loved pretty much all the characters and in my book that puts in firmly in the thumbs up category ^^  Slice of life lovers, this is highly recommended.

senjyou no valkyria ep 20

So I actually ordered Alter’s Selvaria without having seen or played Valkyria Chronicles.  Fiiinally got around to seeing the anime (since I still don’t have a ps3 orz) and damn I really enjoyed this one too.  Yes yes, I’ve heard the game is 1000 times better, so I will be sure to follow up with that someday ^^  But at any rate, here again, toootally loved the characters, Selvaria is so kick ass.  No cutting corners for the drama in a war setting either (well, I’m trying to keep this spoiler free… but not to say this is better than the game, but compared to some of the other stuff i’ve seen recently, nicely done imo).  Really solid, left me wanting more so I’m glad to hear the game has so much more to offer ^_^

Oh how could i forget.  WTF SPOILERS in the 2nd OP???!?!?  Not really sure why they did that orz.  I mean, I had sorta suspected it by that point but I don’t think there was any strong evidence for it yet?  meh.  Anyhow…

tokyo magnitude 8, ep 4

Yeah, I’m really behind ^^;  Tokyo Magnitude 8 I thought was ok.  Glad they didn’t stretch the series out to 12 or more episodes… though even then I’m not sure I think the execution of the final episode(s?) was necessary… not bad, worth a try.  I’ll have to discuss this (well, all of these ^^;;) in more depth later…

baka to test to shoukanjyuu ep 3


Baka to test to shoukanjyuu!!  I already have a soft spot for love triangles… add in the okama kataomoi, the trap, an abusive couple, tsundere, a voice actress that sounds like chihiro (was surprised to find out it wasn’t the same ^^;)… would definitely watch more ^_^

seitokai yakuindomo ep 7

yet another series with seitokai in the title.  Yet another winner in my book ^^;  Love the humor (slice of life with a bit more of an ecchi slant ^^;  though this ain’t no yosuga no sora ^^;;).  suzu and shino are probably my favorites ^^  Wouldn’t mind another season of this either :P

Also finishing up k-on!! while watching ore no imouto & ookami-san to shichinin no nakamatachi… enjoying all of those as well :3  Unfortunately none of these seem to lend themselves to epic figures!  Well, guess we’ll see.  Hopefully there’ll be some good releases/announcements as wonfes winter approaches~

Alrightythen, that’s all i got for now.  またな~



14 Responses to “いやあぁぁ~久しぶりだな~”

  1. Shiddo said

    Be sure to go for Valkyria Chronicles game on PS3. Anime is rly low compared to it. They changed some things and added unnecessary scenes. Well… since you saw anime first, game might seem weird to you now, but I hope not ^^ There is just so much more, and playing the game gets you more attached to characters ^^ Also art style and graphics as well music, make game very unique and beautiful. In anime they added just crosshatch thing ^^

    Currently I am all happy bout upcoming Valkyria Chronicles 3 (sadly on PSP) and announced Nendos from it as well ^^

    • meronpan said

      no worries, i have a long history of giving proper credit to the source material ^_^ so much of the anime i see is based off something else… my default expectation is fan service bonus content, then if i like it i try and go back to the source ^_^

      i’m curious about the decision to have the later games on psp… perhaps a sign of the development costs finally exceeding the risk for huge console productions ^^;;

  2. punynari said

    Ah! Recettear! I loved that game and have been meaning to play through it again in English.

    No worries about fewer figure reviews. Besides nendoroids, I have also been less excited for recent full sized figure releases. And, it doesn’t help that I’m not into Black Rock Shooter at all. Also, so far, there haven’t been any Railgun/Index figures that have impressed me enough to through down the yen (especially with the exchange rate).

    Also, I want to say thanks for the Japanese study twitter alt. It always nice to study a little Japanese while looking through all the doll and anime tweets. :D

    • meronpan said

      recettear was great fun ^^ i still need to go back and see how the balance changes to the synthesis turned out (before the prospect of gathering 50 tufts of fur or whatever was just too orz)

      arg the exchange rate… ;_; that’s another reason i’m sorta glad my purchases have dropped off. not looking forward to how expensive my trip will be next year ^^;;

      ack! totally forgot to mention my @nihongobenkyou account… will have to post on that later ^^;; not too many followers atm, but as long as it’s useful to someone i’ll keep trying to update :3

  3. Ah, I know how it is. I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit too ^^; And games and actually watching anime (!) are the culprits for me too xD
    So, you recently watched Working!!? I’m currently watching it (along with OreImo, Ika Musume, To Aru*, Shana, and Milky Homes ^^;).
    I’m surprised you’re still playing SC2 so much, I lost interest in it a while ago xD. But it looks like you’re going all out with it. Nice job!

