about… WAWAWA 忘れ物


Started this blog to share my love of figures with teh interblags.  Occasionally will post about other akiba-kei stuff – anime, manga, games, or just Japan/Japanese in general.

If you’re looking for the figure reviews
To see reviews sorted by manufacturer, click on the figures tab above.

To see reviews sorted by date, click the figure review category in the left sidebar.

To see all figure related posts (previews, preorder ramblings, etc), click on the figure category.  In case you’re not familiar with the category hierarchy, this category contains all the figure reviews.

If you’re looking for places to buy figures…
The figure store reviews page might aid you in selecting an online store.

For anime, manga, and (eventually) games…
Click on the corresponding category link in the sidebar.  I haven’t done many anime reviews yet, but the plan is to have two categories… spoiler free intros to help people decide if they should watch a series, and full reviews on the series as a whole.

For manga reviews, same plan.  This all assume I catch up on my figure reviews and get time to actually post that stuff ^^;

If you’re looking to learn to read Japanese with akiba-kei/otaku themed material…
You’re in luck!  Well, kind of.  I have a series of posts in which I’m trying to do teach exactly that.  Here’s lesson 1 which starts at the very beginning, hiragana!  Unfortunately these posts are also behind, and I haven’t even wrapped up hiragana yet.  In the meantime, smart.fm is a very nice, free resource.  Excellent for starting out and vocab, although I’m not aware of any grammar lessons at this time.

What’s in a name?
Previously known as いつも いつでも いつまでも (itsumo itsudemo itsumademo, {always, whenever, forever}), I changed over to WAWAWA 忘れ物 (WAWAWA wasuremono, of haruhi fame) on January 25, 2009.  Felt it was high time to get a domain and a (slightly) more recognizeable name.

Wasuremono could be translated as “forgotten things”.  The post announcing the name change is here, and the original “about this blog” page is here.

In the tag line, anime~manga~figures~nado, “nado” is kind of a Japanese word for etc ^^;

about… meronpan


I’m a software engineer manager that never grew up. Been reading manga since around 2000. My first was… I”s? or maybe a Dragonball scanlation… Took some Japanese in college and quickly switched to reading the original Japanese for reading practice. Now I’m sitting on over 250 425 volumes, unfortunately a large part of which I haven’t read yet ^^;;.

Started watching anime again in 2007, been following as much as I can fit into my schedule. Generally I stay away from the ultra-popular series that drag on for over 30 episodes… hopefully some day I’ll get back to those ^^;

Started reading Danny Choo’s site in 2007 and that led me down the dark path of figure collection. My first figure was a nendoroid nagato I picked up in Akihabara… all down hill from there ^^; I try to keep my profile up to date at tsukiboard.

Also play galge, games in general, and read Japanese light novels…  Love ramen, kotatsu, hanami, traveling to Japan, and thanks to my figure reviews, getting more and more interested in photography.  Currently shooting with a Canon PowerShot S2 IS, one day I hope to gather enough cash for a DSLR and nice lens ^^ Canon 40D.  Reviews are shot pretty much exclusively with a 100mm f/2.8 macro lens.  Occasionally need to bust out something wider though ^^;

Hopefully will update soon, but here’s a dated look at my room if you’re curious.  Update 8/20/2009: My room as of 7/20.

Contact Info!

On the off chance you need to get a hold of me, post a comment (unless this blog inexplicably grows immensely in popularity, I plan on keeping the new comment e-mail alerts on, so it’s practically the same as e-mailing me :P) or send mail to my gmail account, which is the first two words in the 3rd to last line of the final stanza of the lyrics to Spice & Wolf’s OP.  … eat that spammers!  Errr, it’s madaminu ^^;


46 Responses to “about”

  1. Panther said

    Yo dude, though we hardly converse on DC.com especially since I decided to take a back seat there, I was pretty much interested by the small chat we did make. I will be putting your blog’s link on mine, hope you do not mind. Certainly, I will be keeping updated on yours too. Cheers. :)

  2. meronpan said

    thanks for the link, have returned the favor ^_^ not sure how often i’ll be updating, but i’m doing my best to have somewhat regular updates… i certainly have a ton of things i’d like to post about ^_^;

  3. Karasu-kun said

    What exactly is a software engineer? I see that title under a lot of people’s names lately on DC, or blogs in general and it’s always bugged me as to what exactly a software engineer does/knows?

  4. meronpan said

    @karasu-kun just an alternate title for “programmer” or “software developer” or “code monkey” ^_^ I think generally people doing web stuff like php/ajax/ruby or whatever go by “web developer” but technically they’d also fall under the “software engineer” title.

  5. lovelyduckie said

    I linked your blog in my blogroll, as long as you don’t mind.

  6. meronpan said

    don’t mind at all, thanks ^_^ Thought I had already added your blog, but guess not. Fixed that just now~

  7. G2 said

    Can I link you at my blogroll?

  8. meronpan said

    @g2 but of course! ^_^

  9. rangerroh said

    Hi! meronpan I find your site to very enjoyable just like dannychoo and have linked your blog to my blogroll if you dont mind. This is my first time starting a blog so not many things are available for view on my blog site. Come take a look sometime.

  10. rangerroh said

    oops, here is the link to my site


  11. meronpan said

    @rangerroh welcome to the club, happy to add ya ^_^

  12. ELTboy said

    Hi Meronpan .. thanks for the correction on my Japanese. It wasn’t intentional ^^” … can’t understand why I make such an elementary mistake. And thanks for linking to my blog!

