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HOWTO Plan a Trip to Akiba

Posted by meronpan on March 10, 2010

back during the days of akiba's hokousha tengoku

With my trip fresh on my mind, thought I’d write up a post with tips, suggestions, costs, etc. for making a trip to akiba.  I’ve been lucky to have gone quite a few times now, so I think I’ve got at least a few tidbits to share ^^;  Of course, this will all be based on my own experiences – I wouldn’t be surprised if folk have better suggestions – keep yourself open to other possibilities ^_^

So yeah… no, no one died and made me the akiba expert… yet somehow I’ve managed to write up quite a novel.  Read on if you want an insanely long list of things to consider ^^;

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tadaima~ trip pics, some haruhi/nanoha/fate/stay night movie ramblings

Posted by meronpan on February 22, 2010

Well, somehow I made it back in one piece.  Recommendation: do not get sick two days before your flight.  I did, and basically spent the whole time trying to recover as quickly as possible ;_;  (thanks for all the well wishes! m(_ _)m)  On the bright side, I booked a hotel that was basically across the street from ueno station.  i.e. I could get to akiba in about 10 minutes ^_^

Think I’ll go in chronological order, lewt post will follow in the next couple days… (not too much this time, especially by rin’s standards :P)

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Trip Pics

Posted by meronpan on July 13, 2009

Didn’t really do too much new this trip and the weather was awful so I was less inclined to carry around my camera ^^;  Nevertheless, snapped some pics of the odaiba gundam of course ^^


Evidently it officially opened just after I left though besides the light show and such I’m not sure there was any else different.

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Posted by meronpan on July 6, 2009

Been meaning to post photos, stories or just anything since getting to Tokyo,  but work, last minute trips, and a lack of planning got in the way of all that.


As mentioned in the previous post, this trip is a super last minute business trip + vacation time added on.  What do you know the first night I’m here I remember that my laptop’s ethernet port is broken (have been using wireless) so I can’t check my work e-mail!  Also I found out that the plug adapter I threw in my bag was for german outlets!  Thank goodness for akiba… it was 7pm… rushed off and was able to buy everything I needed ^^  Plus the manga pictured above ^^

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