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赤夜 萌香 バンパイア覚醒後ver. ~ Akashiya Moka Awakened ver.

Posted by meronpan on July 15, 2009

From the pantsutastic manga/anime Rosario & Vampire, moka!


Definitely glad I waited for this version ^^  Well, not that I don’t like the shueisha version but if I had to pick just one… ne? ^^

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Censored pantsu -_-

Posted by meronpan on October 20, 2008

I can’t believe they’re censoring Rosario & Vampire CAPU2.  This is blasphemy. (episode 3 “spoilers” to follow… if fan service can be spoiled ^^;)

Well, so if I read correctly, season 1 was censored on some stations (luckily not the ones I downloaded), but this time around it seems like there aren’t any uncensored stations left?

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Catchin’ up and gettin’ behind

Posted by meronpan on September 7, 2008

Just some ramblings about my recent otaku activity~ ^^;

Headed over to the semi-local Kinokuniya this weekend… finally made a list of all the volumes I wanted to pick up.  Also needed to return a volume of かんなぎ {kannagi} – I accidentally bought it twice ^^;

Unfortunately the Kinokuniya inventory leaves a lot to be desired. I know they’re no K-Books but it’s still annoying when they have so many partial sets and I have to order missing volumes (luckily at no extra cost).  I remember an online store I used to get manga from would charge $10 or some crazy amount for each item not in their inventory, so I always had to deal with whatever they had in stock.

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