  13. meronpan said

    @eltboy no problem ^^ i apologize in advance if it appears i haven’t stopped by your blog in awhile… added you to my rss reader… but i’m subscribed to about 50 figure blogs at the moment ^^;;;;;; will try my darnedest thou, enjoyed your hiyori review~

  14. Hey meronpan, congrats on the new web domain. Where did you get it, if I may ask? And I got a question regarding how you set up your blog as well (if I may ask that as well).

    How did you enable pictures to show up on your RSS feeds? I’ve checked, and there weren’t many posts on the forums so I thought I’d ask you since I can see the pics on your feeds.

  15. meronpan said

    @theinfernoproject i just decided to do it through wordpress and keep things simple. if you go to your dashboard, under domains, you can purchase a domain there.

    i don’t remember doing anything in particular to enable that… under “reading’ in Settings in your dashboard, there are a couple things you can tweak for your feed… the only thing that i saw that might pertain to images in that i enable the full text of the article in the feed. seems that your feed is set to summary only, which might explain why there are no images. hope that helps!

  16. Ayu said

    Mind exchanging blogroll with me? ^^ I’ll add you right now~

  17. meronpan said

    @ayu my pleasure! you’ve been added~

  18. Superchan said

    Hi Meronpan

    the link for your tsukiboard doesn’t work it should be

    http://figure.tsuki-board.net/profile/meronpan ??

    I was searching on K-ON infomation on google and i found dannychoo.com and when i check your site i see you won a prize this month :)
    its look like the world is not so big. to find related peoples.

  19. George said

    Good day meronpan:

    I believe i’ve invited you before but i saw your site at james blog again. I’m wondering would be interested in exchanging banner with E2046. let me know. Cheers!


    • meronpan said

      Hi, yes you did inquire about that previously. Thanks for the offer, but I must respectfully decline. For now I cannot in good conscious actively promote a site that deals in recasts.

  20. QuickStar said

    hello meronpan, I’m a blogger of this blog animemmorpgs.blogspot.com I hope you add my blog in your blogroll. I’ve already added you in my blog, you can check it out at the right sidebar of it.I hope you can grant my request. Although I’m not that uber otaku, I still got a heart of a serious anime lover. Hope you grant my request. Thank you very much

    • meronpan said

      no prob, added ya. though not sure how much exposure you’ll get here in my super bloated blogroll ^^;;; i need to clean out all the inactive blogs soon…

  21. meimi132 said

    Ahhhh wicked! Saw the new address in referrers for yesterday, so thought I’d investimagate! The new links been added :grin: Thankies for the roll!

  22. […] else funny about E2046? George asked blogosphere nice-guy Meronpan for a link exchange, but was turned down because he doesn’t agree with the sale of recasts! What a hero! That alone took him off the […]

  23. yamada said

    I added your blog since last year, I always forgot to mention this to you ^^;

  24. Edward said

    Hi really nice blog i am glad i stumbled upon it .

    You think its possible to exchange links? i would be happy to put you in my blogroll.

    Please respond as soon as you can.

  25. Edward said

    Yes that would be awesome , use this

    AMV Videos for title

    url http://amv-videos.com

    we will add you tomorrow

  26. Edward said

    ups didnt notice you already did thanks ^^

    i am going to add you right now asap

  27. Fabrice said

    I’ve been a visitor to your blog recently and found it interesting/nice =)
    Would to exchange links to each blog? sorry if its out of the blue ^^”

  28. C.Jin said

    Hey, would you like to do a link exchange? I run C.Jin’s Blog at cjinsblog.blogspot.com.

  29. Leonia said

    Hello Meronpan ! Just a little request, can you send me pack of Yui Hirasawa and Index pictures ? Because I can’t take them on yours articles to post them on Shadonia ^^ You can use my email or the shadonia contact form ^^ Thanks a lot !

  30. kelvin said

    Hi i saw your daiki Kanu unchou Red review. Great Job!! Ive a question though i cant seem to remove the piece behind its back as it seems stuck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thx

    • meronpan said

      Hmmm, the piece on her back? It’s been a while but I don’t seem to remember having tooooo much trouble… it’s the piece that fills in her back when she’s not holder her top over her shoulder, right?

      I would just use sorta standard careful wiggling… you know, make sure you’re not holding any fragile part of her or putting strain on anything… then get a firm grip on the piece and gently pull + wiggle with increasing force.

      sorry i can’t really offer anything more specific… ^^;; good luck!

  31. Chichiwomoge said

    Hi! I noticed that you wrote a small review about Mangaka-san once. Since you seem to know a good amount of Japanese…would you be interested in helping out with the scanlation of it? :D

    • meronpan said


      hmmmm well, sorta depends on the level of commitment you need ^^;; my time is pretty sporadic of late ^^;

      also another note… i’m not the best at translating because i don’t read enough english literature ^^;; add that to being very self conscious about making sure the correct meaning is captured and it slows me down/paralyzes me a lot ^^;;; basically i’ll read something and know what it means just fine… but not in english ^^;;;

      well at any rate if there’s a place for me with qualifications like that then sure :3

  32. Tom Kamei said


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    I am impressed with your collection so contacted you from your

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  33. Joel said

    Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we’ll talk about it.


    Joel Houston

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