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Trigger Heart Exelica!

Posted by meronpan on September 29, 2008

Alter’s Exelica!  One of my first figures, in fact she was the 2nd 1/8 in my collection.  Finally got around to reviewing her.

Wallpaper from the official site (linked above)

Wallpaper from the official site (linked above). For more check the Exelica Wallpaper page (on the left nav bar) or the download section of the official site.

Exelica hails from the arcade game Trigger Heart Exelica, which was later ported to Dreamcast and recently the xbox 360.  Figure collectors are probably also aware of the upcoming PS2 release, the limited edition of which will come bundled with a nendoroid!  …which I preordered… I’m insane, woo!  Well, at least I’m legitimately interested in playing and have a japanese PS2 so the game won’t be put to waste ^^;

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Posted by meronpan on July 21, 2008

so busy, so tired lately… until i get around to some regular posts…


For any Exelica owners, here’s a page from Alter’s site detailing how you should be putting on and removing some of the parts…

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