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Posted by meronpan on October 24, 2009

This time it’s Ymir for my equipment test shots.  Again not really a full review, just trying out the soft box I acquired recently ^^


Got the soft box for a few reasons – first of all wanted more lights to attempt some white bg stuff in the future.  Second of all wanted the more powerful bulb it came with (listed as 75W but found an 85W in the box! my current bulbs are only 25W or so).  Thirdly got this one ‘cuz it was dirt cheap (relatively ^^;)!  $40 and it came with the bulb!  (no stand though)

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Posted by meronpan on October 15, 2009

Would be a waste to not put the new tripod to waste, darou?  Took some test shots with nyx now that i can finally do portrait orientated shots again.  Makes a big difference when shooting with a 100mm lens with a 1.6 crop factor ^^;  Unfortunately…  I totally forgot to check my ISO!!!  So used to having it  stuck at 100 for my reviews I forgot I had shot some non-figure stuff and it was at 800 ;_;

One last thing before we get to the mini-“review”… oppai warning!

nyx04 (2)

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ルルーシュ・ランペルージ ~ Lelouch Lamperouge

Posted by meronpan on May 19, 2009

A man of many names!  Lelouch Lamperouge, Lelouch vi Britannia, Zero… but in the end Shirley’s nickname of choice is my favorite too – lulu.


Megahouse’s new G.E.M. line of figures has delivered! I finally have my hands on a nice scaled code geass figure!

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Curse You, White Background!

Posted by meronpan on May 15, 2009

Just finished a massive 200 shot (well, massive for me at any rate) review session.  The trick to a nice white background still eludes me.


Above you can see I tried out the fabric background again, curious if the new lights would help in that endeavor.  I guess it did, however my lack of ironing again rears its ugly head.

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光明の天使 ナナエル Nanael, Angel of Light

Posted by meronpan on January 25, 2009

Was testing out some slight tweaks to my review set up and ended up doing a full review… (warning, full cast off, nsfw!)


Nanael + new background!  Lovelyduckie’s recent acquisition reminded me it was about time to make some progress on my review setup… Headed over to… Joann fabric & craft ^^;;  Never thought I’d walk into one of those stores by myself -_-  Was hard to guess how the different fabrics would behave as backgrounds… some seemed too thin, others seemed like the light might reflect weirdly… Wish I could take my camera and try all the different options ^^;  In the end I walked out with some black and white satin.  What do you use for backgrounds?

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Posted by meronpan on January 15, 2009

Three things today.

1.) Fauna到着


Fauna arrived!  Actually arrived earlier… but after picking her up from the post office… I left her at the office ;_;

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PSA: Bargain Nyx

Posted by meronpan on December 17, 2008


Queen’s Blade (figure) fan?  Megahouse afficionado?  Been looking for Nyx?  Looking for a deal?  If you answered yes to all of those questions, head right over and go buy Nyx at hlj now.  Seriously, stop reading and go buy her.  She’s on sale for only 2500¥.  Dunno if that’s old news, but the instant I saw that price all I could think was wholy crap, and the next thing I knew my order was placed.  Even if you only answered yes to a couple of those questions, still worth considering because of the discount.

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Oppai Omake

Posted by meronpan on November 25, 2008


Pictured above are some new arrivals, I’ll be wrapping up this post with the oppai omake so scroll to the end if that’s what you’re here for ^^; I guess suzu qualifies for oppai omake material but narika is definitely pettanko ^^;; At any rate, really happy to finally get these two as it brings to a close another long drama with Kid Nemo. As you probably know, both of these figures were released ages ago and after recently asking for an order status update, all I got back was, release date TBA. I’d had enough so after a cancellation and order at hlj, had the figures in about a week.

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Final Package 到着

Posted by meronpan on November 7, 2008

The flurry of packages finally ended Wednesday when the last of my packages arrived.


Hime caught my eye when I saw the preview pics, on a whim started watching the anime recently and that pretty much sealed the deal.  Was kinda confused when wcloudx proclaimed how huge the box was (after all, just seemed like your standard 1/7) but indeed, surprised me a bit when I got it.  Like hime herself the box just kinda has a commanding sort of presence ^^;

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WonFes wish list

Posted by meronpan on August 3, 2008

Wholy.  Crap. You’re probably aware of the Wonder Festival coverage everywhere. Been browsing around and all I can say is, “GET! …ooo! GET! …yum, GET! …. GET! GET! GET!”

Image from Akiba Hobby's Alter coverage

Today’s images will link back the sources mentioned in the caption, rather than to a full size image. After all, I’m shamelessly borrowing them so I figured it’s the least I can do ^^; Danny has tons of articles of course, and I found Akiba Hobby‘s articles sorted by make to be useful.

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