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ルルーシュ・ランペルージ ~ Lelouch Lamperouge

Posted by meronpan on May 19, 2009

A man of many names!  Lelouch Lamperouge, Lelouch vi Britannia, Zero… but in the end Shirley’s nickname of choice is my favorite too – lulu.


Megahouse’s new G.E.M. line of figures has delivered! I finally have my hands on a nice scaled code geass figure!

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Incoming Spice & Geass

Posted by meronpan on May 6, 2009

Weathering through a fierce figure storm at the moment…


Good ‘ol lulu is finally here, marking what I believe is my first scaled male figure ^^;  And horo!  Love her character to death, it’s about time I finally have a figure to show for it.

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Code Geass, if only I’d known…

Posted by meronpan on October 14, 2008

For any concerned, there are no spoilers in this post.

Why is it that I always wait so long before watching epic shows like Code Geass and Gurren Lagann?  With teh internets aflame with spinzaku and lulucopter, with Max Factory busy churning out figmas, what the heck was I waiting for?

Last Friday I started the first episode of Geass… first season finished on Sunday.  Watched the entire second season Monday… err well, I guess it technically it was early Tuesday morning ^^;;;

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