haruhi-chan encore

Akari requested some more samples from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan so here we go! (once again, i apologize for the photos rather than a nice scan, but this’ll have to do for now)

Right most: Beware [leaking sound? sorry, translation power lacking at the moment ^^;]
Kyon: Nagato, it’s good you’re taking interest in other things, so I won’t stop you but…
Kyon: You should wear these head phones so the people around you won’t be annoyed.  Promise me, alright?
Kyon: … [sound effect: chira (glance)]
Nagato: [sound effect kachi kachi (typing)]
Nagato: Want to play with me?
Kyon: h-Heck no!  I’m fine!!

Right: Performance in closed space [??? not sure if i got that right]
Haruhi: Kyon, it’s terrible, the town’s being destroyed…
Kyon: Don’t worry, at times like this, he always comes…
Haruhi: “He”?
Haruhi: Kyon! Over there!!
Figure in the distance: Damn giant! That’s as far as you go!
Itsuki: The ESP Squad has arrived!!
Kyon: He’s quite into it…
Haruhi: [sound effect dokidoki (heart beating with excitement)]

Left: Meaningless Color Coding
[colors on helms: blue, pink, red, yellow]
Kyon: They’re all different colors, but in the end everyone’s red!! [sound effect: ga–n (dissapointed shock)]
Haruhi: So cool!
Kyon: Wha?!

Left Most: Kyon’s Retort
Haruhi: Kyon, I got an autograph!
Kyon: Wait!!
Itsuki: Blue, go around, pink, you’re backup!  Yellow is curry! [not sure if that was a play on words ^^;;]
Kyon: I’m telling you everyone’s red!!
Giant: hahaha, stupid little humans! come get some!
Kyon: It can talk?!
Kyon: Gaaaaa, I’m sick of this!

Left: Captured
Ryoko: Hmm, that’s strange what went wrong?
Ryoko: ummm…
Nagato: [sound effect: ji~ [staring]]
Ryoko: [sound effect: suya (sleepy)]
Nagato: sei! […can’t remember… just a sound you make when making a sudden movement?]

Putting Away
Narration: Ryoko has calmed down. [sound effect: ha hi ha hi (breathing in and out)]
Ryoko: Just as I expected of you, Nagato. You knew I’d resurrect myself?
Ryoko: That’s why you quickly came to stop me, huh? As long as we’re enemies, it’s the way it’ll be.
Ryoko: !?


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