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WAWAWA 忘れ物 ~ WAWAWA Wasuremono

Posted by meronpan on January 26, 2009


Two things I shoulda taken care of a long time ago:

1.  A domain!  Been considering a lot of things figured I better snag one I liked before everything was taken.

2. To match the domain, a new name for this blog!

I assume not too many actually knew what the heck the previous name was ( いつも いつでも いつまでも – itsumo itsudemo itsumademo – always, wherever, forever).  As such, I don’t think many associated this blog with that name, especially with my much more recognizable handle, meronpan ^^;

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両儀 式 Ryougi Shiki

Posted by meronpan on January 8, 2009

(Translation under the pic… or rather, this is a rough translation of the text under the pic ^^;) 日本語の練習のためにイントロだけ日本語で書く事にしました。 ビジュアルノベルといえばやっぱりTYPE-MOONというブランドが出るんですね。 「月姫」と「Fate/Stay night」というタイトルもどこも聞くけど結局遊んでないままでここまで来ました。 ;_; 遊びたいのに…アニメや漫画じゃなく、最初は原作の方で楽しみたいけどビジュアルノベルは一番時間の掛かるもので…(ま、僕にとって。 それに、そのゲームはルームメートが起きている間に遊ぶゲームじゃないんですね)。 とにかく…言いたい事はただ両義式って誰? ^^;; 空の境界も最近気づいて、名前だけ知っています。

それでももうちょっと知っています: 両義さんってセクシーだし着物着てるし刀を持つんです! それだけで満足です。 ^_^


After starting to dab in visual novels, I inevitably stumbled upon Type-Moon and their 月姫 {Tsukihime} – Fate/Stay night legacy… and yet somehow I still haven’t played either ;_;  For these classics I really want to get the experience from the source material first… but that means getting through a visual novel which is probably the medium I’m slowest to complete (yet not for lack of interest… more of… well, time restrictions… you know… not something to be playing with housemates up and about ^^;;;;).  And now that I’ve bored you to tears… all that to say… yeah, no idea who Ryougi Shiki is either ;_;  Didn’t even find out about 空の境界 {kara no kyoukai} ’till somewhat recently.

I do know this:  She’s sexay, is wearing a kimono, and has a katana.  That’s all I needed.

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Winter Giveaway: Hatsune Miku

Posted by meronpan on December 22, 2008

mikucontest So my 2nd miku arrived and I plan to proceed with the giveaway!  It’s a winter giveaway, not Christmas since there’s no way I’ll have it out before the holidays.  Anyhow here’s how I’m gonna do things (wholy crap this is a long rules list -_-  but please read it over carefully and take your time – there’s no rush (i.e. there is no ‘first person to get the answer wins’ sort of thing)…

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Miku & Manga

Posted by meronpan on December 16, 2008


She’s finally here! Finally! Alas… she’s… 1 of 2 -_- My paranoia for my Kid Nemo order had me minimizing all risk so I kept on to the pre-order, figuring I’d cancel after my Play Asia order arrived…

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Shana Nendoroids + Melonpan

Posted by meronpan on December 14, 2008

After accumulating so many preorders I didn’t think I’d be putting up the premium for a special nendoroid… But in the end I had to get the dengeki daiou limited shana… after all she comes with melonpan!


Real melonpan not included ^^;

Got her through Tokyo Hunter, highly recommended if you’re ever looking for limited/rare figures. At the time of this post, he still had some for auction if your’re lookin’ to snag your own.

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menschliche Magierin – Human Mage

Posted by meronpan on December 12, 2008

Human Mage!  From Lineage II… and that’s pretty much all I know about her ^^;;


Man, some of these pics are almost a month old! Better late than never? Meh, anyhow on with the review!

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More Arrivals, JLPT in 10 hours

Posted by meronpan on December 7, 2008

As per the title, the test is tomorrow and I’ll be taking Level 2.  This means that supposedly I know about 1000 kanji, have a vocab of about 6000 words, and basically have studied a total of 600 or more hours.  Where am I actually at?  I have no clue and guess tomorrow will tell ^^;;


kuro-chan, kodomo no jikan

Now if only the test had a galge section ^_^

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Oppai Omake

Posted by meronpan on November 25, 2008


Pictured above are some new arrivals, I’ll be wrapping up this post with the oppai omake so scroll to the end if that’s what you’re here for ^^; I guess suzu qualifies for oppai omake material but narika is definitely pettanko ^^;; At any rate, really happy to finally get these two as it brings to a close another long drama with Kid Nemo. As you probably know, both of these figures were released ages ago and after recently asking for an order status update, all I got back was, release date TBA. I’d had enough so after a cancellation and order at hlj, had the figures in about a week.

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Posted by meronpan on November 20, 2008


Actually arrived yesterday… but I forgot the package at work! orz Made sure to bring her home today ^^;  As usual, the full review will have to wait until I get some time, so just these couple teaser shots for now.

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姫 Hime!

Posted by meronpan on November 17, 2008


Today we have Good Smile Company’s recent release, 姫 (hime, {princess}) from 怪物王女 (kaibutsu oujo {monster princess}). Turns out hime’s real name is リリアーヌ (Lilianne), and perhaps you’re more familiar with the English title for the series – Princess Resurrection. The series originated as a manga and had a 26 episode anime run in 2007.

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