    • meronpan said

      hmmm not sure when i wrapped up working… july? august? felt relatively recent but i guess not ^^;;

      starcraft becomes so much more awesome when you start to follow the pro scene and aim to improve yourself along those lines ^_^ well, though actually i’d say day[9] (http://day9tv.blip.tv/) single handedly cultivated my new found interest in sc & pro gaming. i watch his show every day at lunch, watch the gsl tournament games in the evening, and practice here and there otherwise :3 highly recommended

  4. Q said

    Welcome back!

    Laziness is one big temptation, as well as games (which I am about to fall for as I’ve just bought a PS3 not long ago ^^;). Looks like you’ve been serving Aiur pretty well there; I’m on a leave from Raynor’s Raiders XD

    Valkyria Chronicles anime is apparently an adaptation of the 2nd manga, which then is the adaptation of the game itself. The spoiler that was given away blatantly in 2nd OP is really odd, the OP video of the game only shows the eyes and that’s all. Overall the series started well but maybe I could desire a bit more out of it in the middle, and Welkin doesn’t man up so much in the anime compared to the anime apparently. Oh well I guess it’s good that I’ve watched the anime before playing the game rather than the other way round!

    And as for anime, I’ve pretty much stopped watching after Fullmetal Alchemist :: Brotherhood has ended. For some reasons I just can’t find one that comes to suit my liking. Too much fanservice or comedy for my liking it seems, or maybe it’s just that I don’t know what to watch nowadays… :\

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      ooo i’ve been wanting to get a ps3 as well…. valkyria chronicles and gt5 both grabbed my attention :3

      awwww too much fanservice or comedy? that’s the lifeblood of modern anime :P

  5. Fumika said

    Wow, great to hear that you’re back!

    We still haven’t played each other in starcraft though! But, you look like you’ve gotten tons better, while I’ve been treading water :P.

    • meronpan said

      mmm actually i’d say i’ve been treading water more than anything ^^;;; been hovering around rank 95 in my division forever… guess it didn’t help that i switched to random… but haven’t put any serious practice into specific builds in any of the matchups ^^;; even my protoss feels pretty rusty nowadays, even though that’s how i got to diamond in the first place orz. (strangely it feels like i’ve been winning most with zerg lately… o.O)

  6. Rin said

    Everyone is lazy!!! I didn’t update for god knows how long cause of games I’m playing too!!!
    Well, hope to see more updates from you soon!!!

    Now going back to play some Black Ops!!!

  7. I’m pretty behind on anime lately. Although I recently started Katekyo Hitman Reborn, I’m about 15 episodes in. Although I’ve been keeping up with One Piece and Fairy Tail pretty well, I tend to wait for about 5 episodes to build up and watch them all at once. And with Naruto and Bleach I tend to wait for like 50 episodes to build up before I catch up in those series. I’m more dedicated to video games than anything else these past few weeks. I got my first taste of Dragon Quest via Rocket Slime…and I craved more! I finished up Rocket Quest and DQ IX. I started DQ IV last night.

    • meronpan said

      well crap, here’s my 7 month late response. ^^;;

      now i’ve been totally swallowed up by e-sports ^^; following the nasl, gsl, ipl (for those unfamiliar, these are professional starcraft 2 leagues… and for those unfamiliar with e-sports, no, these aren’t one-off little tournaments, they’re huge awesome tournaments that occur constantly with crazy prize pools like $50k for first place in the largest ones)… it’s a lot of games to watch ^^; i’m surprised you can catch up on anime after building up a 50+ epsidoe queue, that’s a serious amount of content to go through ^^;

      …also working more and catching up on the cheap games i buy on steam… as much as i love jrpgs i haven’t been playing them as much, perhaps dabbling into dq would give a nice refreshing touch of nostalgia to my lineup… (haven’t been terribly happy with final fantasy recently -_-)

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