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Shihoudou Narika, Choukousennin Ver. ~ 四方堂 ナリカ 超昂閃忍Ver.

Posted by meronpan on September 6, 2009

If you’re not familiar with her, it’s probably because you’re not ecchi enuf :P  Links likely to be nsfw, narika’s thong as well ^^;



Narika hails from 超昂閃忍ハルカ (choukou sennnin haruka) ~ Beat Blades Haruka, an eroge by Alicesoft and recently released eroanime.  Hadn’t expected this follow up release by Alter, seeing as how haruka had been ready to order just 2 months after the game went on sale late last February (2008).  Yet again I would like to voice my desire for a subaru figure!!! (she’s the third heroine in the game).  At any rate, back to the girl at hand!

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色々 ~ Ver. ε

Posted by meronpan on September 3, 2009


Dunno how many random posts covering a variety of topics I’ve done, so this one has been labeled version epsilon for no reason.  Quick Japanese vocab lesson: 色々==いろいろ==iroiro == various.  As a na-adjective you’d say iroirona [something] to say “various [something]”.  In casual speech this is often contracted to 色んな==いろんな==ironna.

Anyhow, today it’s figures, anime, and touhou again.

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Quick WonHobby 9 Post

Posted by meronpan on February 14, 2009

So WonHobby wasn’t quite what I expected, but despite the painful 2 hour (3 hours?) wait… it was worth it to see…


Fate-chan! Oh GAWD she is beautiful. Really amazing to see in person.

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Oppai Omake

Posted by meronpan on November 25, 2008


Pictured above are some new arrivals, I’ll be wrapping up this post with the oppai omake so scroll to the end if that’s what you’re here for ^^; I guess suzu qualifies for oppai omake material but narika is definitely pettanko ^^;; At any rate, really happy to finally get these two as it brings to a close another long drama with Kid Nemo. As you probably know, both of these figures were released ages ago and after recently asking for an order status update, all I got back was, release date TBA. I’d had enough so after a cancellation and order at hlj, had the figures in about a week.

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Delayed?! …怪しい!

Posted by meronpan on July 22, 2008

So the other day I inquired with Kid Nemo about my preorder for narika…

[image shamelessly pulled from akibahobby’s review]

Why hadn’t she shipped yet?

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