部屋 (room)

Quick update: Some updated photos from 3/2009 in a recent post.  Will move those here sometime… I hope.  ^^;

Was playing around with some software for making panoramic photos… you can make some really amazing shots if you actually put some work into it. I’m a noob and wanted to just see what I could do shooting my room and ended up with this monstrosity:

The image is 1 meg, 8800×1859… but you can see (most) of my room! ^^;

In bite size chunks:

My wallscrolls are pretty dated. Started getting a bunch in college and haven’t bought any till recently (just the 1 Tifa one you see in this pic ^^;). My detolf is mostly empty except for a few new arrivals because I had boxed everyone to save them from the heat. That’s a Yuna wallscroll behind the TV ^^;

My jerker (ikea desk i think they’ve discontinued for some stupid reason), more wallscrolls. Penny Arcade fans will probably notice the CTS print I was able to get (164/750). Love Ghost in the Shell, but I’ve been a bad fan and haven’t seen anything since the original movie. Have the manga, but still haven’t read it ^^;; I keep my Japanese PS2 here, plugged into my 24″.

I sleep on a futon on the floor, you can see the Konomi dakimakura I picked up recently folded over ^^; More eva wallscrolls… man I was a huge eva fan ^^; Not a crazy MegaTokyo fan but enough to get a couple posters to brighten up the room ^_^;

Ahh my manga collection. At last count I think I was at about 250 volumes and ~25 light novels. Also home to my small dvd collection… I’ve quickly given that up. Collecting the japanese dvds is sooooo exensive! Games, CDs and other random books here. Love the region free-ness of the DS. Currently enjoying Mugen no Frontier, Super Robot Taisen OG Saga and Subarashiki kono sekai (world ends with you [although lit. it’s a beautiful world … … not sure why it was translated as such ^^;]). AIR and CLANNAD both waiting for my lazy ass, and I still want to beat FFXII again (japanese version, so the first time i didn’t really understand it very well ^^;)

Until I get a better set up, this is also what I’m working with for my figure reviews… hopefully I’ll improve on that sometime ^^;;


2 Responses to “部屋 (room)”

  1. optic said

    Nice room. ^^
    Love dual monitor setup and its a DELL as well. Was planning to get one but $1000 AUD, no thanks. >_<
    Like ur wallscrolls, quite decorative but what u said is true, its quite outdated. I currently have posters and 2 wallscrolls. No more room for more.

    Seeing ur room is getting me all excited in posting my room but I will take my time. ^^

  2. meronpan said

    @optic domo ^_^ yeowch that’s pricey. i think i got mine for 6-700 usd? been awhile…
    i’m really picky with my room decor so it’s been hard for me to find replacements. found a bunch i liked at a con recently… except for all the ugly text -_- someday…
    looking forward to see your setup!

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