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向坂環 ‐挑発‐ Kousaka Tamaki -Seduction-

Posted by meronpan on July 11, 2009

Hopefully the title of this post alerted any nsfw content sensitive folks in time… no bare skin, but well, I’m sure scantily clad females is grounds enough for plenty of places ^^; Anyhow, here we go~


Some stores may list her as the “provocative” or even on their main site, as the “provocation” version.  Went with the text that was on the box, though according to online dictionaries, 挑発 is more accurately translated to provocative.  Presenting Kotobukiya’s rendition of kousaka tamaki, -seduction- version!  Or to fans of the series more commonly known as tama-nee ^^

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源千鶴 Minamoto Chizuru

Posted by meronpan on October 21, 2008

I discover a lot of new series because I can’t resist the kawaii cover art. かのこん {kanokon} definitely falls into that category ^^;

It was during my last trip to Japan that I happened upon the latest releases of the kanokon manga/light novel at K-Books in Akihabara. Couldn’t resist picking it up and that’s what precipitated into this purchase ^^;

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Real quick before I head to class…

Posted by meronpan on October 18, 2008

I love it when packages arrive on Saturday.  That’s because someone’s actually home and I get it the same day rather than waiting until I can pick it up from the post office later.


hmm resized ver seems a little blurry? well, you can always click for full rez

I’ll have to change Saber’s pose soon ^^; Wasn’t expecting the pillow, it’s a nice touch. But anyhow, I gotta go!

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Someone stop me…

Posted by meronpan on July 9, 2008

Can’t… stop… pre-ordering… orz

It’s always bad when an older figure I’ve been eying gets re-released.  Bad because I always go into, “Oh, maybe I should pick up so-and-so while I’m at it… and her… and her…”  Today it was Alter’s KOS-MOS.  My wallet escaped only after sustaining the following casualties… ^^;
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