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Posted by meronpan on October 15, 2009

Would be a waste to not put the new tripod to waste, darou?  Took some test shots with nyx now that i can finally do portrait orientated shots again.  Makes a big difference when shooting with a 100mm lens with a 1.6 crop factor ^^;  Unfortunately…  I totally forgot to check my ISO!!!  So used to having it  stuck at 100 for my reviews I forgot I had shot some non-figure stuff and it was at 800 ;_;

One last thing before we get to the mini-“review”… oppai warning!

nyx04 (2)

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Posted by meronpan on January 15, 2009

Three things today.

1.) Fauna到着


Fauna arrived!  Actually arrived earlier… but after picking her up from the post office… I left her at the office ;_;

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PSA: Bargain Nyx

Posted by meronpan on December 17, 2008


Queen’s Blade (figure) fan?  Megahouse afficionado?  Been looking for Nyx?  Looking for a deal?  If you answered yes to all of those questions, head right over and go buy Nyx at hlj now.  Seriously, stop reading and go buy her.  She’s on sale for only 2500¥.  Dunno if that’s old news, but the instant I saw that price all I could think was wholy crap, and the next thing I knew my order was placed.  Even if you only answered yes to a couple of those questions, still worth considering because of the discount.

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